West Side Story – Jet Song – Official Dance Scene – 50th Anniversary (HD)

-(SINGING) When you’re a Jet,
you’re a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to
your last dyin’ day. When you’re a Jet, let ’em do
what they can, you’ve got brothers around, you’re
a family man. You’re never alone, you’re
never disconnected. You’re home with your own. When Company’s expected,
you’re well protected. Then you are set with a capital
J, which you’ll never forget till they
cart you away. When you’re a Jet,
you stay a Jet. Now I know Tony like I know me,
and I guarantee you can count him in. -In, out, let’s get crackin’. -Where are you going
to find Bernardo? -It ain’t safe to go
into PR territory. -He’ll be at the dance
tonight at the gym. -Yeah, but the gym’s
neutral territory. -A-rab, I’m going to
make nice with him. I’m only going to
challenge him. -Great, Daddy-o. -So listen, everybody dress
up sweet and sharp. Meet Tony and me at
the dance at 10. And walk tall. -We always walk tall. -We’re Jets. -The greatest. -(SINGING) When you’re a Jet,
you’re the top cat in town. You’re the gold medal kid with
a heavyweight crown. -(SINGING) When you’re a Jet,
you’re the swingin’est thing. Little boy, you’re a man. Little man, you’re a king. -(SINGING TOGETHER) The
Jet’s are in gear. The cylinders are clickin’. The Sharks will steer clear,
’causes every Puerto Rican’s a lousy chicken. Here come the Jets like
a bat out of hell. Someone gets in our way, someone
don’t feel so well. Here come the Jets, little
world step aside. Better go underground. Better run, better hide.

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  1. I loved Russ too. He was so great in this and as Tom Thumb. Remember that? It was also so damn cool that "Riff & Tony" had parts in David Lynch's "Twin Peaks".

  2. The gay mafia. Seriously. Was there any male in that entire cast that wasn't gay? Not judging mind you. Where else would we get such good musicals?

  3. That's Tony Mordante in the striped vest.   Always think of him as Mr. Planetta in the classic Outer Limits episode "The Invisibles"  (which also starred Don Gordon, George Macready, Neil Hamilton, and a very young Richard Dawson).

  4. When you're a Jet, 
    You're a Jet all the way 
    From your first cigarette 
    To your last dyin' day. 

    When you're a Jet, 
    If the spit hits the fan, 
    You got brothers around, 
    You're a family man! 

    You're never alone, 
    You're never disconnected! 
    You're home with your own: 
    When company's expected, 
    You're well protected! 

    Then you are set 
    With a capital J, 
    Which you'll never forget 
    Till they cart you away. 
    When you're a Jet, 
    You stay a Jet! 

    (Spoken) I know Tony like I know me. I guarantee you can count him in. 

    ACTION: In, out, let's get crackin'. 

    A-RAB: Where you gonna find Bernardo? 

    RIFF: At the dance tonight at the gym. 

    BIG DEAL: But the gym's neutral territory. 

    RIFF: (Innocently) I'm gonna make nice there! I'm only gonna challenge him. 

    A-RAB: Great, Daddy-O! 

    RIFF: So everybody dress up sweet and sharp. 

    ALL (Sing) 
    Oh, when the Jets fall in at the cornball dance, 
    We'll be the sweetest dressin' gang in pants! 
    And when the chicks dig us in our Jet black ties, 
    They're gonna flip, gonna flop, gonna drop like flies! 

    RIFF: (Spoken) Hey. Cool. Easy. Sweet. Meet Tony and me at ten. And walk tall! 

    A-RAB: We always walk tall! 

    BABY JOHN: We're Jets! 

    ACTION: The greatest! 

    ACTION and BABY JOHN (Sing) 
    When you're a Jet, 
    You're the top cat in town, 
    You're the gold medal kid 
    With the heavyweight crown! 

    When you're a Jet, 
    You're the swingin'est thing: 
    Little boy, you're a man; 
    Little man, you're a king! 

    The Jets are in gear, 
    Our cylinders are clickin'! 
    The Sharks'll steer clear 
    'Cause ev'ry Puerto Rican's a lousy chicken! 

    Here come the Jets 
    Like a bat out of hell. 
    Someone gets in our way, 
    Someone don't feel so well! 

    Here come the Jets: 
    Little world, step aside! 
    Better go underground, 
    Better run, better hide! 

    We're drawin' the line, 
    So keep your noses hidden! 
    We're hangin' a sign, 
    Says "Visitors forbidden" 
    And we ain't kiddin'! 

    Here come the Jets, 
    Yeah! And we're gonna beat 
    Ev'ry last buggin' gang 
    On the whole buggin' street! 
    On the whole! 

  5. The Puerto Ricans gonna win, and the ever hating, useless Jet boys will be killed off and hit.

    And these people called "Sharks" will be the best , happiest , well used for basketball play, greatest, ever loving in all around these well built well cared , best people, marketing bussiness and living Manhattan streets. 🎶🎶

    (This is a short song made for me)

    Hope you like this if U.R interested.

  6. How in the world did Russ Tamblyn even do that back flip? That was pure genius there.

  7. In real life New York back then, both The Jets and The Sharks would have been massacred by gangs like the Mau Maus, the Bishops, the Hell Burners, the Viceroys, the Phantom Lords, and the Rebels, as well as their debs.

  8. It's that thing when your a woman, in a bad part of town, after dark, & there's lot's of creepy people watching you; so you just start snapping your fingers & singing the 'Jet song' so everyone knows not to fuck with you.

  9. This film is inspired by Romeo and Juliet which was inspired by Tristan and Isolde, the tragedy of tribalism. After hundreds of years some people are still so dense they are arguing about skin, when the entire story is about brotherhood and sisterhood among all people. And that the sinful obsessions with gangs, families and countries always always always ends in tragic death for everyone. God bless I hope humans can stop remaking this story one day soon.

  10. My high school is doing West Side Story, and the girl Jets aren't in this song, so we came up with our own rendition. It's the same tune of the original Jet Song, but it has better lyrics:

    "Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet!
    Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet!

  11. My brother was singing this today…

    I finally get what he's talking about after he told me to look it up.

  12. Tucker Smith, who played Ice, dubbed the singing voice of Riff, played by Russ Tamblyn, in "Jet Song". None of the so-called stars of this movie could sing well enough to use their own voices.

  13. I watched west side story expecting tough guys fighting and all they did was sing yuk..I kept watching take back what I say its actually pretty good.

  14. I feel like the jets and sharks are much more fearsome than modern gangs because of the fact they fucking sing and dance

    It shows good chemistry and synergy

    Its one thing to have your ass kicked
    Or to be shot

    But imagine being shot
    And then a gang making a flamboyant musical number out of it with some good dance choreography

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