Westworld Vacation Surprise! (Disney Vacation Surprise Parody)

I don’t wanna drink anymore, take these off my hands. No! You gotta finish. Ok. Alright. Turn down the Tv I’ve got an announcement! All right so… John, wedding’s coming up so I know you’ve been wondering what we’re gonna be doing for your bachelor party and we’ll get to that but before we get there… just want you to have a little pizza, okay? What is this bro, what are you doin’ man? What are you doing? Open it! Do you want me to read this too? Yeah, read it! Yeah, read it. For your bachelor party we’re going somewhere magical. Oh! It’s gonna be maaaaagical! (laughter) (Excited Gasps) We’re going to Westworld. What? What? We’re going to Westworld? Mike, are you serious? This is so for real, bros. We’re goin to Westworld? We’re goin to WESTWORLD! What do you think? Mike, is this for real, Mike? Mike this is a joke, come on… Mike, you’re not joking? Not joking. We’re goin’. (Crying sounds) When, when are we going? We’re going today! We are?!… We’re going… we are?! We’re going today. Mike, what?! Are you serious? We’re goin’ to Westworld today? Today! We go in an hour! (Louder Crying sounds) Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh my God, he’s crying! How do you feel? How do you feel?! I’m crying, but I’m happy. I get to make love to a robot? Yeah, you get to make love to a robot! Whatever you want. I’m gonna have sex with a robot, Mike. WE’RE GOIN’ TO WESTWORLD!!!! We’re going to Westworld! (Screams of joy) I’m gonna… I’m gonna murder… everybody. You’re my roommate, and I didn’t know! I know! I kept it from you! I’m gonna pretend to be a good guy and then, at the last second, I’m going to turn on my group I’m gonna kill everybody! (Sobbing Happy Crying) How much was it? The tickets are hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’re going to Westworrrrrrld! I want to work in a consignment store. This is nuts! This is! Ok. Group hug! This is better than my wedding. I’m gonna hurt the robots, but I’m not gonna hurt my friends. No, you can’t. Westworld! Westworld! YEAAHHHHHH! (Shaking tongue sounds) (Dramatic Music) (Woosh SFX) I hear there’s this girl… and she drops her can… and if you pick it up first then she falls in love with you. I’m gonna pick up the can. it’s James Franco gonna be there? He’s always! He’s always! Yeah, he’s always there. He’s there like, three times a year I think so… he might be there when we get there. Oh my god! Is Jeff Dunham gonna be there too? I think! Maybe?!

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