We’ve never had so much FUN…

Joe: hey Phil sup? Joe: you workin’? always Joe: always workin’? yeah, it’s just, it’s just non-stop, I’d, I’d much rather be playin’ some, uh Player Unknown Battleground Joe: oh you like- you’d rather be playin’ right now, Phil? mmhmm Joe: oh well, too bad because today we’re just workin’ it is a busy day, I feel like, I feel like today is like the day with the least amount of down-time in the past week and a half Joe: yeah but let’s be honest Phil, we’re having so much fun every day, even when we’re workin’, we’re having a fucking blast Joe: you know
Phil: I feel like you’re leadin’ me somewhere I feel like you’re going down a road Joe: well, I got a lotta comments Joe: go through the comments, a lot of people saying like, you guys have so much fun, I wanna work here Joe: and they should want to cause it’s true I can’t tell if you just like, when you’re talking slow like that, if it’s because you’re trying to think of something or you’re trying to think of, making sure that you’re not saying something Joe: it’s a little bit of both here’s the thing, like, ehhh, the people that make this office, they make their off- this, the office der- in between down times, or when people are working on projects, but a lot, like 85% of this job is people like me needing to be in a room by myself screaming uh, or people just like working behind a keyboard, so Joe: yeah, having a fucking blast well good luck good luck both to you for making, and you for whatever ride you’re about to be on (laughing) (music) Joe: hi James (music) Joe: hi Brian Brian: hey Joe…how are you? Joe: good
Brian: I’m not supposed to talk to you Joe: workin’ hard? Brian: hardly workin’ (music) Joe: we’re havin’ so much fun Brian: deadlines Mike: deadlines Neena: what are you guy’s laughing at, bunch of nerd stuff? (laughing) Joe: you called them nerds? call it like I see it (laughing) Zack: they all have laptops Joe: I know, right? nerds (laughing) (music) Joe: hey Keith hey Joe: what ‘cha doin’? skimming through your stuff, trying to find good moments or editing I guess is technically the term Joe: sounds fun yeah did I need to do anything else? Joe: I think that’s it, I’m just watching people work oh yeah, this is what, this is what, this is what I do Joe: it’s what you do very exciting Joe: making- yeah Joe: have fun (music) Joe: this is Amanda workin’ Joe: she’s workin’ it I like your commentary Joe Joe: I’m just showin’ the people what really actually happens here Joe: we’re all sit at a computer and just type away but it’s still not what truly happens, Joe Joe: what other things happen? James: so much (show running)(loud ambulance noises) (music) Joe: busy day? yeah I gotta go get Phil lunch Joe: alright Joe: maybe we can make getting lunch look awesome it is awesome (thumping music) Joe: see how fun and amazing it is Joe: to go get Phil lunch yeah, it’s a blast, today we’re going somewhere a little farther than normal Joe: okay normally I walk (music) Joe: really? I’m sorry, I didn’t wake up early enough to get gas ow Joe: it’s gettin’ rowdy in here it’s lit for sure Joe: you guys enjoying your lunch? yeah Brian: it’s a little creepy with you just staring at us (laughing) Joe: this is what it looks like to eat Joe: at work Joe: everybody’s just enjoying their lunch Joe: someone still eats like they’re in college Joe: look at this fucking chef Joe: some people like to eat throw up Joe: bologna? really? Joe: popcorn? for lunch? Joe: hi Phil hey

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  1. Wow that looks like so much fun I may just volunteer… But like seriously ill do some long distance work for you guys I have a comm tech and Business high school background and I'll do some work for Tshirts

  2. All this vlog showed me is how much work gets done by the team when Joe isn't actively interrupting them other than to say hi and get footage of people working to make look EXCITING

  3. Why did Keith look so nervous? 😂 he seemed so uncomfortable having Joe watching him work. Is it because he's editing the footage that Joe gave him? 🤔

  4. This is just so damn good. How do you keep making these entertaining videos?! How?! Tell me your secret!!!

  5. I fucking love this video. Joe, may you always do this forever and ever even after you're eventually fired.

  6. you know… people normally silently judge their coworkers' lunches. Thank you for giving that silence a voice. 🤣🤣

  7. I like to imagine Joe was making dubstep sounds with his mouth while filming the multiple dramatic camera angles.

  8. Awe i get the feeling the office doesn't like Joe they just put up with him 😔 but side note this was the most quiet video of the office I've seen

  9. did joe give his notice? or did phil fire him?? (this vlog is a jokey vlog … all humour is based on some truth)

  10. I love Keith, he's so awesome! Best thing in this video xD
    Nice to see it from another perspective, awesome editing, but I do enjoy the other vlogs more of course 😀

  11. Whoever's idea this vlog was is a genius. The editing is hilarious too with the dubstep over the most mundane tasks. Very clever and well done.

  12. I feel that this was nessisary. Honestly, I'm inspired by all of content you guys put out and watching the "boring" part of your day to day was very refreshing. It shows that you are all extremely dedicated and hard working. It also explains why you all can get so crazy during your down time. The remaining question is wan at does Joe do when he isn't shoving a camera in people's faces.

  13. lol the beauty of editing. You can make anything look fun with the right music and shots 🙂 lol love it

  14. You can have fun even if it is boring. Just like you can be happy even if you loose in a game. No event has any emotional response until you give it your own meaning <3 You guys are fun

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