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Now you’re probably here because you’ve
been on my website GoMarry.com. The world’s first-ever MARRIAGE ONLY matchmaking website and you want to find out more about “Marriage Meetings”. Now
Marriage Meetings is a concept that I’ve created that I believe gives you a much
better, much quicker result than any amount of dating. And the most easiest
way for me to explain it is, that think of Marriage Meetings as a much more
formal way of dating. Now what happens in regular dating is that we’re there to woo each other, we’re at fancy places, were dolled up and you’re too afraid to
ask all the questions that actually mean something to you. And that in return is
essentially building a building on very weak foundations and no wonder because
of this very exact same trait of dating. It has left us a society void of meaningful
relationships and especially families. We have a stupid shortage of families, not
only in the UK, US, across the world. So I’m here to change that. Now why our
marriage meeting is better and how do they work. Now marriage meetings work
because they’re essentially a question answering and asking session. You’re not
there to woo each other, yes you can be at fancy places but it’s not just the two
of you. It’s four people, one extra chaperone from each person. Now this
person could be anybody, your favorite aunt and uncle, it could be your boss, it
could be a senior colleague, it could be a wise friend. Essentially somebody to look
after your interests. Somebody there to give you that courage,
that strength to ask the most toughest of questions, those that actually have
value in your life, meaning in your life. And lastly to ensure that you stay true
to yourself. Like I said in dating people tend to kind of go out of character and
boast themselves to a level what they’re actually not, which later on proves very
hard to upkeep. So essentially marriage meetings keep things real. Now that said
if you are short of questions. I have written a book “101 Questions To Ask Each
Other Before Getting Married” and I’m giving away a free copy to which the
instructions are in the description, so please help yourself. Now when you get
this book in front of you, choose every single question that actually has a
meaning in your life, that you actually value and then go ahead and ask. I’ve filled
this book with some of the most honest most practical, most often that you find
hard to ask questions like in regular dating, such as has your credit history,
do you want to have children? when you wanna have children? can you have
children? do you have any children in the past? what do you think about me having
friends or colleagues or interacting with people of the opposite gender? what
will be the dominant religion in our house? What do you think about me
interacting with past partners? maybe you have children together with previous
partners. How far can we take it? how much interaction do you think is good enough?
I mean these are the things that often when gone unasked prove to be
deal-breakers. Prove to be destroyers of families, destroyers our relationships and
often it comes about when it’s too late maybe you’ve already started a family
and like I said I want to revive families. And families keep everybody
happy and Family is that cocoon that is like takes away your pain when you come
back from a really hard day’s work or regardless of whatever you’re doing.
Families are always there for you and I want you to be happy.
GoMarry.com, my alternative two dating websites, which is a marriage only
relationship website, coupled with these marriage meetings which like I said is a
much more formal way of dating. It’s practical and the best thing about
marriage meetings is it’s over and done with within a handful of days without
you having to sleep with anybody and without you having to invest yourself
emotionally with somebody. So after this meeting there’s two possible positive
outcomes. The first is that you decide to enter into this relationship
absolutely well aware and fully informed with what you’re getting into and
what and who the person in front of you and how both of your values in twine
with each other. Or secondly you have gathered so much information within a
handful of days you’ve understood that hey look this isn’t going to work in the
long term and you can leave the table without any emotional baggage, which in
dating is absolutely not possible. So if you want an even more in-depth
explanation check the description. I’ve left a link in
there which will take you to a massive article, if you’ve got the time to read
where I go even into more details. Lastly please do tell me in the comments, what
you think about marriage meetings? and what you think about GoMarry.com? the
concept of marriage only relationship website as opposed to dating? whether you
like them whether you don’t like them I still want to hear from you and if you
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which benefits us, it benefits the cause of people getting married, it benefits
you because you get more people coming to the website and have a bigger choice
of people to choose from. That’s it I’m Azad Chaiwala the founder of GoMarry.com and regardless of whatever choice you make for yourself. I wish you all the
happiness in the world. take care ๐Ÿ™‚

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