What Are We Really Celebrating Today? – Two Minute Message

– Hey everybody, Daniel Fusco here, and welcome to a very special
Christmas Two Minute Message. So on behalf of my bride Lynn, our kids Obadiah, Maranatha,
and Annabelle, myself, and the Crossroads Community Church family where I’ve got the
pleasure of being a pastor here in Vancouver, Washington, we wanted to wish you and
yours a very merry Christmas, if you’re from England
a very happy Christmas to you all as well. So I have a simple question
that I want to ask you today that I want you to
really reflect on today. What are we really celebrating today? At this point, if you’re
watching this video, I’m pretty sure if you have kids they’ve already tore through
almost all of their gifts, all of the preparations, and the wrapping, and this and that, all
the different things have already taken place
and it just moves so fast. But really what do we celebrate? And I don’t wanna be
downer, but here’s the deal. The gift of Christmas is the
gift of God being with us. That’s what the name Emmanuel, from that prophecy in the
prophet Isaiah, is all about, that Jesus is God with us. Now here’s the thing, God
with us some 2000 years ago, God is still with us today because of the finished work
of Jesus, because of His cross, because of the Resurrection, and because of the presence
of the Holy Spirit. So no matter who you are, no matter where you find yourself today, no matter if this has been
the most merry Christmas, or you just can’t wait for it to be over, you’ve had the most bah
humbug spirit of anybody in this season, here’s
what I want to tell you, God is with you right now because of the finished work of Jesus, and God desires for you to live your life with this reality that
He is always with us, that He’ll never leave us nor forsake us, that our lives are more beautiful, and we become more light and bright when we allow Jesus to be
the center of our lives. So this is what I want you to do. I want you to share this video, ’cause we want everyone to know about what Christmas is truly about. And in the comments section,
I want you to talk about what the gift of Jesus means to you today, and we’re gonna be able to explore that together in the comments section. God bless you and have
a very merry Christmas.

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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS Daniel to you and your family! God bless you. And this year my son and I made a cake together for Jesus for his birthday and it's a little tradition my grandma used to do with us to teach us what this holiday is really about and making a cake for Jesus helps little ones understand that God bless everybody Merry Christmas to all

  2. Merry Christmas to You Pastor Daniel & your Family we celebrate Birth of Christ Jesus is our Savoior we are Thankful Grateful for God & son in Jesus name Amen&Amen🙌💚👪👫👬👭🎄🙏

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