What Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner | Grilling with Johnnie O Jackson

Johnnie O Jackson here IFBB Pro welcome to my
kitchen and today I’ll be showing you and Muscle & Strength what I eat for
dinner this is a normal dinner meal for me and almost any Texan man
it’s our norm so we’ll be eating steak and potatoes you know that’s the heart
of every meal or every man here in Texas more or less you know don’t quote me on
that but it works here at my house you know normally for a potato it takes
forever at least 45 minutes or so in the oven to prepare a potato but for today
and the purposes of me and my eating and not having a whole lot of time to
prepare a meal this is what I use this little pocket right here this thing is a
lifesaver easy to pack so when it’s Meal Time I
go buy me a potato take out this bam ready to go the only thing you do is
need some h2o we first wet the potato nice and vigorously and we wet the bag
somewhat if you don’t use moisture you know within the pouch and the potato the
potato are dry totally dry out and ruin you know your meal so you put the potato
in the pouch it’s a microwave so I’m gonna actually
put it in for I say eight minutes should be good and off the goes I want to put
in there for about eight minutes and off it goes this is so clean easy you know
and you know if you’re not done your steak eight minutes you know you can
tend to your steak while that’s going on you know and then
when it’s done by time is done your steak is pretty much done because I
usually do three or four minutes on each side for a steak so it finishes out just
about correctly all right got the steak on just let it go yeah I did actually I had to go 12 my
the 8 minutes the first time I felt it up it was still pretty hard so I put
it back in for 4 more minutes perfect definitely this is where our getting the
main source of fats is through my meats that I eat and that’s another reason why
red meat is very important because the fat content in the meat also we need
fats we need carbs we need protein you know we need that fine balance of
everything to keep this machine going correctly it’s simple easy and there you
go my normal dinner meal sirloin steak and potatoes

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  1. Can't wait to see him having a heart attack. It'll be entertaining to see his muscular body writhing in pain and die.

    I'd pay to watch on Pay Per View.

  2. I hate when roid users pretend they are so natural. Looking like that but say "oh, you just gotta eat right" or in the gym lifting 900+lbs "oh, you just gotta lift heavy and stay consistent in the gym". Yea right

  3. Looks good bruh ..but I also boil my potato and after 10 mins its GTG .. you never mentioned where a brother can get that potato bag bruh??


  5. had a buddy who was just the same big muscles and all however he died of a heart attack at the age of 34 doing steroids!!! SAY NO TO ROIDS..They enlarge your heart !!!

  6. The whole point of lifting and eating properly is to look healthy and strong, I'm normally not one to comment because i'm sure he puts the work in but this guys body looks completely out of proportion
    and should not be promoting any kind diet to make people think that by eating the way he does that you'll end up looking this way because it's more than obvious that it's not natural and if anybody believes different then you're only fooling yourselves.

  7. These guys can eat alot without getting fat because they use steriods, for normal people we get fat by just eating one hamburger .

  8. What the hell is the red bag for, just pierce the potato and put it into the microwave 4-5 mins, flip it and back in for the same time and there you go.

  9. It’s hilarious how these videos always omit the copious amount of drugs these guys are on.

    This is why young men have body image issues.

  10. Okay so I'm not trying to go bodybuilding but I'm new to the food regimen what should I not eat and what should I eat, just some examples ?

  11. You don't need a pouch like this at all. Just take the potato, cut some holes in it, put it in a soup dish, fill the soup dish with some water (about half the height of the potato), then put it in the microwave, and let it cook for 8-10 minutes. Done. Just be careful not to burn yourself because some hot water will not evaporate.

  12. Jhonnie Jackson ! You can simply take the potato .. Poke IT all over with a fork … And put IT in the microwave for like 4 minutes ..IT will be perfect every time

  13. He need to take a page out of Ronnie Coleman's book on what to put on potatoes cuz that man used to DOWSE his potatoes and fries in BBQ sauce!!!

  14. Why would u eat carbohaydrate in ur dinner meal, ur body doesn't need energy when ur sleeping so it will stor it as fat☝️ and that will cauz me a problem bro, i don't need to do more others minutes of cardio😏

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  16. Everybody knows they use gear.. well.. not everybody. There are still young and naive people that don’t. My point is it would be nice to show the diet and the roid cycle these guys are on. If you show the food also show the roids and the sleep and the workout. The whole routine. Please share the whole story so we don’t continue the sad cycle of unnatural enhancement. And then let people make their choice if they want to follow or not after they’re educated on what you guys actually do

  17. That potato pouch is kind of a rip off… for a fast "baked" potato just wrap it in some damp paper towels and it does the same thing in the same time. 8 to 10 minutes for a large russet and you're good to go.

  18. Boy! I guess I don't need to use these steroids anymore because this sirloin steak and baked potato should do the trick!

  19. I usually start the potato right as the steak is done cooking. That way, when the potato is done, my steak is done resting

  20. I just watched a couple videos. It was funny when i heard “we have to add all the sauce to it”. Just admit you all take steroids and it would be so much cooler.

  21. I need that little potato pouch in my life. Can anybody help me out with some links? Can't believe I've never heard about it before

  22. Thank you Johnny my brother I've been watching you for awhile before even the internet you've always come across as a positive strong brother thank you for all your information and your presentations you're very good with the camera once again thanks for all your education on nutrition and weight training God bless you and your family keep up the good work you walk the walk and talk the talk and remember health is wealth👍💪

  23. For us Indians though, we can’t have beef or steak in our country, due to religious aspects.
    Can we substitute with grilled mutton ?

  24. Haha like how the emphasis is on how Texan this meal is but the way he says 'going – on' betrays the Jersey roots.

    Check reviews here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/us-domesticsupply.ws

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