What Do You Celebrate?

– It gives me so much hope and praise, just in life, to bring out blackness (sign swinging) – When it comes to Black History month I like to take a step back, go back to like the Africanism of it all. Got my little African
shirt on and whatnot. Listen to a little bit of afrobeat, like make me feel
connected to the culture. – I celebrate resiliency, to persist through, and to be an example of
what our people fought for. – I’m inspired year round by black people. I love the extraness
that we kinda get during February that’s not seen
the rest of the year. – I celebrate black culture and how universal it is and how similar it is
for all black people. – Barack Obama, Michelle Obama. – The Obamas to really exemplify what joy and excellence looks like. – We are graced worldwide. Our culture, our music, our style. – It’s about unity and loving one another. – I celebrate my father. Every February he would
have this deck of cards of influential black
people throughout history. He would give us a card every day to read, and he’s just tried all
his life to make sure that we know we’re important, more than just our skin tone. – For my parents that
had to face adversity and racism to raise two
half black and half white kids in the middle of
Arizona in the 1980s. – My parents who gave
me the life that I have. – My mom who although
is not African American has worked her ass off being there for us, trying to understand
the world that we see. – Me going natural now
is really from my mother and her whole outlook on
what it means to be natural and really just getting
back to the root of it all. – Everyone who worked
tirelessly to give me everything I have today. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and all those guys that
kind of paved the way for all of black people. – Sidney Poitier for
being the first black man to every win an Oscar. – I celebrate one of my favorite
activists, Maya Angelou. One of my favorite quotes is “I’ve learned “that people will for get what you said, “people will forget what you did, “but people will never forget
how you made them feel.” And that’s something that I
try to carry with me every day. – I celebrate the music that
has come out of black history. – The Temptations, Aretha Franklin. – Miles Davis and Muddy Waters and guys that changed the game. – Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Billy Holiday, and Jimi Hendrix. – Bob Marley. I will say, in the year 2016. – You don’t need an occasion
to celebrate Beyonce. You always celebrate Beyonce. – Jay-Z. – Solange. – Kendrick Lamar. – Change the Rapper was my shit. – Chance is an incredible artist, an incredible father, ultimately one of the
leaders of our generation. – Spike Lee represents
for the black culture, does it in such a
beautiful way through film. – Moonlight. One of the
most incredible films of our generation. I think the conversations
about what we believe blackness and black
masculinity to look like was really important. Celebrating blackness in a way that’s like really elevating the conversation. – We weren’t pigeon-holed and
put into these little roles and just made to be side
characters or supporting cast. – And I really cannot like
leave out black women, you know. Black women and what
they’ve done for culture and what they’re doing for us. – Finding strength and being
recognized for their beauty and their talent and their hard work. I’m inspired by women of
color who are taking strides behind the camera as
directors and producers, and also those women who
are in front of the camera and showing us this
dynamic and diverse world that we live in. – [All] That’s what I celebrate. (calm music)

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  1. When I hear the word black all I think about are people from Africa. Americas term of black are white washed african americans who I think literally have very little difference compared to white americans.

  2. I can't even put in to words how angry it makes me when people refer to races as "them" or "us". Racism will continue as long as people are grouped together by race. And stop apologizing for an entire race!! Apologize for racist people!

  3. Why do black Americans think that there is a "black culture"? I'm brown European and I can say there is no black culture everyone has a different cultures

  4. I am Irish American. I do have a whole respect for the Africa American. I don't believe in the whole phase "your born in American your not from Africa. "
    I say you don't need one month to celebrate your culture. Celebrate your heritage every day. I am only 35, but I love Otis Redding and The Coasters. Smoky Joe Cafe is one of my all time favorite songs of all time.

  5. I find black history month ridiculous. You know who else finds it ridiculous? Morgan Freeman, you gonna argue against god?

  6. When you're so confused coz black history month is in October and then you realise you live in a different country to these people

  7. people like this are what reenforce racism.
    if we wanted to forget about racism, we shouldn't need to make videos like this.
    for example, white people don't make videos like this because they don't have racism towards them.
    so if black people don't want to experience racism, then they shouldn't acknowledge this stuff.

  8. hey im not trying to hurt anyone but is it just the camera angle or does the lady on the left at 0:50 lose an arm bc I've seen her in several videos but have never noticed that before

  9. My BFF is Black and she is honestly the best person I've ever met! She's smart, funny, pretty, involved, loyal! Everyday this month she's said to me, "Thank you for celebrating with me" cos I've been learning more about the culture of black people and her culture! She's been teaching me all this amazing history!

  10. FINALLY a well respectable video that is super empowering without tearing down other people. If all buzzfeed videos were like this there wouldn't be so much controversy.

  11. This is a nice concept of a video yet there there's still some hateful people in the comments and that's just sad …
    I mean , if you knew that your going to hate this video or disagree with what it contains then why tf watch ? let along comment mean and hateful stuff , just click off the video , no one wants to read about you racist opinions GEEEH

  12. Okay I am not racist or anything, but I wasn't expecting this video to be about Black History I mean are those the only things they chose to put in the video?

  13. I'm not racist but I still don't get why the is not like a white people day or tan people day like it was not me that was causing all the stuff back in the day so don't say that I was the problem just making a point here again I'm not racist

  14. I celebrate our culture, music, fashion, heritage etc. But why just this month let's celebrate it all year. I'm proud to be white.

  15. I celebrate caucasian history, the inventions, the triumphs, the discoveries, the fact that caucasians have almost entirely built the USA for what it is today. The fact that without caucasians you wouldn't even have democracy, freedom of speech, cars, the internet, electricity, modern medicine, the combustion engine, space travel, plastics, eyeglasses, plumbing, Astronomy, and virtually everything else the world uses and depends on daily! You're welcome! Without us you'd be in a 3'rd world hell hole and you know it.

  16. why are soo many people hating on buzzfeed? saying that their racist? well racist is where you be mean, unrespectful and buzzfeed is not doing that. buzzfeed is helping black, Muslim,Mexican, Asian people have a voice because this place has a loud white voice for thousands of years have had the higher hand. I'm done here🙎

  17. This video is so powerful and strong and i just get happy even though Im not Black i just feel like everyone deserves a Voice (sorry for my spelling, not amarican)

  18. One day, something will happen that will divide us again. History will repeats itself because we are the same humans as we were then. Racism isn't the reason we divide our self from other, it's moments in history that triggers hate and violence.

  19. look i'm not black, but why should you only contain black history in a month? it should be celebrated in our schools not just in a month!

  20. Why can't people just shut and enjoy the video? Why does everything concerning black people automatically mean anti white? News flash EVERYTHING is not always about you white people.

  21. Black history month👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

    Remember Rosa parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and all of the Jackson family 😂😆
    (But seriously)

  22. If you think working 4 years for your bachelors degree is hard, imagine working all your life for your masters

  23. People really misunderstand why the concept exists. Yes, EVERY CULTURE struggled. But the scarceness of the African American makes it all the more special. And it isn't like anyone else is being forced to celebrate with us, it's just a time of reflection and thankfulness.

  24. I still don’t understand why black, gay people etc have all these months yet white or straight people don’t have these thing and a fair amount of black and lgbtq people always will complain about equality and I still don’t see it I still don’t think that is right

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