What Exactly Were They Expecting?

Here are some people who didn’t exactly
think through their situation! Wait until you hear about why this monkey
started chasing this girl! 12 – Darwin Award
YouTuber Jay Swingler seriously feared for his life after a prank didn’t go the way
that he and his friends had planned for a video. He should feel extremely lucky because he
could have easily not made it if things happened just a little differently! His friends placed a plastic bag over his
head, held a tube to his mouth to breathe, and then stuck his head into a microwave! They then filled the microwave with plaster! Apparently, they were never planning to let
the Polyfilla completely set and intended to “slide” his head out of the microwave. But, they let too much time pass and when
Jay stood up, he realized he couldn’t breathe! They did manage to make a hole for him so
he wouldn’t suffocate. His friends spent over an hour trying to get
him out but finally gave up and called the professionals. Five firefighters spent an hour breaking apart
the microwave and plaster from his head, and they obviously weren’t happy about it since
they tweeted about the incident sayin quote “We’re seriously unimpressed”! If you’re enjoying this video, do us a favor
and hit that thumbs up down there! 11 – Bachelor Decisions
Arron Hughes had been partying for 37 straight hours in Nevada when he made a decision that
could have easily been the worst in his life! He decided to swim across the Hoover Dam! Spoiler alert, he made it, and actually became
the FIRST person to make it across the reservoir alive! There was one very simple reason why he was
the first person to make it across. Arron was in the Vegas area for a Bachelor
party, so that explains the staying up for 37 hours and then jumping into the reservoir. Did anyone try to stop him? Was anyone in the group coherent?! He said the swim took around 30 minutes but
admitted that he knew he was in trouble halfway across because he got really tired. But there was no turning back for him. He knew he had to make it to the other side
as he could feel the water pulling him towards the dam. After making it across the water, he was then
arrested and fined by local police and fined $330. Officials theorized that the only way he survived
was because nine of the dam’s 10 turbines were turned off at the time. Any other time he most likely wouldn’t have
made it! 10 – Russian Roulette
Ahh Mother Russia, where anything insane is caught on video! Here’s a woman who tried to thaw a frozen
gas pump…..with a lighter. Well……thank goodness there was footage
of this! Obviously you guys know what happens. She accidentally set her car on fire! This happened in the city of Surgut, located
roughly 1,800 miles northeast of Moscow. Using a cigarette lighter, the woman was trying
to thaw SOMETHING out. Whatever it was, it was just a dumb move because
OF COURSE the pump caught on fire! The funniest part was she actually tried to
blow out the fire, as if THAT would work. Then she completely panicked and took the
gas pump out of the car, probably the WORST move, because that just caused the fire to
grow bigger! Gas still came out of the pump! So yeah, there are a lot of things that can
go wrong using a lighter at a gas station, no matter how cold it is in Russia! 9 – Emotional Support Animal
If you decide to bring a crocodile on a plane…..just be prepared for anything happening! A small airliner crashed into a house after
a crocodile smuggled onto the aircraft escaped and started a panic! The plane came down despite not showing any
apparent mechanical problems to the control tower during a domestic flight in the Democratic
Republic of Congo. The crash was caused by the crocodile escaping
and causing a stampede in the cabin. That completely threw the airplane off-balance! The only survivor told the crazy story to
investigators. One of the passengers had hidden the animal,
which he had planned to sell, in a big sports bag. The crocodile somehow escaped as the plane
began its descent. The flight attendant saw the crocodile and
panicked, and everyone else did too! The pilots did their best to control the airplane
but ended up crashing the plane. Amazingly, the crocodile survived the crash
too! Enjoying our videos? Be sure to hit that subscribe button AND that
notification bell so you won’t miss out on new video releases! 8 – Ghostriding
22 year old Jasmine Lacey was driving a stolen Hyundai Sonata down a hill through San Bernardino. She then casually stepped out of the car and
left the door open while the engine was still running and the car still moving. This is what millennials would call, ghostride
the whip! Ahhh memories from the mid 2000s. Lacey then kept calmly walking toward the
center median, basically not paying attention to anything! So what do you think happened? Of course the car hit something! It crossed the road and hit two cars in oncoming
traffic, before crashing into a tree! So was she actually just trying to “ghostride
the whip” or did she just have no clue what was going on? Lacey was arrested on suspicion of driving
under the influence. But she was later released without getting
charged because of insufficient evidence. This was even after officers said she was
incoherent! 7 – Clean Insides Are people still doing the Tide Pod Challenge? Because of one person filming themselves eating
a Tide Pod that went viral, Poison control centers had to deal with a spike in calls
in 2018. Numerous people have been hospitalized after
doing this dangerous social media challenge. Does someone really need a reason to understand
why they’re not supposed to eat a Tide pod? Why is it so dangerous? The liquid detergent in the pods ISN’T at
the same concentration as regular liquid detergent. It has a higher concentration since it’s
designed to be a small pod. Poison control centers have handled over 50,000
calls about Tide pods and other imitation products over the past five years. The vast majority are accidents involving
kids younger than 5 years old. However, 13 to 19 year-olds are responsible
for more than 130 intentional exposures since 2016! 6 – Risk Assessment Class
When you pull a stunt like Nick Naydev, the least you should expect is to be banned! Nick leapt off the 11th-floor balcony of a
Royal Carribean cruise ship! Of course, he did it on a dare and his boys
were recording him. To be honest that’s pretty crazy, because
it was a dive of more than 100 feet! The video his friends took didn’t show Nick’s
impact, but he did survive to post it to Instagram. His little stunt got him IMMEDIATELY kicked
off from that Royal Caribbean cruise and they gave him a lifetime ban! What’s more, they even kicked all his friends
off too! At the time, the cruise ship was docked in
Nassau in the Bahamas. Royal Caribbean security officials contacted
local authorities immediately to kick them off the ship. They were forced to make it back home on their
own from the Bahamas afterward. Nick later confessed that his neck and back
hurt after the jump and that he could quote “barely walk” for three days. Also, he complained about getting kicked off! Well…..what’d he expect?! Jumping 250 feet or more into water is fatal
95% to 98% of the time. 150 feet equates roughly to a 15 story building. Jumping off the 11th floor of a cruise ship
is definitely dangerous AND stupid! 5 – Cannabis factory next to police HQ
South Wales Police discovered a huge factory growing let’s call it, wacky tobaccky, right
next door! The plants were found in a factory unit less
than 100 feet away from the South Wales Police’s headquarters! Neighbors were shocked at how the operation
had been so close to police HQ without anyone having a clue. Police speculated that it might have been
going on for years without anyone noticing. But the thing is……if it’s right next
door, Police are going to start wondering what’s going on ONE day. For a long time, police thought it was just
another empty unit. No one was seen coming and going. But that apparently wasn’t unusual, because
other building units were used for storage. But police eventually grew suspicious because
of how long they DIDN’T see anyone going to the unit. So when police finally investigated, they
found a bunch of that green stuff that’s very valuable! They ended up arresting 3 people associated
with the building. What did those guys expect?! 4 – Do Not Pass Go Do Not Collect $200
A guy showed up to a police station asking for help because he was being chased! Normally this would go the way you think it’d
go. The guy would be protected from whoever was
chasing him, and the guy would go home. However, the man who showed up asking for
help was a wanted criminal! The man knocked on the door of the police
station to tell officers he was being chased and asked for assistance. However, he was arrested on the spot once
police discovered he had outstanding warrants for five different charges! He drove himself to the police station in
a stolen car, AND he also did it while having a suspended license, so they added more charges
on! .
Officers at the station just couldn’t believe it when they realized that a wanted criminal
came to them asking for help. What did the guy expect, show up and NOT get
locked up? 3 – Find My Burglar
Don’t most people know that Apple has that whole find my device app? Obviously these three guys didn’t know that
important piece of information when they broke into a car and stole an iPad, among other
expensive electronic items. They got in trouble after they were tracked
down by police using the tracking app installed on the iPad! The owner had called police and reported that
electronics worth thousands of dollars were stolen from his car. But he also added that the “Find My iPhone”
app was installed and working on his iPad. The burglars had no idea that police officers
were literally tracking their every move. After a high-speed chase, the police decided
to simply just wait for them to park. Police snuck up on them and the guys were
arrested the minute they stepped out of their car. 2 – No Flex Zone Karima Nabi from Birmingham was visiting the
Trentham Monkey Forest Park with her sister when she approached a monkey for a photo. How close is too close to get to a monkey? As Karima quickly found out, it’s really better
to keep your distance! A series of shots of her encounter with a
monkey went viral on twitter because of her experience trying to get ONE picture with
a monkey! As you can tell, the monkey wasn’t thrilled
about her trying to get close. Karima said the monkey lunged towards her,
and she ran for about 10 seconds before the monkey gave up on the chase. The park where the incident happened does
warn all of its visitors to NOT get too close to them. Monkeys can easily feel threatened and once
they do, this is what happens! 1 – And the Bridge Goes Up
Wanda McGowan was doing what she thought was a normal thing, which was crossing a bridge. However, it wasn’t just any bridge. It was a railroad bridge, one that raised
up to allow boats to get through! Wanda quickly found herself dangling 22 feet
up in the air! She was obviously petrified to find herself
there. One slip and things would NOT have gone well
for her. McGowan, who’s legally blind, didn’t see
the no trespassing signs on the bridge. As she walked across, the bridge went up. A bridge going up without warning is a very
good why pedestrians aren’t allowed to be on it! Plenty of people gathered to watch what was
going on, and of course take pictures! Firefighters got her down just using a 24-foot
ladder. Watch this next video to find out all the
crazy things a Florida Man does!

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  1. This channel is amazing! Could you give a shout out to my daughter who was just diagnosed with an extremely rare disease.

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  2. "A small airliner crashed into a house after a crocodile smuggled onto the aircraft escaped and started a panic!" – Now that's a brand new headline!

  3. What an amazing burglary story!! I never thought of using the app myself, but for this guy it was definitely helpful!

  4. No. 5 stop making tide pods that look like candy , make it look like cat shit and kids might not eat it. Thats my new marketing pitch I present to the CEO at today's meeting.
    I know he will give me a raise , it's in the bag lol.

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