What happens after you win a game of PUBG

Congratulations, you must be feeling fantastic What? Can you put into words just how incredible you must be feeling right now? There’s so much blood So so many dead bodies Well so many dead bodies indeed! I see you managed to rack up 9 kills over the course that game! Absolutely spectacular! Can you recount for us at home how some of those kills played out? I disemboweled a man with a shotgun Oh ho! I saw that! And then I caved his skull in with a frying pan! That was incredible! You were on fire out there. I’m sure there are many people at home Who would love to be in your shoes right now! But at the end of the day you are the victor Can we get the chicken dinner? This man’s earned it! Congratulations! Here’s your chicken dinner What… what… why? Why do I have chicken now? What’s happening!? I wanna go home!!! Thanks so much for watching! If you want to see more videos like that, hit the subscribe button! You’ll see 3 videos every week Get this f**king peasant out of my shot! Why wont someone help me!? The subscribe button is just over there

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  1. It’s funny because it’s true. It’s a game for us, but if it was real it would be horrible and traumatic. Imagine shooting 1 person in self defense, even if he ends up living that’s stressful enough right? Now imagine your best game in pubg, my best ever was 20 kills. Can you imagine trying to live with yourself after killing 20 people? The videos are hilarious and the game is fun, but when you think about just how deep this video is it’s scary.

  2. Lol good luck winning a chicken dinner with a pan, I can't even do it with 400 rounds, 5 first aides, 6 painkillers and 7 energy drinks

  3. Lol I win alot, and every game I win with only one or 2 kills. I hardly ever engage unless I absolutely have to. If someone is near, I'll just watch them and stay hidden. Even if i got a good shot, I don't go for the kill. I am a ghost up until the very end.

  4. And imagine this may was his first game think about it we level up we play lots of games he just wants to home and he is forced get to battle all and all over again imagine it like a movie oh my goodness

  5. Imagine Pubg as a action/horror movie where 100 people have to fight to survive inside a shrinking zone for last man standing😱

  6. Ive always wondered… How is that a victory? You're stuck on an island with very limited space. You cannot escape due to the zone being very powerful and will kill you. There's no one coming to save you from the island. You're just stuck. How sad

  7. Imagine him going back home with chicken dinner for his kids and then they say "chicken again dad!! I need some pizza"

  8. First reaction before playing.
    Second reaction after playing
    😨💭 What have I done
    👕 I kill one man
    Third reaction wow it feels good after killing
    Fourth reaction am pro
    Final reaction
    💀💭 WTF

  9. Now i understand y people say that PUBG copied the hunger games…..

    ……cuz the winner literally gets a. Chicken when he wins.

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