What Happens In A Bachelorette Party feat. Shreya, Hira, Ronjini, Samentha & Tithi

Sameera, are you sure about this? – Just chill and call him, man.
– I am… I got through. Hello? Hello? Who’s your daddy pizza? – Your daddy’s speaking…
– Okay.. – I want a large pizza.
– Sure, madam. Would you like the Classic Italian or
African Deep dish or the Gourmet Gurgaon? No, no. Not Gurgaon.
The cheese bursts too fast in it. Why don’t you just send me
the African? Madam, we have a 20% off deal on Veg dishes Bro, this isn’t a religious meeting
it’s a bachelorette party. And hello, send non-veg dishes and hello hello, no need
to knock, just barge in Okay then. – Where do I go? Where?
– Hold on… Watch the steps… – Okay, step…
– Another step… Another step… – Another step….
– Step… – Okay…
– Walk straight. – She’s going to trip!
– Shut up! Okay stop, stop, stop. Okay stop. – Here we go! Surprise!
– So many gifts?! – Okay, I’m opening this one!
– No,no, not now! – Why?
– Guys, she has to guess the gifts. – Avi, you go first.
– Okay, fine. I’ll go first. What is it?
Bangles? No, no.
They’re handcuffs! Oh, wait, they’re the handcuffs
with keys. Okay… Oh, they’re elastic handcuffs! Oh God! Time’s up, guys! What? It’s a watch. – Someone’s too horny.
– Aww, thank you! But, who’s getting me handcuffs? – Okay, Rhea, you’re next!
– Come on, Rhea! I’m ready!
Table tennis? Lawn tennis…? Badminton? Badminton?
Badminton! Time’s up, guys. – What is it?
– Whip! Whip! Whip! Whip! Sana, you’re turn next. Uh, glass? Glass? Round glass? – Drink… Cup?
– Yes! Cup, cup, cup…!
What is this? Strap? Cup! Strap? Cup? Strap cup?
Bra! Yes, yes! But not just any other bra. – Triumph! – Wow!
– This is amazing. – The color is so nice…
– Can you feel it? – Underwire?
– Yes, but there is no metal wire. It’s a magic wire bra, with
a super flexible non-metal wire. So now, your bra won’t stab you. – Show?
– Oh wow! – I mean, this looks so comfortable!
– I know… Oh by the way, I’m wearing
a Triumph bra… – Bro, same!
– Oh dude, me too! Me too. What? But the invite said “Dress casually”
so I didn’t wear anything. All right, never have I ever stolen
from a cosmetic store. Guys, y’all are so wild. Can you please make it simple?
I’m just 27, guys. Okay, I have one for you. Never have I ever skipped breakfast
in the morning. – But that’s unhealthy! Okay, fine!
I have a really easy one. Never have I ever accepted
the terms and conditions without reading. But that’s too risky. Never have I ever
spat the chewing gum on the road. But that’s… Wait, aren’t you supposed
to swallow it? That’s what she said. – Drunk and bored
– You gave us a bad trip, bro Big time. Anyone down for Antakshari? No, no, no, no, please,
last, last, I swear! Okay, never have I ever Had sex witha married man in a tent
hanging by a cliff. What? – Shit!
– Bro, you drink all of it. – Please…
– You won! You won! You won! You won!
This is your game. My dear friends… Let’s raise a toast to Sameera’s
last day of freedom! Quiet!
Shut up! Stop this charade of ‘Freedom’ I mean, can’t you see it’s the patriarchy
that’s making you do this. Come here. Just because men think marriage is the end
of their lives, should women feel the same too? Have you ever thought about it? Why does she drink so much? At the stroke of the midnight hour,
I want to ask this question. Guys have a million things
to objectify us with. What do we have? Just a cock? Tail? Have you given it a thought? Have you ever thought about why
the sky is blue? Why is water wet? Why is the earth round? And the perfect cake for
my perfectly gorgeous friend. I think she got the size wrong. – Yeah!
– No, no, no… – Isn’t this small?
– The color looks weird. – Is it this color?
– Is it your boyfriend’s? Isn’t this supposed to be here? What happens in a bachelorette party… Stays in a bachelorette party…!

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  1. To all the boys in the comments section thinking that they are doing a good job critising women for enjoying with her friends, drinking and talking about their relationships and most importantly sex …… Don't .Half of the problem will be stopped if you stop "making a good point" and start trusting a woman to make one for herself. And please do remember it's in movies that a woman requires a man to save her ,the rest of the world manages just fine!!!!

  2. 😑enough yrr.stop all this nonsense.is it necessary to show or celebrate our freedom like this? i do not support this seriouslyπŸ‘Ž

  3. What about the cake? That isn’t objectifying a man’s genitalia? β€œAre yeh to chhota hai” β€œcolour is weird” this is so indecent. Girliyapa let its audience down. Y’all have forgot that your viewers need not be girls even if the name is girliyapa. Gay people exist. Feminism ki definition is a fight for equal rights, not for fucking superiority. Then y’all will bash/slam us again if we made a cake which looked like a pussy. Seems fair. #FakeFeminism

  4. #Saale Girliyaapa waale Feminism ke Naam par "Nanga Naach" karte hai.
    Or jab itna he hai to Apne episode me "
    Liquor drinking is dangerous for healtht"
    Waali Teg line Q nai likhte hai.

  5. Girliyapa team…make nxt vid on boy's bachelor party…nd den v'll see about same boys commenting shits in the comment box. And in my opinion You should do a giveaway to these people "ItchGuard-Kit" .

  6. Well to teach how to drink may it be Male or female drinking is bad… Showing that drinking ND partying is the only way to have a happy life Fk passion it gives nothing(they don't understand following passion gives more pleasure)
    And at last insulting Indian men
    That's what I felt
    This types of channels should be boycotted they just teach drinking ND partying (drinking ND partying is fine when under limit but here they are showing it limitlessly)

  7. Too good burst out laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Fuck the haters, they just got new gio connection so they have seen girls for the first time

  8. Kash,,I miss those days,,we dnt have smart phn on 10 years ago,,I wish I could in my bachlorate

  9. Try to do more fun n free party instead of your lower class bachorette.you guys are good in your stuff but this is worst work in all

  10. Please boys don't watch these girls videos because in beginning you've watched on the gate that's where had written, boys don't allowed in this club 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  11. I am not understanding one thing why boys are commenting like no purpose video and bl bla bla whyyy i mean there are videos in which we see how boys are doing fun and still we like those videos if they contain good content. So why you people are questioning here it was jus a fun video in which girls are just drinking and having fun as everyoje has right to do.

  12. To all my dear guys..
    Why I mean Kyu… Kya jealously Aur itne Purana zamana k Kyu Ho tum..
    why can't accept that girls can have fun too
    If u so much problem why on the first place watch this video..
    Just bugger off
    Simple it's that easy

  13. There is no point of bachelorette party, its just stupid and copying of american ways when there is no need of it.

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