What I Ate for Dinner: February 2020 (Vegan)

Ypsi Vegan Potluck @ Cultivate: tofu scramble, breakfast mac, Just Egg mini quiche, biscuits and mushroom gravy, homestyle potatoes, oatmilk latte, bell peppers, pear, coffee cake. Amy’s Vegan pot pie, carrots, cotton candy grapes Quorn nuggets, Gardein fish fillets Power of 7 juice, lentil soup, Tofu Tikka wrap @HutKay Fusion Arugula salad, Spinach quinoa salad (cheese on the side for my cousin), Pizza: violife, mushrooms, leeks @ Salt Spring Brewery Dinner date leftovers, Mary’s Gone Crackers, homemade hummus. Braised Tofu, white rice, Spring Roll @ Lai Lai’s Leftovers Alpha philly cheesesteak burritos, Earth balance chedda squares, pear rice, hummus, vegetable medley, Trader Joe’s falafel, olives, Endangered Species chocolate, Trader Joe’s Aloo Tikka pocket. lentil quinoa stew, french loaf toast w/ hummus, heirloom tomato, olive oil, everything bagel seasoning. Amy’s Vegan mac + Modern Table mac (mixed, but not the whole thing), pita w/ homemade hummus. rice w/ soy sauce, gerdein fish fillets Braised Tofu, white rice, and steam buns. @ Lai Lai’s Qourn Spicy chik’n patty, homemade whipped potatoes, roasted muchrooms, micro kale, homemade gravy. Dinner @ friends: buternut squash soup, baguette w/ avocado oil margarine, Hippeas, wine and beer 😉 quinoa lentil stew, kale and endive salad w/ baked tempeh, homemade croutons, and herb sauce. Red wine. White rice w/ soy sauce, spring rolls. Brought it over to my friend’s bar across the street, and had some white wine and green tea too. Miso Soup w/ pre-baked tofu snow peas, cucumbers, walnuts, cashew herb sauce, and the BEST vegan chocolate milk EVER! Oven baked breaded okra, Beyond Italian sausage, saffron rice w/ tahini, cashew-herb sauce Trader Joe’s spicy Indian Veggie burgers over Saffron rice w/ tahini, honeycrisp apple cucumbers and hummus w/ capers, lemongrass tea, Amy’s Tofu Samosa wrap, saffron rice and roasted tomat and eggplant w/ tahini Braised Tofu, white rice w/ soy sauce Homemade creamy tomato soup, white rice, hummus w/ capers, Whole Foods Ultra Green Spanakopita Homemade Tom “Yum” w/ fried tofu and mei fun rice noodles (that I already ate) Morning Star corn dogs, Alexia onion rings, chipotle-peanut sauce from Guatemala.

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