What I got for my 11th Birthday!!!

– Hey peeps, it’s Ronald and today welcome back to another video on this awesome channel. Subscribe if you haven’t because subscribing is
one of the best things that you can do. It’s on the top of the list. And guys today we are gonna be doing what I got for my 11th birthday. So I turned 11 a few days ago, well not really. When this video comes out, probably like two weeks ago. Well, yep, so these are all the things that I got. We’re gonna review them, we’re gonna do some reviews. One or two things down there. So, yeah, let’s get into it. We’re gonna start off with the slow stuff and then we’re gonna get the big stuff. Let me find the first item. So, this is a Nerf gun, it’s a MicroShot, it’s really small but it’s really cool and you can put the bullet in right there. You see there’s a bullet in there, you can just put it in. And then you do this to charge it up. It’s a small gun and most of these things
are to do with Nerf guns. Yeah, pretty much all of them except for two or three. So, yeah, I’m gonna try to shoot this. Yeah, so it’s kinda
powerful but not really. It’s pretty cool. And it can only hold one bullet. It’s kinda like you can hide and go like, yeah, you can do that. It’s kinda cool. I got this on my birthday party not my actual birthday so it was like a few days, it was like two weeks after, no it was like a week after. So, yeah, I got this. Okay, moving along. This is the second smallest weapon I got. I got this on my actual birthday from my mom and dad. Thank you. It’s pretty cool. It can hold six bullets and you can bring it out and then you can place it in and when it shoots it turns one. Cool. You load it up with this thing, well, you pull it back like that. So yeah, that’s how it works. It holds six bullets. Got this on my actual birthday. Yeah, it’s pretty small. I like it a lot. It’s kinda like one of the real small ones that you can use. It’s cool. It’s awesome. It’s amazing. What do you think? I head lots of people have this gun and lots of people like it. Comment down below if you have this gun. Extra bullets. So first of all, here are 400 of these
dart bullets right here. 400 guys. I didn’t even open this package because I had already 50 bullets and I keep picking them
up and reusing them. I do lose some, yeah. I lose like 20 a day. Well, not really, I lose lots but I still have some so I didn’t even open this yet but I will need this in the future. So I got this on my actual birthday, and, yeah, thanks. And I got these small extras. I had two more but I opened them because I have guns that
use these bullets, yes. They’re really powerful, they really… Ow, I just hit my thumb. They hurt a lot but it’s fun to shoot targets with it. And speaking of targets, here are some targets. I actually got two of these and apparently one was
different than the other. They look completely the same to me and my mom said she didn’t
know which one was better so she just got both of them. But, yeah, so basically
there’s a switch right there. And so, here it pulls up and then you click them all down and then they keep coming up. I don’t know what’s up with it but it’s kinda broken, I don’t know if it was me that broke it, I don’t know. But, like I said, I have a second one so I can just use that one. Look, so if I bring these two down, it goes up without this
one having to go down. The point of it, is all
three have to go down and then you get a single point but, I don’t know, I think this one’s kinda broken. You see when I pull it down it makes no noise. So let’s turn that off. So, yeah, that was a fun thing. I shoot any gun with this. Sometimes I do really long range ones and I just try to hit it and when I do, I can go “Ahhhh.” I planned up until this moment and now I can just show what I want. Okay, yeah, masks. These masks for Nerf gun wars, which is fun. I got this actually, a few days
or a week after my birthday. It was not on my birthday party, they just came in late. My family ordered them and they didn’t come on time. It’s a shame but we have them now and that’s all that matters. We have blue and red. If we get loads of these we can have a red team and a blue team but that will be in a long time and I got, also, a third mask. And if you guys play “Overwatch” you know what this is. I used to play “Overwatch”, I don’t anymore. I played it a year ago, I think. But this thing is from
the character Reaper for all of those
“Overwatch” fans out there, which is very little, but there is still some. And this Reaper mask came
with two Reaper shotguns. Should I show them now? Nah. Yeah, I think I’ll show them now. These are the Reaper shotguns. (screaming) These are the Reaper shotguns. These use the ball bullets. These ones, they use these ones. They came with red ones that
said “Overwatch” on them but I lost pretty much all of them. So basically you pull this back, there’s a hole, you put bullets in there and then you do that and then you shoot but I’m not going to cause it’s like really dangerous and hard. Should I? Yeah, I think I should. I’ll shoot it. Okay, that wasn’t as hard as I thought but it’s pretty hard. Same goes with this one. I got these on my actual birthday and they’re really, really cool. Comment down below if you
played “Overwatch” before. Let’s do this one, it’s a classic. I got this on my birthday. It’s not too hard, not too soft as a gun. It doesn’t hit too hard or it doesn’t hit too soft. It’s perfect for Nerf wars. The only problem, it only holds 10 bullets, which is a shame. But what I love about this gun is you can attach and
detach so many things. This front thing here, boom. And you can just put it back on like that. You can put on and take off the scope. And there’s barely any
bloom on this thing. Fortnite, ahem. So, yeah, you can take it off and put it on. And then there’s also
this back thing here. And this, you just take it off. I think it’s like a shoulder thing. And of course you can take
on and take off the magazine. But I want to show you how it looks with all the attachables off. So, yeah, it’s kinda like a small gun. I don’t know if it has more bloom now. I don’t know. It turns out, only put one bullet in this thing. So, yeah. Now, I’ll just put these back on cause I kinda like having them on. Ahhhhh There and there. Okay, so we have all of these on now. (screams) Okay, I want to show you the next thing. It’s down here. This is an RC boat. What? Yeah, that’s right. Well, at least to me it’s cool. It’s really cool to me. I wanted a RC boat since I was 5. But I didn’t really talk about it a lot, I just kinda wanted it. I was like yeah, an RC boat would be really cool. I remember one time I
made a letter to Santa when I was five and I was like, “I want an RC boat.” But I don’t know if my
handwriting was too bad or if, I don’t know but I got one finally. Yay. And this can actually
be used on the beach. It can go up the waves, it can go oh-oh-oh. I din’t try it on the beach yet I only tried it on the pool that’s outside right over there. I can see it. And also this remote control is here. You turn this thing to steer and then you press this to go forward. I don’t know. Well, of course I know. It also came with this stand so you can put on it without the propeller
breaking on on the table. And you might be hearing my feet are clogging with some plastic
or something like that. Like this. (stomping) – Yeah, something’s right there. I’m about to show you it I just need to put this back. It is another RC boat. And you might notice this one’s closed, it’s in this package except it’s kinda opened here. Aww, I hit my boat. Okay, whatever. So yeah, it’s in this package and that’s because this one didn’t work and I have no idea why. The first one I got was orange and it was from this company and it didn’t work so we got a replacement, well my parents did when I was at school. This one didn’t work either. So we packed this up and then my parents ordered a new company which was that one that you just saw and it worked. Let me just put, that…. So. This is the second target. I forgot to show you. I forgot to show this. I got a wallet, it’s kinda small. It’s from Coach. It’s cool. I really like this wallet. Yeah, it’s really cool so thank you. Here we have a MacBook Air. And I know what you’re about to say. I know. I know from your face. If you watch “SIS vs BRO”
which you probably do, you should go check our channel out, “SIS vs BRO”. I got this MacBook for a challenge. It was you spin the wheel and then you land on a letter and then you have to say something that you want to get with that letter and the other person has to buy for you. And I landed on M and I got a MacBook. And I was originally supposed to get a MacBook for my birthday but I landed on M and
I was like, “MacBook”. (screaming) So I got this MacBook, I put it in its box. This is the only thing that
I still have the box for except for this. But I still had the box
so I just put it in. We can take it out. I mean I do need to get
this video for ten minutes so let’s stall some time. I need ad revenue. Okay. So I took all the cables out, the cables aren’t here. I don’t know why but it
smells like cardboard when I open this thing. There we go, the MacBook. Ahhhh. I already have this thing set up, prepared. I watch You Tube on it. I do school work on it. Schoo work on it, yeah cause that’s how you say school. And it’s awesome. Thank you so much. I got this present from my sister. Thank you. It’s small but it’s big. Do you know what this is? Do you know what this is? It’s not in the box so it’s kinda hard. Now do you know what this is? Now do you know what this is? It’s AirPods. Yay. I got AirPods. Yay, thank you so much Karina. I got Air Pods finally. Well, not finally. I only started wanting
them like a month ago but yay, thank you so much, I got AirPods. They’re so cool, I look so dope in them. Thank you so much for the AirPods. Moving on. Let’s put that back behind the emoji. Okay. I only have a small number of things left. Wait, is it over 10 minutes. Oh my goodness, this video’s way over 10 minutes. Let’s make it longer. I need more ad revenue. Okay, yeah, I’m gonna stop
talking about ad revenue. This gun, she is a beauty. Look at it. This is literally a drum gun. The thing in here, it needed so big batteries, I forgot what they were called. So big batteries, large, really large batteries. And my dad didn’t have them so he ordered them on Amazon. They came a day later. These came on my actual birthday. Let’s try. I put 10 bullets in here. It can hold 25 bullets. You hold it down, it goes insane. This is literally the fastest Nerf gun I ever saw. And just listen to this. That is really loud. You have to hold down this
button before you can shoot. Okay, next. This is the best gun, let’s do this one. This is the Nerf Rampage, I’m pretty sure. So basically you just charge up and you shoot, charge up, shoot. And one of my friends told me that if you just hold this gun button down and you just keep doing that it will just keep on shooting. I tried it out, it’s really cool. It’s perfect for Nerf wars. It doesn’t hurt that much. It’s awesome. This came two days
after my actual birthday because they just came in late but it’s fine. I don’t have any bullets but you get the point, hopefully. It’s awesome. So guys the last weapon of today is the magical, I forgot what this name is, but this is insane. Thank goodness it didn’t
come out with a bullet because this is the most powerful gun that I have by far. It’s even hard to shoot it. It’s scary. But, this is 14 plus. So is these Reaper shotguns. They’re 14 plus. And I’m not 14 but I’m 11 so, yeah. And there’s a cool switch here that if you, boom, you flick it, it loosens up this mag here. And it also came with a second mag. You can just shoot shoot shoot shoot until it’s gone and then you just put this one in. No, you take this one out, you put this one in and then you keep on shooting. So you have two mags which is awesome. In “Fortnite” you have infinite mags. Just amazing. So amazing. There’s no mag in it. It shoots really far, it hurts a lot. I never shot anyone with it. I’m not that cruel, kind of. And yeah, it’s just amazing. Thank you so much family, friends you’re the best. So I think that is all
I got for my birthday. Please give me ad revenue. Watch my videos. Like. And I will see you next time. Good-bye.

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