What If Bears Killed One In Five People?

(TV playing)
(laughter) – Team versus team. – That’s as good as it gets. – Oh man, I’ve never had
more fun in my whole life. (laughter) – Uh-oh. Daddy’s outta beer. I’m gonna go get another one, dude. – This your card? – No. Lamorne, stop doing
magic. You’re not good at it. (roaring) – Guys! Whoa, dude! There’s a bear in your other room here. – What?
(roaring) – Oh, that’s just a
big, angry, hungry bear. Just pretend it’s not there. – Oh, really! Right, it’ll just go away? What are you talking about? – No, I don’t think it’s going
anywhere but I don’t know what to do about it, so I just ignore it. – So it’s not, it’s like
it’s not dangerous, right? – Define dangerous.
It’s a bear. (laughter) But you know it’s not gonna eat all of us, it only eats like one in five. (shouting and roaring)
(door banging) – One in five? – I said only one in five, so we’re fine. – That is a lot, man! – That means one of us is gonna be eaten! – Statistically!
(door-banging and roaring) It doesn’t mean one of
us, it means one in five people getting eaten.
(door-banging and crash) (shouting and roaring) – Why aren’t you doing
something about this mess? – What do you want me to do about it? You guys know the old saying,
“Bears will be bears!” – That’s not a saying. – Lamorne, a bear will be a bear, so– – You can’t just blame
the bear, not when it’s attacking 20% of the people who come here! – Ha-ha, 20%? I said one in five. – Yes, that’s 20%. – No it isn’t, it’s one
in five, you math nerd! Let’s pile on this guy! – Dude, you gotta get rid of this thing! – Or at least warn us that
there’s a bear in the other room, man, we gotta look out for each other! What’re ya doin’? – Hey, what happens between
you guys and the bear is none of my business. – Wait! How is this none
of your business, man? One in five people are going
to get attacked by this bear! (crashing, shouting, roaring) – [Everyone] Ahhhhhh! – God, you’re overreacting! The bear’s not going to eat all of us, it’ll be less than a quarter of us! – None of us should die! – It affects us all, Jake! One in five! How can you ignore something so important? How can you not protect your friends? One in five! One in five! (roaring and crashing) (vicious roaring)
– [Everyone] Ahhh! (vicious roaring)
– [Everyone] Ahhh! – It’s alright, it’s fine,
the majority is fine, and I don’t want to
deal with this problem! (dramatic bang)

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