What if I owned a house before our marriage

Hey guys, Attorney Jef Goldtrap here in Nashville. I hope you’re having a great day. Here’s a question that came up Suppose my spouse had a house before the marriage? Well, that maybe was called separate property During a divorce case, we divide up and look at What is separate and what is marital property? marital property means it was during
the marriage and it can be subject to Dividing and you know,
well, that means it’s 50/50 not necessarily You try to get an equal estate But it may or may not turn out exactly that way and so one of the things we look at is what is marital and what is separate? suppose my spouse owned a house before the marriage great question and the question would be what did you do to improve the value of the home? Is it something you said? Well, I washed the dishes each night Did that really improve the value of the home? I added on a backroom or an extra bathroom and that increased the value of the house by $20,000 Okay, then we increased the value may have some some portion or some part in the increased value Separate and marital are very important issues that come up during a divorce And so the question of, what do I do if my spouse owned a house before the marriage? Talk to your lawyer Make sure your lawyer understands that this house was purchased before the marriage and make sure your lawyer understands what you did to increase the value or to maintain the value or what money you may have put into the original purchase of the home? Maybe even though you were not married? These are issues that we’ll come across
when you ask the question What if my spouse owned a house before the marriage? Hey, I’m Jef Goldtrap. I hope you have a great day

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