What if OVERWATCH Heroes were in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS? (Celebrating Overwatch 2)

Overwatch 2! It’s actually happening! I mean
the leaks have been out all week but I just thought they were gonna be fake
leaks and we weren’t actually getting it but looks like Overwatch 2 is happening
so that’s awesome! And because the rumors have been circulating all week about
this being a possibility it got me thinking about the fact that I haven’t
done an overwatch focused character redesign episode… I think since that
overwatch characters as dinosaurs from almost a year ago. Which is ridiculous
because I’ve become a way better artist since then and I absolutely love the
character design in this game, so I really wanted to do an overwatch focused
episode and I thought because I’m in a really fantasy focused mindset right now,
both because I’m starting work on a fantasy comic and because this month’s
pop cross-community redraw theme is Dungeons & Dragons, I thought ‘hey what
would overwatch characters look like if they were in Dungeons & Dragons.’ So in
today’s episode we’re gonna find out. Okay now obviously there’s a ton of
awesome characters in overwatch that would be super cool to D&D-ify and I’ve
got a few more complicated ideas but I think the first one that came to my mind
is a good fun kind of simple premise to start with so I’m gonna start with our
boy Soldier 76. All right the first thing that had come to my mind was soldier 76
was just making him a knight. A fighter kind of character because he’s your
classic soldier type in overwatch I thought just a classic Knight but
thinking about his story and overwatch and where he is at the time that the
game takes place it didn’t really make too much sense so I decided to go with a
ranger version of him because I came up with the story in my head that’s very
similar to his story in the actual overwatch lore where in this version he
was the leader of the Queen’s Guard or Kingsguard in some kind of ruling nation.
Like, he was the head honcho knight and then another nation came in and overtook
them it beat them in a war and he doesn’t agree with the new nations rule.
So he went off to fight on his own stop being a part of the guard and became a
sort of rebellious ranger vigilante type so he has a reason to put on a mask and
he fights on the outskirts of civilization.
That’s kind of what arrangers purpose is so he’s a little bit I guess he’s got a
little bit of rogue inspiration as well but I just liked the Ranger idea and
looking at images of other people’s Ranger designs I really liked a lot of
the stuff. This version takes a little bit of inspiration from Aragorn from
Lord of the Rings and even a little bit of John Snow. He wouldn’t…uh… would He be a
ranger? I don’t know, but anyway I took a little bit of inspiration from that on
the fur around the around the neck and on the lower part of his I was gonna
call it a front cape I don’t know what it’s called but anyway you can see the
furry bits lower down as well the character ends up looking a little bit
like kylo Ren or even Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3. But that that wasn’t
really intentional. I don’t mind it so much the Kylo Ren part wasn’t obviously
as ideal because that’s a sci-fi character and I even later on considered
adding a bit of glow to the eyes behind the mask, because, you know, soldier 76
part of his iconic look is kind of that glowing red visor but I didn’t end up
going with that I messed around with it after the screen recording and didn’t
keep it it just didn’t really work made it feel a little bit too sci-fi and
leaned it more towards looking like Kylo Ren which I didn’t really want. But
beside that I really loved how this one turned out I ended up giving him not
quite a long sword not quite a short sword I couldn’t really decide so I kind
of went halfway in between I figured if he was a part of a Queen’s Guard or
Kingsguard he would have been using a long sword but Rangers tend to be more
short sword so I was humming annoying and didn’t really end up making a
definitive decision and then because Rangers often have a bow slung that over
his shoulder and overall I really like this one I like the rendering on it I
think the red background that I used to give a little bit of rim lighting behind
him makes him really pop out and yeah I was really happy with this one
and I hope you all liked it too so here he is our ‘Ranger 76.’ Okay okay next up I’ve got an idea that
might be a little bit out there but I really like the idea so I’m gonna try it
out Bastian. This could be good could be bad we’ll see how it turns out.
All right now for Bastian originally I’d thought of making him an enchanted armor
because, I don’t know, if this is just me but I picture enchanted armors as kind
of being like Dungeons and Dragons equivalent of a robot, but I decided to I
wanted to push it a little bit more I wanted to make him a sort of not human
character but a fleshy charac- no hmmm, that’s a weird way to- a biological
character. So what I decided to do was make him a cyclops barbarian, or at least
a character that had been a barbarian he I picture him as being a very naturally
peaceful character but who was raised in a tribe of barbarians so he goes and
fights with them in a battle and he gets knocked out and he’s wounded enough that
they think he’s dead so they don’t carry him off with the wounded but he
eventually comes to and is alive I pictured him having amnesia. And I know
that’s a little bit of a cheap story element but I figured it’s kind of like
what happens to Bastian in the actual overwatch game so I went with it and I
just pictured now that he’s been knocked out he’s separated from his tribe he
doesn’t remember what his life is now he can be his natural peaceful self he
starts falling in love with nature and so I pictured him transitioning from
being a barbarian type to being a sort of druid monk. I was thinking more along
the lines of a monk and I was taking more visual inspiration from how monks
tend to look in Dungeons and Dragons but because in overwatch he’s a character who
comes to fall in love with nature, I thought druid might be a good idea I
don’t take too many cues from druid visuals except maybe I’ve cut that big
tree trunk slung over his back that was supposed to kind of be the visual
equivalent of the cannon that Bastian has on his back
so the druid thing doesn’t necessarily come through, but I like the idea of this
character going from being a barbarian to something else. And maybe he’s not
even necessarily becoming a monk but he’s living
with a tribe of monks and just doing chores around that where they live and I
just picture him being a lot happier this way. Not necessarily fighting as
much I mean he could still do some fighting I gave him a hammer that is
actually bastians head but just as a hammer and I thought that was kind of
fun and cute. And obviously the reason I made him a cyclops is so he could have
the one big blue eye like Bastian has and I drew him in pretty much the same
pose as the reference image I had up except I put the bird sitting on his big
chunky pinky because he’s a big brooding Cyclops he’d have all his fingers would
be really big. I thought that was kind of cute and fun and dainty. And, yeah, really
happy with this one too so I don’t know if the name I came up with is so great
but anyway here it is got to give a big shout-out to ABD Illustrates who’s
Disney and Dragons episodes turning Disney Princesses and villains into
Dungeons and Dragons versions of themselves was a huge inspiration for
these videos. I’ll link it in the description below
super cool stuff also if you’re enjoying the video please leave a like really
helps boost it up through the algorithm and encourages me to do a sequel if you
want that sort of thing. Okay sorry for the interruption back to drawing. Next up
we’ve got ah perfect! Tracer. I mean we couldn’t not do Tracer
in this episode right let’s do it! Okay so for Tracer I’d originally been a
little bit more visual inspired than story inspired with Bastian and Soldier
76 was thinking about the story more and then coming up with the drawing. With
this one I didn’t take that approach so much but as I was doing the drawing I
had Tracer’s lore open on my other monitor and I was getting some ideas for
this character story that I really liked. I kept it pretty similar to Tracers
overwatch story but basically I thought of Tracer this version of her being an
elf fighter who gets cursed and the curse is; she’s falling in and out of time
disappearing for months or even a year at a time sometimes, which is similar to
what happens to Tracer in the actual Overwatch lore, except it’s an
experiment not a curse. And then Friends of this version of Tracer, an artificer
which is the dungeon and dragons equivalent of an
inventor, and a wizard get together and make this device that can stop her from
falling in and out of time as long as she’s wearing it. So it doesn’t break the
curse but it keeps her in our time and it’s that diamond thing I put on her
chest that’s both the visual equivalent of her chronal accelerator and
obviously serves the same purpose as that. But then I picture this character
kind of falling in love with the time-travel ability despite it being a
curse she ends up seeing it as a possible gift and starts learning magic
to try and figure out how to use it to her advantage. For visual cues I was kind
of going with Rogue a little bit and that doesn’t necessarily line up with
the story I just came up with, she would have to kind of shift her attitude a
little bit from because if she was a fighter
I don’t quite have a good reason she ended up becoming a rogue. Something in
that story could push her from fighter to rogue, but visually I just really
liked the idea of having these these two kind of weird shaped daggers and being a
little bit scrappier looking. The main part of this visual that I don’t
love is her gloves. I think I made them a bit too big and not very interesting
looking but I also had her doing that dash like she can do in overwatch and I
picture this as her having learned some magic stuff so she can control her time
travel curse so, I don’t know, it’s not quite as fleshed out of a story as some
of the other ones but I still I really liked it I like the look I like drawing
the face because Tracer’s got such a great face design so that was really fun
to draw. And because she’s got kind of pointy-ish features that was the main
reason I made her an elf. There wasn’t really much story reason behind it which
obviously isn’t necessarily great from a storytelling perspective but I think
visually it worked really well those streaks on her face again, I don’t know
why I put them there, I just really liked them. And overall even though the story
is not as fleshed out I really loved how this one turned out and then I just gave
her a classic elf kind of name so here she is! Okay okay now to finish off we’ve got to
do my personal favorite overwatch character to play as Pharah reporting. For
Pharah, because she’s my favorite overwatch character, I had to do
something really cool that I really liked. And I mean, I always play as at
Pharah because I’m generally pretty bad at video games despite loving them so I
can just kind of fly above everyone and shoot down I know it’s cheap but it’s
fun to do I never play competitive- Anyway, I really wanted to keep flying as
an element for this character so I decided to make her a Dragonborn and I
know Dragonborn characters generally don’t
have wings or a tail so what I decided was, in coming up with the story for this
character I figured she would be born with wings and people see it as a
natural gift just an anomaly. And she doesn’t take it for granted, she uses
those wings and trains to be an absolutely phenomenal fighter with the
intention of joining the queensguard. And this is how I kind of mix her in with my
ranger 76 story where she wants to join the guard that he’s a part of but then
when the new Kingdom comes in and takes over, she isn’t really interested in
joining anymore and she’s just gotten to the age where she could join, so she
instead goes and becomes security. And I was thinking I could even make her the
security guard for the artificer that gave tracer her device that keeps her in
time. So I’m kind of mixing a bunch of the stories together and I thought that
was kind of fun it was a little bit last minute and I have to find a more
seamless way to work them all together but I thought it was a fun idea and in
terms of the design of this character I really loved drawing dragonborns. I used
to have a dragonborn D&D character myself that I played out a while back. I
don’t I think that story just ended up fizzling out we didn’t really wrap it up.
But anyway, I loved dragonborns I know giving it wings is kind of cheating but
I think it was such a nice element to the character and worked in with the
story. And I also love drawing wings just from a visual standpoint because they’re
such a good way to naturally frame a character. In this, I kind of cheat the
lighting a little bit one of the wings in front of her would be casting more of
a shadow on her with where I did the shading on the rest of her body but I
don’t think it’s too big of a problem I don’t think it really affects the piece
that much. If you’re not thinking about it you probably wouldn’t notice. My only
actual problem with this is probably that I made her armor a little bit too
shiny. For a fantasy D&D character I feel like it should be a little bit duller
looking but I just love the bright vibrant blue on fire I felt like I
should keep it so I kept it in there also I drew the background and ground
elements in after the fact after the recording. And, yeah, I’m really happy with
this one too I just been really happy with this whole video so here’s our
Pharah as a dragonborn! Okay okay I know I save this a lot on
here but this is genuinely some of my favorite art have made on the channel in
ages. I think this turned out so cool so I really hope this video does well to
justify doing a follow-up because I’d love to take more overwatch characters
and draw their DnD versions so if you’ve got suggestions for overwatch characters
that you think would make a cool specific class or race from D&D leave it
in the description below I’d love to see people’s suggestions. Or if there’s any
other video game or pop-culture thing that you’d like to see turned into
something else I love hearing people’s suggestions and just doing these kinds
of videos in general the Pokemon is superheroes ones are probably the most
popular but I love doing a whole bunch of different weird version of these I
got a playlist full of them anyway I’m Christian Pearson this has
been PopCross Studios, home of the nerdiest our videos on YouTube. If you
want to submit something for a monthly community redraw the instructions for
how our in the description below and that’s all for this episode I said
thanks for watching I might not have so thanks for watching everybody goodbye!

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  1. I can see saving Warforged for Zenyatta, and Bastion does work as a cyclops. But you want a flying character and DON'T use an Aarakocra? Pharra wears a bird helmet and they literally have bird heads.

  2. bastion DnD equivalence is a warforged or maybe golem, tracer dnd equivalence a trickster with cronomancy spells, pharax is easy she equivalence is a deva is a race character, is shiny and powerful maybe a (paladin or defensor)multiclass with gunslinger

  3. don't see anyone mention it but, a dragonborn with wings does exist. a Half-Dragon, the difference between the two is a half-dragon is exactly as the name suggests. half dragon, half something else. could be human or elf parent.

  4. Doomfist as a Warforged Monk with an onyx plating. One of his arms is a prototype weapon and is made of a different, clear material with blue and yellow energy crackling beneath. His subclass is the Way of the Open Hand. Basically a subclasses based around hitting as HARD AS POSSIBLE in as little time as possible.

  5. What if Tehrissa’s fighting style just always leaned towards speed and dual wielding, and once she got her curse and amulet she just naturally picked up some Arcane Trickster traits just sort of naturally?

  6. Don’t worry, Star Wars isn’t really sci-fi. It’s fantasy but with lasers and spaceships and robots and aliens. Space fantasy. Kylo Ren is literally a magical knight with a medieval laser sword.

  7. 76 could absolutely be an oath of the crown paladin. Completely devoted to the nation they're apart of which gives divine magic. Dex base could also work

  8. @PopCross Studios Nice work! For Tracer, you were on the right track with making her a Rogue. I would make her a Rogue Variant called Arcane Trickster. There's your magic tie in. 😉

    And as for Pharah, all you have to do is say that she's descended from a specific ancient lineage of Dragons whose hybrid offspring grew wings. You could say her specific lineage was forced into near extinction, but they survived by hiding their lineage by learning how to extend and retract their wings (think Angel from X-Men).

  9. I'd love to see more! A Junkrat/Roadhog combo would be absolutely fantastic; I picture Roadhog as, rather than a super-soldier, a specialised Warforged Fighter (w/ "second wind" being his hog-heal) bodyguard to Junkrat, an Artillerist Artificer whose life was decimated by a magical disaster… facilitated by Roadhog's contingent. This could even be the Eberron Mourning, but other magi-nukes are available. They always work so well as a pair for me… though I just saw that there's a sequel so I'll check that out next!

    Also, I get that Bastion could have been a Warforged (their story is extremely similar to the Omnics) but I really love the Cyclops interpretation. It's so clever and fun.

  10. Ranger 76 just works way too well lol. I feel like he should maybe have a crossbow (maybe a repeating crossbow?) instead of a sword but he just looks too cool with the sword lol

    Was kinda imagining Bastion to be a Warforged but I looove the cutie cyclops you ended up doing <3

    Tracer is just….Perfect. Absolutely flawlessly perfect and I love her and want her as an NPC in my next D&D game lol.

    I like Dragonborn Farah, I don't think there's anything wrong with giving a Dragonborn wings (or a tail) as something that makes a character unique. However, something else you could've done for Farah is making her an Aarakocra since her armour is definitely more bird-like than draconic and all Aarakocra are born with wings. I still think I prefer the winged Dragonborn though, it probably works out better since the missiles and firebreathing are so easy to correlate. "JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE" *15-foot cone of fire*. Plus, you could always say she's a draconic sorcerer since they get the ability to sprout wings at 14th-level.

  11. There is a variant elf that gets the ability to use misty step. Misty step is a spell that allow you to almost teleport which I think fits in with tracer

  12. my nit pick on Pharah is more that your coloring of her wings are a little to off in my opinion to the rest of her scale/skin tones they just seem like you the wrong colored wings like someone mixed up 2 dragonborn's wings and there is another dragonborn out there with Dark blue scales but tan dark brown wings

  13. I figured that Soldier would be an Oathbreaker Paladin, the great hero who failed his orders from a higher power. Also… I’m glad someone else mentioned that Warforged (living automatons) are a thing in D&D, but for a reimagining for Bastion, I kinda like it. The hammer was an awesome choice.Tracer is absolutely an elf… she would be disappointed otherwise. Honestly I think Pharra should have been an Arrachocra (eagle person), but I never hate a good dragonborn.

  14. Fighter ranger is pretty good if you use the unearthed arcanum for the ranger replacement features as well as the battle master fighter

  15. "Between longsword and shortsword"

    Tis' an Arming Sword, my friend. A one-handed blade with a bit more reach than the Shortswords.

  16. Animated armor or Warforged would have worked for Bastion.
    Arcane Trickster Rogue mutli-classed from Fighter would have worked for Tracer.

  17. Soldier – Ranger Hunter Conclave
    Bastion – Barbarian Path of the Eagle
    Tracer – Monk Way of the Open Hand+Wizard Bladesinger+Sorcerer Wildmage?+Fighter Champion???
    Phara – Fighter Sharpshooter+Artificer Battlesmith

  18. How about DC and MARVEL heroes an villains was done up in Dungeons and Dragons.
    Batman maybe with a clockwork / warforged type look to maybe armor or with a clockwork / warforge beast Golem type vehicle he can ride into action.
    Superman and Captain America done up as part of a knights group, Superman being from another real with powers and Captain America given some do to his skills to want to help people.
    The Sentinel Robots or one of done up as a Clockwork or Warforged, maybe a mix if fixed up by a warlock or thief wanting a friend and body guard?

  19. Classes:
    -Genji, Hanzo, and Soldier 76
    Barbarians/ Fighters:
    -Rineheart, Winston, Pharah, and Bastion

    Many More

  20. What Soldier 76 is carrying is definitely a shortsword or an arming sword at most. Actual Longswords are two-handed weapons despite what D&D says.

  21. I imagine Soldier 76 as a Fighter with the Crossbow feats…. Heavy Cross Bow with Quick Quiver would be like a DnD equiverlent of his actually gun or possibly even a multiclass. Since he has that Biotic Field Emittor (Rogue Scout maybe) I mean he sprints & has . Maybe Fight/Artificer?

  22. Soldier 76: Oath of Vengeance Paladin
    Bastion: Warforged Druid
    Tracer: Half-Elf Arcane Trickster Rogue (Landstrider for blink)
    Pharah: Human Ranger (Explosive Crossbow)

  23. Dragonborn can have wings in 5e. They need the dragon heritage thingy tho. Also sorcerers can gain dragon wings, but ik pharah isn’t a sorcerer so lol.

  24. the fact that bastion was not a warforged really bothers me for some reason , i mean the hole thing of the cyclops is good , but it doesn't sit right with me .

  25. My Dragonborn monk has a tail, because Dragonborn not having tails looks doofy and shouldn't be. But I worked it into his backstory, as the "birth defect" is why he was abandoned at the monastery to keep him lore-friendly.
    You could have made Pharah a Aarakocra, that would have kept the bird-theme that she has with her helmet in Overwatch, but the Dragonborn design you came up with is really damn cool nonetheless.

  26. Before you try it. Yes… We get it, warcorged exist, and bastion should have been one. What we should be mentioning though is that he gave a Dragonborn wings. That makes as much sense as a golaith with wings. Dragonborn aren't dragons, they detest dragons.

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