What Japanese Dinner is Like (Nabe)

Hello world! Where I’m from in Japan, this is what dinner is like. Okay Aiko, what does every Japanese meal have? Rice! Is this good? This? Yes. Is it okay? Be careful! So, what are you cutting there? I’m cutting mizuna. That’s kind of like a lettuce? Yeah! Oh, is that mummy? Yeah, it’s mummy. Yeah, people can see mummy! Only the hands. Alright, so name that food Aiko! Shiitake Tofu Cod We do something and make it to o-nabe food. Ok, cool. Bring it to the table. You’re a hard worker, put it over there please. We have some shiitake and maitake (mushrooms). Singing”ko ko ko ko ko kinoko”. Shin is dancing the mushroom song. Ok? Cut it please. Can I go? Yes, you can go. Roaster, roaster. Roaster? Roaster! Roaster. Oh, roaster! Yeah, roaster. Are we good? Yes! Yeah? Yep! Timer, timer. Bombay? Gas bombay. Gas bombay? Casette. Cassette gas bombay. The one on the top is shungiku. Then green onion. And then… enoki. You know what that’s called? Wakame (a type of seaweed). No, no, konbu (kelp). Konbu (kelp). It makes broth. What time of the year do you eat nabe? Well, December, January, February or something? Oh, in the winter time. Yeah! Well, you use long chopsticks, to um… put the stuff in. Oh, so you use different chopsticks to cook with than you use to eat. Yeah! It has to boil once more. Oh, once it steams up again it’s ready? Yes. Okay, I got it. So this is warm underneath, and the kids are hiding under it. Kotatsu. Kotatsu. It’s a kotatsu, you can see Shin’s legs under there. Yuzu ponzu. Yuzu ponzu. And it’s like a citrus-y… Yeah. Sauce. Yeah, soy sauce. Soy sauce. And then you put it in the bowl. So when you put the nabe into that dish… do you take any liquid, or just the food, or what? Just the food. How was the nabe? It was yummy and hot! Okay, so who’s house are we at right now? We’re at my Aunt’s (great) and Uncle’s (great) house. If you put it together, it’s not good. Only put in what we’ll eat. It’ll be boil quickly. Do you want to put the shungiku in? Yes. This is shungiku, and this is mizuna. Aiko, do you want to eat this? Yes. Do you want to eat this? Um… yeah, I like enoki. Do you eat the skin? Yeah, of course. Put however much you want in. Shin, how’s the fish? Good! Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! What’s dinner like where you’re from? You weren’t sick? Yeah. But I have footage of you coughing like, “bl*[email protected]#” Hey, stop (kicking me) (cough, cough). I was sick. Ha! I knew it!

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  1. Fish is yummy especially if I add it with salt also I eat very healthy while I don't know I'm on a half diet I always eat fish, oranges, grapes, vegetable soup that is yummy and pork, meat whatever is healthy.

  2. Wonder why 676 don't like this? That food looked so healthy and delicious, to me. And the kids are so adorably cute, so what's not to like? But, I was holding my breath when they were playing (hiding) underneath the table with all the hot foods on top. The Japanese have such a clean and healthy diet.

  3. over here in the Netherlands we do that too.we do hotpot with broth.hotpot with oil.plus we do indoor barbecue,its like an iron grill plate.but the way we eat is alot more tastier.lots of side dishes and salades,veggies and different sauces too.and its not unhealthy,you can make it as healthy as you want too.

  4. That 8yr old Girl is so smart and grown up she is in charge of making dinner. I never did that till 10yr. These Asian kids are so much smarter then the lazy Kiwi Kids.

  5. Helloo! I just laaav to watch ur videos. I m frm india. Our dinner is totally different from urs. We generally have rice or chapatis vegetable curry, pulse, and may be fish curry or chicken curry. Bt nothing is boiled like dis. Everything is fried and den we make a rich gravy using garlic ginger onion red chilli paste.

  6. Wow.. I'm amazed by the roaster.. They have mini stove, rice cooker and so many more gadgets to cook.. So efficient.. And the food's always healthy..

  7. العشا في السعودية قصة مختلفة يا شيخ هنا ما في الى كبسة،ذبيحة،و كبدة وبس!

  8. It bothers me that it looks like there's no seasoning. It looks good but plain at the same time. Like if you take a bite it would taste like water with a fishy after taste lol. I could be wrong 🤣

  9. Man this is super light for a meal for me. I don't eat 3 meals a day every day but when I eat imma eat. I need like half that rice in the cooker, least 2 whole fish, some chicken wings, and some stir fry cabbage.

  10. So if Nabe means Pot and someone's last name is Watanabe and Wata sounds like water. Their last name is Water Pot 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's a joke me and my irritable Hawaiian friends made up

  11. Me and my gramma make this all the time but we use a strainer in the soup so we can cook what we want. I usually put salmon, mushrooms, different cabbage, bok choy, chicken, tofu, shrimp, and crab 😂😂😂

  12. I still don't know how to cook rice. I guess that means I can't be adopted by an Asian family. I know how to cook other stuff, but, it's all American and Caribbean food. 💚

  13. Japanese people still keep their culture alive no matter their economy is one of the best in modern technology ..btw love this family adorable kids learn from uncle and aunt..thanks for sharing this 👍👍👌

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