What Jesus Says About Marriage

– At the end of today’s video, you’re gonna hear a question that Jesus wants you to ask before you get married. [upbeat music] Hey everybody, it’s Chris Paavola, welcome to “What Jesus Says About” where Jesus speaks for himself so you can respond for yourself. And don’t forget to hit Like and Subscribe and that little bell so you
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every Thursday at noon. Today we’re gonna hear what
Jesus says about marriage, but to be clear, marriage
was around long before he was in all cultures and countries, and in fact, in all sorts of
religions all around the world. So marriage is not unique to Jesus but what Jesus says
about marriage is unique. We find it when Jesus
is having this debate with some religious leaders
and these religious leaders are trying to figure out well according to the letter of the law, when can they and can’t
they divorce somebody? So Jesus responds to them and says, “At the beginning, the creator
made them male and female, “and for this reason a
man will leave his father “and mother and be united to his wife,” and then he says, “And the
two will become one flesh. “So they are no longer two, but one body.” Now Jesus says a lot here but
what’s most thought-provoking is to remember who Jesus is talking to. Remember, he’s talking to
these religious leaders who think they can disregard their wife with no consequence to themselves at all. And so Jesus tells
these religious leaders, “You and your wife, you’re one body.” And this is more than
just a euphemism for sex, Jesus is saying when you marry somebody, you share with them more
than just a bathroom and a bank account and a stable
environment for children. You become one body with them. It’s kinda like a good Arnold Palmer. One part lemonade and one part iced tea. Mmm, delicious. And if I add ice to this, whatever happens to one part of the body,
happens to the whole body. When one part of the body
rejoices, the whole body rejoices. When one part of the body
suffers, the whole body suffers. And so Jesus taught us to
love our neighbor as ourselves but in marriage, it’s self-fulfilling. As you treat your spouse,
you treat yourself. And now you have a
really important question you can ask before you get engaged, do I want to take on this
person’s well-being as my own? That as they are, I will be;
and as I am, they will be. Do I want that? I actually would really like
to hear what you have to say. Do you think Jesus pushes
this metaphor too far or not? I’d love to hear your thoughts, I’m gonna enjoy this Arnold
Palmer and we’ll see you soon. – That was awesome.
– I know.

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  1. I think God gave us marriage as an example of the relationship He desires with us. (I.e. the desire in His heart was there first and He gave us marriage as an earthly example.) This is why He holds it in such high regard and places strict boundaries around it. IMO, the reason we're seeing such a cheapening of this relationship in society around us is because the enemy wants to distort our understanding of what marriage is and means.

    BTW, saw you in Tim's live stream today and your channel name caught my eye. Love your short & sweet, direct style of presentation. Peace.

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