Can I talk to you? Who is this to you? This is your wife. You were with a woman in the past and she disappointed you. Yes, sir. Before you had this woman. Yes, sir. What happened now; it has started now – it is an attack. It’s true, sir. When you married this lady, “My honey, my honey”. Now the affection is not there any more. It’s true, sir. When you people sit together, people will think you are husband and wife – no affection. It’s true, sir. This woman doesn’t even want you to touch her. It’s true, sir. When you sleep, in the night you will wake up and go sit on the chair. It’s true, sir. Prophecy Time I want to see you. Go and wait for me. My name is Mr Chijioke Nwafor The lady standing by me is my wife – Mrs Nwafor. We came from Anambra State but we are based in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Last Sunday, the man of God gave us prophecy. He said it was God that saved me, that he saw me with a woman in the past who disappointed me. He said what happened to me with that lady in the past is happening in my marriage now, that there was no affection in my marriage which was an attack. So, I confirm the prophecy to be true. She used to tell me that she wants to quit the marriage; we always fight and quarrel. Because you don’t want her to leave the marriage? I don’t want her to leave the marriage. Can you see now? She wants to leave the marriage and the husband keeps portraying, “What do you want me to do? You want me to cook for you today? I will cook for you. You want me to wash your things? I’m ready to wash your clothes.” He has been washing, cooking, doing everything – yet, she still wanted to leave the marriage. “What else do you want me to do? OK, I will carry you to America for holiday – New York. After New York we go to London. After London we go to Africa…” I don’t know. OK, now – I want to quit the marriage. … because love is from the heart. Listen to that: she says she wants to quit the marriage after everything he had done. What is the solution? Let’s listen. My name is Mrs Ebere Nwafor. The man standing beside me is my husband. We came from the Anambra State but we reside in the Ekiti State, Nigeria. I am a 500 level student of Nnamdi Azikwe University in Akwa. We have been married for the past one year. Although I know my husband’s weakness, at a point, I had to call him and sit him down. I told him the areas he was having weakness and said we needed to build ourselves up together as one family. The problem is all about his appearance; I want to start from there. His appearance does not attract me, although I saw that before I married him. What attracted me before I married him was his humility and simplicity. I thought that if I entered the marriage, I would be able to mould him to my taste. At a point, when we were together, I had to tell my husband that his appearance was not as it supposed to be. I told him he was only 35 years old but he dressed like someone who was 70. I had to be sincere with him, told him to adjust and promised to help him. No one is perfect. I said I would mould him to my taste and he too would mould me to his own taste. However, after we had planned everything, he would take a decision on his own. At times, when he wanted to visit me in school, I would have to call him on the phone and tell him what he had to wear because my friends were around. I told him that he had to look good. All these are the things which I experienced in marriage which I don’t like or want. When you were about to get married, was he dressing like this? He was not actually dressing like this but after the marriage, everything became worse. His dressing does not attract me. But before the marriage his look was very good? He looked more attractive before I married him. – OK.
– Yes. Listen to that to learn a lesson. Those who want to get married – you should dress well, rest… The SCOAN Sunday Service After the marriage, no more gym. The question now is… Many of you are here today. The posh car you were using when you wanted to get married – where is it after the marriage? Does it mean you hired it? This is what we are talking about. Listen to her, she is making a point, as well as the gentleman. We are here to learn. Man of God, even in the aspect of his body, I have begged my husband to exercise himself. You asked him to do exercise? – Yes.
– OK. I want him to… Clap for her. Mr & Mrs Chijioke Nwafor
Prophecy Confirmation It has really affected my affection for him because after everything, he would agree to do it but at the end of the day, he wouldn’t do it. Later on, he would come back to me and start begging me to forgive him but I wouldn’t be happy within me. I want him to go and do what will bring peace in the house because whenever I look at him, I am not proud of him. I want my husband to look good; it is my job to treat him in the way I should but he is not responding. That is my problem. Thank you. But unless the prophecy had come at this time, you would have left the marriage. Man of God, I must be sincere; I don’t want to leave the marriage. OK, but you threatened that you wanted to leave? Yes, but it’s not from my mind. I don’t want to leave my marriage. OK, thank you for all this. I don’t need to ask my brother, whatever… Thank God you have mentioned his age. The answer you gave me at first – we disagree with it – by saying that you just threatened your husband about leaving the marriage. We cannot live above our word. That is – you cannot live above your word. Yes. Satan uses our words to strike. When you say, “I want to die…”, you will soon die. If I’m talking to you let me see your hand. What you say out and is in compliance with satan to make it work, “I want to die…” – that is the word of satan – satan will come and catch you. “I want to leave my marriage…” – you will see people around and your husband saying it. There will be people around to get you out of the marriage. What we are saying now is: love is a thing of the heart. We know that there is also a need to look good but the major love is a thing of what? (Heart.) … is a thing of heart. Love is a thing of what? (Heart.) It is a thing of heart. Even if your husband dresses now properly and put on the most expensive things – that love, we are talking about, might not come back any more. If I’m talking to you let me see your hand. Even the man raises up his hand. Clap for Jesus. Let’s assume, my friend – maybe his stomach is big. It is one of the reasons even if she doesn’t want to say that. She wants him to have a flat one that will look good. She wants him to wear most expensive clothes. That love may not be there. Those things cannot bring love. Appearance cannot bring the love we are talking about. Appearance cannot give birth to the love we call marriage. Tell your neighbour: “There are loves but the love we call marriage – appearance does not produce it”. Tell your neighbour, “There are so many loves but the love we call marriage – appearance does not give it”. The SCOAN Sunday Service If appearance gives marriage – that marriage cannot stand the test of time. In a short time crisis or hardship will destroy the marriage. By appearance… The love we talk about is love of God. If appearance is the basis of our marriage or relationship – such relationship cannot stand the test of time. Let us look at where the problem is coming from. Does this marriage come from God? What is the problem? If I now say that my brother should go to gym, see doctor, go for a massage, reduce the stomach, he is too short – he should be higher, and is too fat – he should be slimmer, his head is too big – he should reduce it, there is too much fat in his hands – they should operate it – that cannot give that love that will stand the test of time. Let’s look for love. Tell your neighbour, “Let’s look for love somewhere”. Let’s look for love somewhere. Not appearance. So, I think this is where we are going now. Deliverance will solve the problem. The problem we used to have is not the issue of my stature or whatever… No no no, don’t defend yourself. I’m not defending you. I am not trying to defend you. Don’t build on my defence. You can have a separate defence. Don’t talk about the appearance. I’m only telling you the Word of God. Lord I want to be like Jesus inner my heart The SCOAN Sunday Service The original love, relationship comes from God. If that relationship is the one that flows through your marriage, it has to do with things of the heart. Things of the heart are quite different. Listen, if you because of the things on the outside; appearance, money, position, being handsome, get married with someone – bet with me; that marriage cannot stand the test of time. The SCOAN Sunday Service What has happened to you is what has happened to the sister here. I only mentioned your situation. Yours is a disappointment. The person she intended to marry before disappointed her. Mr & Mrs Chijioke Nwafor
Prophecy Confirmation Then she said, “Well, I just need to get married” – that is how she found you. You have a problem and she has a problem – you need deliverance and she needs deliverance. Let’s assume you were able to find the person you are looking for to marry him from your heart – this marriage would not exist today. Let’s assume she would be able to be with a person she gave her heart so much to we would not talk of this marriage. These two persons have similar problems. Deliverance and deliverance. 50/50 I will see you people.
Thank you. The SCOAN Sunday Service

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  1. wow!!! I learnt a lot from this teaching, the Man of God is teaching the real fact about life. I thin we must learn to balance things! Love is not just about clothes or fashion, let's couple live above mere things like fashion or things that does not really matters!

  2. Hahahaha I am laughing to die, but I have learnt something, I think my wife is a very good lady, she Loves me in any circumstance, oh God Open the way to let me please her. Love is from the heart, there is nothing to do with dressing code. Marriage is an institution of God ooo.

  3. Surely God can restore marriages,,,I love and appreciate the anointing upon you man of God , prophet of this generation TB Joshua,,,I love you,,I always desire the anointintin upon you ,,hope one day i will meet you,,,i love you prophet of God

  4. God of TB Joshua is the one who created everythin we see even what we do not see,,,I pray may He touch my life also

  5. I know I need deliverance myself but how about a husband who doesnt brush his teeth, has bad breath and farts anytime he wants to stink up his family??? Would Jesus do that to His disciples?

  6. Located in your mercy and favourite help me to grown spirit and true let your will be down in my life thank you Lord

  7. I want you to meet you one day!man of God and told me that God Jesus is in you.he changed you totally .because i appreciated you to help marriage problem to solved everything.God is love…

  8. Emmanuel! Thank you Lord for TB Joshua. What a Lesson. Thank you Lord you raised me up. I have learnt . Glory be to God. Keep on teaching us Thank you Prophet and the couple

  9. My husband also the same like this but I love him I don't care about his clothing. I used to buy his clothes and match for him the way I want him to wear if I'm not there he is wearing any thing and he is free and happy then I decided not telling him this and that I just love him the way he is……..

  10. I love this woman she is a honest woman who knows what she want.there is nothing wrong with that. I Love my prophet my mentor TB Joshua, there is no one like him.

  11. I think it's only woman suffers from marriage but i beginning to understand that 60% men suffers must she want to please her friend instead her husband

  12. I think she don't have good mother to advise her stupidnes out her i can remember when my own madness happen i won't back to my family house but my parents didn't accept me i won't to my sister house her husband say i will corruption his wife before my mum seat me down and talk sense to my senses she want Mr flover or 2face am sure she have boyfriend in school that's why she is not proud of the man again she marriage he because of his money nothing more this type of man is hard to get if you lose he you will regret at last

  13. Relationship based on appearance and ๐Ÿ’ฐ can't stand the test of time, oh LORD Jesus help us build our marriage based on your Love.

  14. Am olso in the same situation, locate me oh lord have mercy on me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen.

  15. The falling away had happened in the church, the righteous is being taken away, and the man of sin is revealing himself.

    The Scripture said, Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because the satan has been cast down to the earth, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.

    The wicked prowl on every side, when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.

    Foolish beast.

  16. Sir my name Angela Joseph from India Dehradun Uttarakhand plz pray for me man of God i want to go to uk .plz pray for me .

  17. TB Joshua men of God this case is similarity to mine my husband he cannot even look at me please harp with the player that I am trying praying and it's like my prayer is too late but by God crazy to come to pass with your help also Pappa

  18. God of prophet TB Joshua settle my marriage. delivered us on lord have mercy on us and set us free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray Amen Amen Emmanuel thank you Jesus

  19. Seems both had unresolved issues before getting married. They would have to be honest with themselves before attempting to figure out where they need to heal. I say let the healing begin….

  20. Unizik girls are all the same in this regard, always looking for six packs….wealth and physical perfection. Nonsense!

  21. My wife needs God's help.. We got married before her family. We made our commitment for life with each other and with God listening. She now lives in sin with another man..

    I was married before but it ended 3 years before I was married to my wife who now lives in sin with another man . She started cheating while I was out of town working, providing for my family.

    Please help my marriage..

  22. Thank you Jesus for the enlightenment.More power T B Joshua,God bless you all๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  23. That's my problem as well. God help me too. My husband is also becoming too big which I don't like at all. He used to be small and handsome, but looks like an old man. All old men meeting him call him as if he is older than them.

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