What The Most Memorable Bachelor Couples Are Doing Now

Bachelor Nation doesn’t have a great track
record when it comes to long-lasting love, but they sure do create some memorable moments. Here’s a look at what some of your favorite
Bachelor couples are up to — whether they’re planning their wedding, welcoming a new baby,
or licking their break-up wounds. Jason Mesnick completely changed the Bachelor
game for good when he broke up with his final pick, Melissa, on national television – only
to declare his love for Molly, the woman he’d rejected during his season’s finale episode. Surprisingly, Molly accepted his apology and
the two rekindled their relationship immediately — which garnered Jason some serious backlash. According to The Chicago Tribune, host Chris
Harrison even called the single dad “the most hated man in America” during the whole ordeal. Luckily, the drama wasn’t all for nothing. Jason and Molly got married on February 27th,
2010, in a rain-soaked ceremony that was later televised on ABC — the place where it all
began. While they still sometimes make on-screen
appearances for the Bachelor franchise, the Mesnicks live pretty normal lives away from
the cameras with their two children. And while recent Bachelor alums have taken
to the Instagram influencer lifestyle, these two opted to forge their own paths. Jason works as an associate real estate broker
for Compass, and Molly is a radio personality for Seattle’s 106.1 KISS FM. January 2019 marked five years of marriage
for Sean and Catherine Lowe, who met during Lowe’s run as Bachelor for the show’s 17th
season. Five years of marriage is quite a feat — especially
for Bachelor Nation lovebirds. The couple credits their marriage’s success
to distancing themselves from the franchise. “We don’t do a lot of the Bachelor reunions
— that’s just not us.” Fellow Bachelor couples should certainly take
a leaf from the Lowes’ book, as the two obviously know what they’re doing. The happily married couple welcomed their
first child, Samuel, in July 2016, and their second son, Isaiah, was born in May 2018. In June 2019, they announced that a third
child was on the way. In addition to being a father, Lowe launched
a new dating app in August 2018 called Vouch. According to a press release, the app is designed
to, quote, “bring your friends — both single and taken — back into the dating process.” Hey, if it’s Lowe-approved, it’s worth a shot! Jason Mesnick’s televised switch-a-roo paved
the way for the shocking twist that came at the end of Arie’s Bachelor season. Though the race car driver proposed to Becca
during the season finale, the After the Final Rose special revealed Arie had since experienced
a change of heart — which led to him ending his engagement to Becca and asking his runner-up,
Lauren, for a second chance. Of course, every bit of the drama was broadcast
across the nation, and Arie found himself the object of many fans’ anger for the way
he dumped the blindsided Becca with a camera crew in tow. While plenty of folks had doubts these two
could make a relationship work, Arie and Lauren seem to have proved all the haters wrong. The two exchanged vows in a January 2019 Hawaiian
wedding, two months after announcing Lauren’s pregnancy. On May 29th, 2019, the couple welcomed their
first child, and Lauren captioned a photo of the newborn, “She is sweet, calm, and [Arie] and I could
not be more in love with her.” Becca was given a second chance at finding
true love on reality television when ABC announced she’d be stepping into the leading lady role
for the next season of The Bachelorette. Viewers witnessed her meet a bevy of eligible
men during her season’s premiere episode, and the Minnesota native eventually gifted
the first impression rose to Garrett. While he immediately established himself as
an obvious early frontrunner, Bachelor Nation was buzzing with controversy surrounding certain
images the contestant had previously liked on Instagram — many of which fans felt were
bigoted. According to E! News, Garrett issued an apology
on Instagram, writing, in part, “I did not mean any harm by any of it. My Instagram ‘likes’ were not a true reflection
of me and my morals.” Becca’s season ended with the Bachelorette
happily accepting a proposal from Garrett, and the two are still going strong as of August
2019 — however, don’t expect a wedding anytime soon. Becca told People in May 2019, “No weddings plans, no dates. We’re kind of just playing it by ear and taking
it day by day. We literally just figured out where we want
to live and moved in together!” Rachel Lindsay, the franchise’s first African
American Bachelorette, accepted a proposal from Bryan during The Bachelorette’s 13th
season finale. After a year of being engaged with no announcement
of potential plans for a wedding, Rachel and Bryan revealed to People that they were waiting
for ABC to approach them about having a televised wedding — something they felt they owed
to their fans. While the couple may have wanted to reward
their loyal following with a televised wedding special, ABC had other plans — and unfortunately
for these two, those plans didn’t include a TV wedding. In a December 2018 People interview, Rachel
said, “Now I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have to plan
this myself.’ And I’ve never been the girl who wanted to
plan this huge major wedding.” However, only a month later, Rachel revealed
they’d settled on an undisclosed “summer 2019” wedding date — and by May, the couple had
chosen wedding bands and were counting down the days until the ceremony. “I’m just so excited to be with Bryan, to
marry Bryan, and to make our relationship official.” Jared and Ashley met on Season 2 of Bachelor
in Paradise, kicking off a years-long will they/won’t they relationship in which Jared
repeatedly friend-zoned Ashley. When she eventually started a relationship
with Kevin Wendt on the 2018 spinoff, The Bachelor Winter Games, the former Bachelorette
contestant finally realized the extent of his feelings — which he confessed to Iaconetti
during a January 2018 trip with friends. “Ashley goes on a show, finds another guy,
and now I’m gonna say something? What kind of a—— does that?” When Ashley and Kevin split in March of that
year, Jared was waiting on the sidelines, and the two publicly confirmed their relationship
that May. Just one month later, they were engaged. Jared revealed in the couple’s “Story of Us”
video that he finally realized the woman he wanted had been right in front of his eyes. “He’s written me other letters and filled
my apartment with flowers.” As happy as they are together, it appears
that Jared and Ashley can’t get enough of the reality TV spotlight. The two lovebirds, who married in August 2019,
are starring in a web-based reality show called What Now? about their post-Bachelor lives. During Colton’s run as the Bachelor for the
show’s 23rd season, the pro footballer was left blindsided when frontrunner Cassie confessed
she wasn’t ready to be engaged and eliminated herself from the competition. This caused Underwood to have a full-on breakdown
and jump over a closed fence to escape the cameras. “He just jumped the f—— fence.” The tactic apparently worked well for the
brokenhearted Bachelor. After his highly-publicized fence jump, Underwood
sent the two remaining contestants home and spent the remainder of his season focused
on winning Randolph’s heart — engagement or not. The two ultimately decided to re-enter the
real world as a couple and simply date each other like normal people. However, in April 2019, Underwood revealed
to Entertainment Tonight that a proposal was definitely on the horizon. “I would definitely would say within this
year is a good time frame.” As a contestant on Arie’s season of The Bachelor,
Kendall Long ended up as one of the season’s final three contestants and left the show
a total fan favorite. Fans were similarly taken with “Grocery Store
Joe” when he first appeared on Becca’s season of The Bachelorette. The charming grocery store owner from Chicago
was so nervous upon meeting Becca for the first time that he could barely form a full
sentence — and while viewers found his awkwardness endearing, he ultimately didn’t make it past
night one. Luckily, Joe and Kendall were both cast for
the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise, immediately forming a connection. And despite a few relationship hiccups in
Paradise, these two have been going strong since the show’s end. The Chicago native and free-spirited gal even
moved in together, with Kendall announcing in an April 2019 Instagram post, “Just signed the lease to our new place in
West Hollywood and couldn’t be more excited to start building a lil’ life together with
this cutie.” JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette ended with
a proposal from Jordan, which JoJo happily accepted — only to have to address rumors
of Jordan’s bad behavior and alleged infidelity in a previous relationship, which had been
plaguing the football player since the season’s 2016 premiere. Luckily, JoJo and Jordan were able to weather
the media frenzy and gossip mill together to become one of the longest-running Bachelor
couples to-date. In February 2019, the couple revealed on their
web series, Engaged with JoJo and Jordan, that they were hoping for a spring wedding. “I don’t want any red roses…no, we have
plenty of those. I’ve got enough red roses.” As of August 2019, no specific wedding date
has been announced — but Jordan did hint that he and JoJo would be exchanging vows
sooner rather than later. In an April 2019 Instagram post from his brother’s
wedding, Jordan wrote, “Wedding Day for these two! Couldn’t be happier to add a sister to the
family! [JoJo], we are up next!” Nick Viall first competed as a contestant
in 2014 on Andi’s season of The Bachelorette, only to return in 2015 to try and win the
heart of Bachelorette Kaitlyn. After coming in as runner-up on both seasons,
Nick tried his luck on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise — and while he had
a brief Paradise romance with contestant Jen, Nick ultimately left the show a single man. When he was announced in 2016 as the star
of The Bachelor’s 21st season, fans were hopeful this unlucky-in-love dude would finally find
his person — and for a short time, he seemingly did. The Wisconsin-native left the show engaged
to teacher Vanessa, but five months after their proposal aired, the couple called it
quits. These days, Nick keeps busy with his podcast,
The Viall Files, and stars alongside other members of the Bachelor Nation family in the
web series, What Now? According to E! News, Vanessa has been dating
boyfriend Josh Wolfe since 2018, and also remains an active part of Bachelor Nation
as co-host of the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast. Jade and Tanner met on the second season of
Bachelor in Paradise, fell in love, and left the show an engaged couple. Despite their quick courtship and whirlwind
romance, these two have managed to become one of the most successful pairings the Bachelor
franchise has ever produced. The couple got married in February 2016 — and
in 2017, the newlyweds welcomed their first child together. In April 2018, Jade revealed to People that
she and Tanner were, quote, “low-key trying” to have another baby. She told the publication, “We want our kids to be close in age so they’re
close siblings, and I’m not getting any younger.” Less than a year later, the couple revealed
via Instagram that they were expecting baby number two, captioning the photo: “We’ve been dreaming of you for a while now,
and you are already loved beyond imaginable.” Along with making the move to California and
welcoming their second child — in their bedroom closet, by the way— the reality
stars are documenting their post-Bachelor lives alongside fellow former Bachelor contestants
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