What To Do on a Party Bus?

Okay, so we’re going to talk about what
to do on party bus. When I book you guys a party bus and there’s gonna be 10 and
15 of you guys, I’m pretty sure most of you have an idea of what to do, but just
in case here it is the party bus is going to pull into your big hotel or
your mansion and pick you guys up your guys are all going to load on board to
the party bus and if you like my suggestion is pre-pack a big cooler full
of ice and all of your favorite beverages and drinks maybe put on your
booze on there as well . So just an easy load. In most limo buses already have
places for ice and storage for drinks and stuff so that’s a big help. So what you want to do
when the bus person arrives. Get settled in load it up with
your favorite foods ,your favorite friends and then all party buses have a
music system whether it be Bluetooth or cabled in, but you want to get your tunes
hooked up to that party bus sound system. You’re guaranteed a great time. The next thing you guys
want to do, well you guys are all loaded in and having fun and
relatively sober right in the beginning Is you want to take pictures that’s right, use your phones now, take pictures of all
your friends get group shots, enjoy everything and have a great time and
then the thing that you could do for me if you upload those pictures to my
Instagram account you actually might win a free beer tour, which could be kind of
cool down the road so then after you’ve taken all the pictures and all the fun
you have the music and drinks going you’re actually cruising in the party
bus put your phones away, this is a great time to actually talk to your friends.
Engage drink shots, beer power it out do Whatever you need, have fun this is not a
time to be on Facebook, social media or texting unless of course you’re the
organizer and you’re trying to text my strippers or my strippers are trying to
text you that’s the time to be on your phone, a lot of times what I’ll do if my
strippers will just reach out to the limo driver, to make your life easy you
do not need to be worried about logistics or orchestration I handle it
for you and so my girls will be calling the limo driver and then all of a sudden
and there are beautiful Bad Girls on board of the party bus. Once the strippers are on
board of the party bus. This is where things get really wild.
Okay, first of all put your phones away. No pictures, here no-one wants pictures
of this, it’s all gonna go in your photographic memory, my girls I can
provide you a crazy amazing show. The shows typically include a Bachelor
Hazing mild to wild, they’ll dance for the other guys they’ll engage and do
party games it’s whipped cream and lotion and had a really good time. They are a little limited on the party bus because they can’t get fully crazy on
the party bus floor, but my girls are super bendy, super athletic and they’re
gonna be able to have them awesome time. As long as you guys provide some really
good laps for lap dances or anything of the sort also the shows
aren’t a full hour the girls can not take a break ’cause guess
what, they’re on the party bus, they can’t leave so it’s really good and
fun and you’ll get a hundred percent attention from my girls to your party.

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