What to Expect on a WTA Work Party

We look forward to having you join us on trail. Here’s a sneak peek of what your day might
look like. The morning of your work party, give yourself
enough time to get your gear together. Pack your bag for a day outside. Keep the weather in mind, but be prepared
for the unexpected. Bring a rain jacket, an extra layer, a pair
of work gloves, lunch and water. Remember to put on long pants and sturdy boots. Allot enough time to get to the meeting location
and be ready to join the rest of your crew. When you arrive, introduce yourself to the
crew leader and sign in. If you don’t have a hard hat, we’ll lend
you one. Attend five work parties to earn your very
own personalized hard hat. Once the entire crew is present, the crew
leader will give a safety briefing and orient the group to the day’s work. Good morning everyone and thank you for coming out on our work party today. At WTA we have three rules. Our number one rule is safety, our number two rule is to have fun, and our number three rule is to get some work done. After the safety briefing, the crew will walk
together to the work site carrying the tools. You’ll spend your day working alongside
other volunteers, helping to maintain and create hiking trails. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in
as many tasks as they’d like. Let a crew leader know if you’d like to
try something new. Work at your own pace and take breaks often. Your crew leader will have sweet treats on
hand to motivate you and will call for a lunch break about halfway through the day. Our work parties have something for everyone,
whether you’re looking to explore new places, meet new people or give back to trails. We can’t wait to see you out there and welcome
you into the WTA community. For more info and to sign up for a work party,
visit wta.org/volunteer. See you on trail!

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