What to Really Expect at Your Coworker’s Party – Second City Sketch Show

– [Narrator] Not all
parties are created equal. Some push the
boundaries of music, art, adventure, and some are just
slightly below average. Welcome to your work
acquaintance, Mike’s house. – Welcome to the palace. – [Narrator] Who you wouldn’t
normally hang out with, but making friends
in your 30s is hard. – [Woman] Mike’s house. – [Narrator] Where shoes
come off at the door, and coats are kept
in the one bedroom that never got decorated. Where there’s never
enough chips or guac, but there’s always
too many almonds. – Almonds.
– Almonds. – [Man] Mike’s house. – [Narrator] Meet new people, like that girl who won’t stop
talking about her cleanse. – So you can only
eat lemon zest, but sometimes I
zest a baked potato. – [Narrator] Or that guy
who won’t stop telling you that he’s not drinking for
the whole month of October. – Drinking in October. – But it’s January.
– Yeah. – The discipline. – [Man] Yes. – [Narrator] At Mike’s house
you can stand in the kitchen with everyone you already know. – ButI can do vodka. – [Narrator] Even though
there are places to sit in the other rooms. – [Man] It has calories. – How ’bout we go ahead and
take a seat in the living room? – Oh, the kitchen’s great. – We like it here. – Thanks, Mike. Okay.
– Thanks, Mike. – Cool. (guests cheer) – Well then why the
fuck did I clean the fucking living room? – [Woman] Mike’s pissed. – [Narrator] Where
there’s only one bathroom and someone left a skidmark, and everyone’s gonna
think it was you. – It was her.
– It was me. – [Narrator] Where the
music stops for ads because Mike is too
cheap to pay for premium. – [Music App] Are
you nuts about nuts or tired of cracking
peanut shells and getting it all
over your house? Try Almonds. Yum. – Mike’s house. – [Narrator] Where
Lisa from accounting will try to get a
dance party started. But no one cares. – You guys, I brought lights. Come on.
(upbeat electronic music) – It’s hard to watch.
– It’s hard to watch. – Party is in the living room.
(Lisa woots) (upbeat electronic music) – [Narrator] And the
best part of it all? You can still make people think you had the time of your life. – Show us what you got. Show us what you got. Little groove, okay, yeah! Mike’s house!
– Mike’s house! – Mike’s house. – Mike’s house! – [Guests] Mike’s house. – At Mike’s house. (laughs) – [Narrator] Mike’s house, it’s a many times in
a lifetime experience. – [Woman] Mike’s house.

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  1. yeah, I've been to this party…. there's always a big veggie spread, and all that's left is raw cauliflower and not enough ranch.

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