What to Wear on a Date: 4 Outfit Options for Dinner and a Movie

Hello and welcome to What to Wear in a Date.
In the age of reality shows such as the Bachelor and Millionaire Matchmaker, a lot of us may
fantasize that our first date will consist of our dream date. We think weíll be having
dinner in Paris at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Well itís time you call over the waiter and
order your reality check because more than likely youíll going to end up on the tried
and true first date, which just consists of dinner and a movie. And thereís nothing wrong
with that, and thatís why this video here is to give you 4 options on what to wear on
your date that consists of dinner and a movie. So before we dive in and present these 4 options,
letís go over a little bit of style date etiquette.
So here we are. On a date, you typically want to present a better version of yourself. So
what this means is that your usual style rating, letís say itís a 5, on a date you want to
up it just a little bit. Move it a little waist down the scale. So instead of a 5, you
want to aim for 5 and a half, better yet, even a 6. You donít want to shoot for a 9
because thatís not really you. You donít walk around in ball gowns to go to a movie
theater. So you want to be yourself but slightly a better version, just a little bit more put
together. And it also shows that your date that you put in some effort to this, which
is also a good thing. So letís take a look on the first option
on What to Wear on a Date. This is an item each of us has in our closet. So it consists
of a pair of jeans. We all have this. We could all put together an outfit like this. So it
is just a jeans and a T-shirt which most of us wear around on the weekends, but weíre
going to try to make it a little bit more date worthy. Weíre going to dress it up with
a pair of ballet flats. You see, the gray matches the gray in the T-shirt. And we want
to have a little more wild element, so to do that, weíre going to add some pop of color,
adding a cardigan in a bright color. You see, it matches the pink in the T-shirt. This cardigan,
you can have a waist length one or wear a longer style cardigan, it doesnít really
matter. Itís just that extra, that pop of color, that extra layer that textures the
outfit that makes it even more stylish. Then of course, youíre going to add your accessories
to it to really take it over the top. So you can do a very simple bracelet like Iíve shown
here. Just a very simple silver bracelet. But really, my favorite thing to do in this
outfit is to pair the handbags with it. So, see this is a great option. Of course, the
same pink color from the cardigan and whatís shown on the T-shirt. So thatís a great option
as pop color .Makes you look a little bit more extra fancy. But really, my favorite
option for this is actually pairing it with a clutch. A clutch is generally reserved for
the evening, smaller handbag that usually towards the evening, so it dresses it up a
little bit. And just makes the outfit a bit more polish and put together. So thatís really
is my favorite option. And you can see this is a really fun one, not too serious. But
of course, it perfectly matches the shirt and the cardigan.
So letís take a look at the second option of what to wear in a date. And, donít worry.
I know some of you may be thinking, ëThereís only 4 optionsí. Donít worry, at the end
of the video, Iíll give you some additional resources to find the outfit and find out
what to wear. So the second outfit consists of a simple
summer dress. We all have this in our wardrobe, as well. So youíre just going to pull this
out, very simple. Pair it with a denim jacket and a pair of flat sandals. So, the dress
shown here is a little bit skimpy and a little bit youthful, so if youíre older or if youíre
more self-conscious, of course you can wear a dress that covers a little bit more skin.
Also, a lot of people think the summer dress you have to put it away after summer. Itís
not true. You can still wear it out. You see with this, you wear with a jacket, you can
put tights with it. Thereís a lot that you can do so you could still wear your summer
clothing through fall and winter. And of course, that is dependent in the kind of weather you
live in. But in general, you can still wear your summer items with a few adaptations to
warm and to fall and winter. So here are some changes we can make to dress up the outfit
a little bit more. Of course, the very first thing is a simple necklace that you can put
with it. Actually, this one is a long necklace. That accessory adds a little wild element
to the outfit. Weíre also going to change up the shoes, so we have a flat sandals there
before, we could also wear a pair of espadrilles or you can wear a pair of wedges. So itís
still sexy, you know, add a little bit of height, but itís not too sexy like if you
wear a pair of stilettos or heels with it. Itís still very comfortable and casual. So
this is a great look. And again, the accessory helps to dress up the outfit.
So letís take a look at option number 3. So for this, again, itís an item we all have
in our closet, just a pair of shorts. And more specifically, a pair of black shorts.
And then pair it with a classic blue and white stripe top. This is a timeless top. It never
goes out of style. There are pictures of a Coco Chanel wearing this in the early part
of the 1900s. So itís very stylish, you can wear this forever, great investment. So that
looks great by itself. You can dress it up a little bit more by actually pairing a blazer
with it. So itís very chic to wear a pair of shorts with a blazer and it looks very
dressed up for the evening. And then weíre going to do even more accessories to take
it over the top. So, we have a blue and gold watch. It looks great, brings out the blue
in the top. And then just a little bit style to it, a pair of great sunglasses, as well.
So this is another great date outfit, very casual but you can see that itís a lot more
dressed up than typically most of us would run around, and like on the weekends when
running errands. So letís take a look at option number 4.
This is the last option. Itís a great one. Itís also a very comfortable look. So itís
a maxi dress. For those of you that donít know a maxi dress, itís just a dress thatís
going to go all the way to the floor, not a ball gown, a casual dress. So hereís a
maxi dress chosen for this. So instead of choosing a simple, one color dress, I got
one in beautiful colors and itís a flower print and so itís very feminine, very bright
color. It still says, ëPay attention to me, Iím feminine!í on the date. But tomix it
up a little bit, actually pairing it with a pair of cowboy boots. So itís the feminine
and the rugged put together then weíll actually have your date thoroughly intrigued. Itís
a great combination. And like I said, the reason this stands out is because of the great
print in this maxi dress. So thereís your four options of what to wear
on a date. And donít worry gals, one day you will reach your dream date. Until then,
you have 4 great options of what to wear on a date. And, for more information on what
to wear and for a free makeover, visit www.NoMorePlainJane.com. Thanks!

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  1. I really like that your outfits are cute, but don't showoff too much skin. It really sets the night up for a great date where the focus is not your body but who you are as a person.  

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