What we argue about | Japanese/American marriage

Hey, have you seen my- [Jun downing Rachel’s chips] …snacks… I’m sorry. I can’t tell if you’re being serious. Can you try saying it in English? [robotically]
I’m.sorry. Could you try a little… more… emotion? I’m.sorry? …uh-huh… So for those of you who don’t know, I’m 100% Japanese. I’m 100% American. And we’ve been married for 5 and a half years. And even after all this time, there are still some
cultural differences that we’re just probably not ever going to understand about each other. I agree. Like when Jun apologizes to me it’s like that. There’s no emotion
WHATSOEVER in his face or tone of voice. I’m sorry. For 7 YEARS you guys. SEVEN. YEARS. This is how I’ve received my apologies. For the record, for the clip you just saw it was
a little overexaggerated though. Barely. Barely. We try to apologize calmly. Especially when I speak to you in Japanese. That’s worse. Can I do it now? Go ahead. I’m very truly sorry. See that? Very sincere, right? I don’t know!! I sound really sincere, right? 😀 It’s not my native language. I don’t know how Japanese people emotionally feel when they hear that. I know the translation, but I don’t have the emotional connection to the
language that a native speaker has. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I’ll get better. Okay, next. This is something else that happens to us a lot. Jun! He just cut in line! We’ve been waiting here for like 20 minutes.
He just cut in front of everyone. Oh yeah? Excuse me- Hey, just one person. Let him go. Why? I mean, why not? Why? Why don’t you want me to tell him to
go to the end of the line? I mean, just one person.
You don’t have to make a scene. It’s not making a scene. It’s normal. Sometimes you don’t know where the end of the
line is. I haven’t always known where the end of the line is. People tell me. Even in Japan.
It’s polite. You can say it politely. Excuse me. The end of the line is over there. Just drop it. [SIGHS OF EXASPERATION] So in this example someone cut in front of us,
which actually has happened several times where Jun’s been like “No, don’t say anything!” Whereas I don’t think it’s a big deal to be like,
“The end of the line’s down there.” You’re not like starting a fight or something. You can just say it politely. But this also happens with customer service a lot. I’m REALLY USED to confronting customer service in America. Because they mess up your stuff a lot. There have been so many cases in America where I’ve like I’ve paid a bill and they don’t mark it down and
I get a late fee later and you have to call them up and be
FIRM BUT POLITE. And let them know they made a mistake and they
have to fix it. It’s their responsibility. They’re the business. About that I totally understand. If it’s a lot of money
involved of course I did. I would. I will. But if it’s something small, sometimes I wouldn’t,
what’s the word, confront? As often as you do. If it’s something small I don’t care. I mean, it depends on how small it is. But so many times Jun’s gotten the wrong order, they delivered something wrong. If you paid extra for it… then you know, we paid for it. I want to get the
food we paid for. For example. I think it’s just how small it is is different for you and me. Jun’s level of what he’s willing to let go is very high. Much higher than mine. I don’t know how high it is compared to the rest of the world, but I think it’s higher than yours. Another thing that happens to us a lot is figuring out whether we should watch or play something
in English or Japanese. Yeah. When it comes to movies, it’s usually that we
prefer to watch it in our native language Yeah. because it’s easier to understand.
Right. But when it comes to games, we like to play it in the
other language because you can kind of take your time. So it helps us learn the language a little bit. Like this. Hey, can you put it back in English?
I want to practice my English. I want to practice my Japanese. But they don’t look Japanese. They look like they
should be speaking English. What do you mean they don’t look Japanese?
Look at his hair. Look at his emo hair. American hair CANNOT do that.
That is Japanese hair. Well we have black hair like mine, unlike colorful
hair like theirs. But Japanese people dye their hair all the time. Look at Ignis’s shirt. He’s wearing a leopard print shirt. American men DO NOT wear tight leopard print shirts. What’s his name? Ignis?
That sounds VERY Japanese. [/s] It’s not American. I’m pretty sure they made that name up.
I don’t think that’s a real name. Okay okay okay, let’s take turns okay?
Okay. And another thing that happens often to us is
miscommunications, like language-wise. Oh my god it happens so much. Like this. [whining]
Owwww my stomach huuuuurts [whining intensifies] What’s wrong with you? What? What’s wrong with you? Why are you being so mean? Huh? I was just asking if you’re okay. You can’t say “what’s wrong with you?” That’s mean. You have to say “what’s wrong?” They’re different. Oh okay sorry, didn’t know. What, what’s wrong? My stomach hurts. Oh, sorry. Maybe it’s the cat food I use
as a secret spice. What?! What’s wrong with you? So another thing that happens to me is that if Rachel complains, sometimes she complains
really really quickly and there’s no freaking way I can follow her. And I ask you to slow down but you won’t slow down! I have a lot I wanna say. Like this. OH MY GOD WHY DO PEOPLE NOT COVER THEIR MOUTHS
GOING ON ABOUT, PLEASE Are you being passive aggressive with me? I don’t know what that word means. I’m sorry. So as you saw, there are some things that we’re just maybe not ever going to agree about. Yeah, probably never. But there are so many things that we influence each other. Maybe we’ll make a video about it later. 🙂 Thank you for watching. Bye 😀 Thank you to Odigo for sponsoring this video! Odigo is your one stop shop for planning your trip to Japan. Look through the spots Japan has to offer,
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  1. I'm sure you two can agree that Tidus and Yuna's famous "laughing" scene in Final Fantasy 10 is equally cringe-worthy in both English and Japanese.

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