What We Got Our 2 year old For Her Birthday (SHOP with me + HAUL)

hello friends I’m a mom – who had a full
time job planning the fun events for kids and I am inspired to share with you
my experience on this channel and in today’s video I am sharing with you what
we got my daughter for her two-year-old birthday party that’s coming up in just
a week so I’m just getting ready to sit down on my bed and wrap the gifts and so
I pop on the camera and show you what I got her make sure to stay to the end
because I’m saving the most expensive gift and that we got her for the very
end of this video are you guys it is so freaking hot here in South Carolina it
says it’s 100 degrees outside but I’m gonna brave it and I’m gonna go in
target I’m here at the Target and we are gonna go in and do some birthday
shopping for a very cute 2 year old girl so I’m gonna take you through kind of
the aisles and we’re gonna go shopping together and then at the very end I will
show you what I got alright let’s go we have some of the Peppa Pig stuff and
it’s not constructed very well at all it says it’s two plus but she has
trouble pulling stuff together and it’s just frustrating for our two-year-old okay I just finished my shopping so I
will see you back home for the home I’m gonna be filling in the
day of her party so I will make sure to pop those links in the description box
down below so that you can watch all the videos about her party I’m gonna move
you over to the bed come on over here you go I have the great privilege
of shopping for one of my daughter’s relatives who lives out of town I’m
gonna show you what I bought for that relative for her and I’m going to show
you what my husband and I aren’t getting her as well but everything even big the
last bag because I was trying to hide to it from her this is the wrapping paper
we’re gonna be using it has such cute little rainbows on it I got this at
Target it’s so adorable so I’ll show you the toys first and then I have a couple
of I have an outfit over here and then like I said I have the expensive gift
one item that my husband and I got her I will show you that at the very end she
is loving to sing okay so this is perfect with a little girl who loves to
sing got this cute little bow on a microphone so that she can just sing
your heart’s content it does have music that plays the Moana
song it also says you could connect it to like your phone or an mp3 player so
that’s pretty cool and not sure we’ll do that we’ll probably just have her hold
the microphone but she loves Moana and she loves the scene alright the next
thing we got her is a from leapfrog and it is a chat and count emoji phone
she loves mimicking my husband and I I’m gonna insert this clip right now this is
what she did after she saw my husband talking on his cell phone and yes he
loves pacing as you can see here she is pacing around in circles and chatting
and she’s not even holding a phone she’s pulling like a little a little plastic
door to a little dollhouse and it’s just too cute so I hope you enjoyed that
little clip so we got her one that when she pushes the buttons it will actually
make sound it does have a little screen right here he’d hit a little screen
alright the next thing is a soccer ball with a little ladybug that I thought was
cute she’s very into balls these days she loves throwing them she loves
kicking them indoors and out so I thought she’d have fun with a
soccer ball of her very oh and this is my little tykes my son is 11 years old
you’ve seen him on this channel he loves playing video games and she loves
pretend playing with him so I picked her up this really cute it
looks like an Xbox controller and it has all the buttons and it has one two three
and music so that she has her very own controller to play with her big brother
and then the last toy is this Tech and is this Minnie Mouse around town lay
set go go a smart will oh my goodness it’s a car and it looks like I’ve got
some slides to go down place like a music it’s got a little place to fill up
your car yeah it was just so cute on the back you can see some more stuff that it
has with it I think she’s just gonna love this because she loves cars
she loves rolling things down surfaces I think it’s gonna be right up her alley
okay now I’m gonna show you the outfit so cute little pair of jeans little
jegging jeans these are from Target as well a little fall shirt it has this
cute little ruffle detail on the side I just love this floral print it’s like a
it’s got the blush pink and the lavender and green and yellow I think it’s gonna
look so cute and then I’m so excited about this right I’m so excited about
the shoes does anybody else love little kids shoes they are and they have like a
little ruffle on the side oh my goodness so cute and they have a really good
crappie soul and I feel really pushing on the inside these are the cat and Jack
brand and they’re just gonna look so adorable with her little jeans and her
little shirt so cute okay now I’m going to show you what we
got what we got here so I picked up this cute little frozen t-shirt it’s also for
an upcoming video so stay tuned you ready for the big items that we got her
so hi shopping who else went primary shopping
on Amazon Amazon Prime day so I picked her up the fire seven tablet because we
go on trips and she’s always just hogging our phones and then nobody else
can use their phone my husband we can’t use our phones my car because she is
always hogging the phone so we got her her own tablet and a little case for the
template so I’m excited about it a thumbs up is the best compliment you can
give me subscribe if you want to hang out more and watch this video right here
to see more about my daughter’s birthday party alright I’ll see you in my next
video thanks for watching bye

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  1. Actually gave me some good ideas for upcoming party I have to go to. Thanks.

    Also you are right away from 3K!!! Excited for you. πŸ™‚

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