WHAT WE SPEND IN A WEEK | Young married couple in Orlando, FL! ✨

Hello, friends, I hope you’re having a happy day so far finally I am hopping on
the YouTube bandwagon and filming one of these videos I have loved watching these
videos so so much it’s so fascinating and everyone’s giving us permission to
be nosy and see what they spend in a week I just think it is so so
interesting and how much it varies and just how people handle their finances I
mean money and finances is such a huge part of life and how to survive and make
a living and it kind of bleeds into everything that you do in life so super
interesting video and I’m so excited to be finally making one of my own this
one’s going to be a little different because I am married I’ve been married
for almost a year now it’ll be our first year anniversary in February but I
couldn’t really do a what I spend in the week but we’re gonna do a what we spend
in the week because now that I’m married my husband and I we share all of our
finances like we have one bank account and everything is super transparent and
I think that is such a crucial part of like a healthy marriage because
unfortunately like money and finances is the number one cause of divorce in the
u.s. I don’t know if it’s the world or just the US but it’s a really big
problem so really just having like a financial goal and plan with your spouse
and partner is so so so important and to always make sure you’re on the same page
so with Brandon’s permission I’m gonna be sharing everything that he spends in
a week as well so that’s kind of interesting to see like what a husband
sponge and of course everyone is different but we really take our
finances super serious and my biggest tip if you’re trying to like save money
and stuff is to have a financial goal so whether you want to take a trip
to Thailand or you want to buy house like what we want to do having that
financial goal and dream is really important to have the motivation to save
money each week so that’s what we do and it helps us a whole bunch but without
further ado let’s get into this video okay so I have all my days and what we
did that day written out but I also like took little clips throughout the week so
I’ll insert those as we go so I’m gonna start on Sunday and this Sunday was
actually the first day of December so I’m gonna be posting this quite late but
you know the holidays things just be creepy but on Sunday all we had was
church and we do time and do charitable giving um so we do like a little over
20% of art weight a little over 10% of our income vlog 20% would be a lot and
so we do do that but since that’s such like a personal thing I don’t feel
comfortable shame at so I’m just not gonna include that in this video but the
great thing about like having financial freedom and putting together a financial
plan is that you’re able to do those kind of charitable games and gifts give
your resources to those less fortunate and that’s like more rewarding than
anything you could ever buy so that’s a really great thing about like getting it
on a good financials but but after church we just hung out at home me all
of our meals at home that day and we did buy some gifts some Christmas gifts on
Amazon for seventy six dollars and five cents so Brandon actually ordered all of
that stuff so he spent all the money that day so seventy six dollars but not
too shabby okay and then on Monday I went to Trader Joe’s one of my happy
place is and I bought a bunch a bunch a bunch of holiday treats and stuff so if
you saw my holiday Trader Joe’s haul and taste test I spent like over a hundred
dollars on all those things so I actually spent 120 $1.24
I did I did do a lot of our grocery shopping for the week at that Trader
Joe’s trip as well I actually usually go to Walmart every Monday for our grocery
shopping and I’ve saved so much money by going to Walmart instead of like Publix
or Whole Foods Trader Joe’s is pretty inexpensive compared to even Publix and
stuff which Publix is our grocery chain here in Florida and like in the South
that’s like the go-to that’s like the Kroger’s of Florida so I love Publix but
it’s just way more expensive so finding like a more affordable grocery store is
key and we buy so many groceries we almost eat all of our meals at home I
love cooking so we go through a lot of groceries but it’s 121 and 24 cents at
Trader Joe’s and then I wanted to share like we have a gym that’s included in
our rent in our apartment so we go there instead of like paying for workout
classes or gym membership and another way to save money and then again we just
ate at 1:00 and then Tuesday the 3rd of December we spent and nothing yeah yeah
I didn’t spend a dime I worked from home that day and then Brandon he does spend
money on tolls and stuff to go to work because he has to take some toll roads
but I didn’t really factor that in because I don’t know I didn’t factor
like our rent in I just kind of did like the tangible things we buy so let me
know if you want to feel what I spend in a month I think a few other youtubers
and talking about doing that so that we give like bills and stuff so you can
kind of get an idea of how to how much it cost to be an adult once you graduate
college and stuff but yeah so he just spent ol roots with us probably like $3
so moving on to Wednesday I actually did go to Walmart on Wednesday because I had
to grab a few things a few more things and I had to get gas as well in our
Walmart like has pretty good gas prices and it’s not crazy far so I just drove
over there and I spent $33 sign-on like additional groceries that I
didn’t get at Trader Joe’s and then $24.99 on yes and thank goodness I work
from home and I don’t have to drive that much because I hate driving I do not
like driving and I don’t spend a ton on gas and tolls which is awesome
okay then Thursday nothing again I’m so proud of us and this is like very common
for especially me since again I work from home and sometimes I’m just locked
up don’t do anything besides work so that’s a very common for me not to spend
nothing okay on Friday though I was working from home
and I had like some crazy video deadlines and like work deadlines so I
needed a coffee like I needed it so I actually went over to public because
it’s closer to then Walmart and it’s closer than like coffee shops so I just
got like a little cold brew coffee cuz I just needed some fuel for the day but
that was just three dollars and I mean that was cheaper than going to like a
specialty coffee shop and getting a specialty drink I still love to do that
Coffee is one of my lovely movies in one of my favorite things but I also love to
make it at home which also saves money okay so I got the three dollar coffee oh
and then Oh was it Thursday I think action on Thursday I didn’t stay
at home my bad I’m forgetting because it was like a couple weeks ago but on
Thursday I had I took a little trip to Walt Disney World and I took photos
there with she’s kind of my intern slash assistant I pay her so on Friday I paid
her it was $23 because I paid her by the
hour and we were only there for like one and a half hours it wasn’t long at all
but on Thursday when I went to Disney and stuff I I’m a cast member so I don’t
have to pay to go to Disney it was really awesome cuz I can get me friggin
we didn’t buy any sweets or any goodies or anything so we were super good but of
course I hate her and then on Saturday we oh yeah Brandon had to place another
thing on Amazon he had to get an ankle brace because
he broke his foot last month and he’s still recovering thankfully he’s not in
like a boot casting anymore he’s just wearing an
ankle brace which is such a blessing but we still had to buy the ankle brace from
Amazon and that was 46 Oh actually we also bought some more Christmas gifts
and that was 46 dollars in 94 cents and then also on Saturday we took a precious
little date a little breakfast ate at Cracker Barrel
I love Cracker Barrel like I want to go at least one someone that makes me so
happy I’m such a biscuit lover and it was just sweet to kind of have a little
morning date with Brandon and so we spent 2978 fair we got two coffees we
like went all out for us because we usually don’t need out much so that was
good and then we went to Target and bought two hundred dollars to two
hundred and one dollars and five cents worth of Christmas gifts and I had to
get shaving cream so this time of year is more expensive than other times of
year so I guess I’ll have to I should let me know if you want to see
another version of a week that isn’t close to Christmas or the holidays where
we’re buying gifts and stuff I mean still there’s always gifts to be bought
like for birthdays and stuff like that but you know not like $300 worth but
it’s time to spoil our family so that’s what we’re doing okay are you ready for
the grand total if you’ve been keeping track with your calculator you’ll know
but I tallied it up and we spent in total both of us for the whole week five
hundred and fifty nine dollars and eighty-eight cents so I don’t think
that’s not bad honestly I mean especially if you take out the Christmas
gift which was like 250 that week that we spent on them it would only be 300
something dollars and again it’s for two people and we barely eat out and stuff
like we eat all of our meals at home so I think that’s pretty good and
we weren’t trying to like spend less for the video or anything so I think that’s
awesome but I hope you guys found that
interesting it was fun to kinda keep track and see for yourself and kind of
have that awareness of what you’re spending money on because again like
having financial freedom and having a game plan for your finances is something
so important to a quality life I truly truly believe that Brandon my husband
and I we actually filmed a video together all about how like we budget
and handle our finances so I’ll link that down below if you’re interested in
that but again super important to be on the same page and we want to film more
videos like that too because we’re still learning we still have so much to learn
but we want to share everything we have learned so far
and again like and something we’re really passionate about and really feel
like has made a positive impact in our life so let me know if you want to see
more financial and money themed videos and little sidenote use the budgeting an
app called YNAB you need a budget and that’s kind of how we organize and
categorize all of our spending so each month we have a limit on how much we’re
going to spend on groceries on restaurants on gas on gifts on travel
everything like that so that really helps us to stay organized and on the
same page so thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait

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