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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m going to show you how to make
a tree of live slash what would it be baby shower decor that you’re gonna love
here we go today’s project inspiration comes from
two sources one from a subscriber who actually just recently asked me to give
her inspiration for a what would it be theme which is like bumblebees and I
really liked the idea and then I ran across a Pinterest picture of a balloon
tree I don’t know if it’s gonna make sense but I will show you the picture a
balloon tree so it was basically a tree trunk and balloons all over and it was
beautiful so I thought about combining both and here’s what I came up with
let’s get started alright guys so here is the picture of what I’m trying to
accomplish it’s a big undertaking but I think I can do it and I’m going to start
with that okay but it’s going to be bumblebee themed and I’m very excited
about it the trees track is going to consist of four plywood pieces there
each one foot in width in a fight feeding height and I’m going to place
these two together first and then these two and then I’m going to make them into
one and to place them together I am going to use hinges they are narrow
utility hinges and they have one inch screws okay that I’m going to just use a
small screwdriver to place them on the hinges came with one inch screws but I’m
going to use half an inch screws instead because they are obviously smaller and
this is pretty thick all right I’m going to switch to my
drill because okay so here is one it’s not perfect but the point of it is just
to keep them together now I’m going to flip it upside down so
I can do the other end okay so there is my trunk I wish I had big guts to shape
it a little with the jigsaw but I’m not there yet guys because I’m afraid I’m
gonna mess it up so I think I’m just gonna leave it alone and practice first
so now I’m gonna go ahead and start painting I’m also going to be painting
the base where the trunk is going to stand on and I’m going to also paint for
brackets that’s going to secure the trunk to the base and they’re also gonna
be in white so my husband convinced me to make a little shape on each panel so I’m gonna try okay so my husband drew
these curves on here with a pencil to give it a bit of a shape and he has more
of a steady hand I don’t know how because he drinks coffee lucky mad man
but he is better at this I’m gonna let him do this one and I’m going to try
with the other one because I really don’t want to mess this up and we are
going to use the jigsaw and you should do this prior to painting obviously and there’s my tree trunk now I’m gonna
go ahead and add the base I’m going to be using these brackets to hold each
runs together to hold it in place only going to place the screws right on here
and not on top because I want to be able to you know take the these pieces out
and be able to fold them and put them away okay the second one and place it
right on here as well so you have one at the back and the front if you’re
wondering why I switch the screw from being on top to the bottom it’s because
this crew are half an inch and thus these Shorter’s I could find and this
piece of plywood is only about a quarter-inch so what I’m going to do is
add a little bit of height little on top so I can cover that but you can also get
a thicker piece of wood now I’m going to use ceiling wire to
make deep branches this is how I look like when you go get it at home people
is $19.99 450 I believe and alone it looks like this okay it’s very light and
what I’m going to do is drill holes right here on top and then I’m going to
place the wire through it okay let me show you okay so I ended up having four of the
wires in the front panel and two in the back on each end next I’m going to be
using foam board to make branches to cover some of the wire
especially the taller ones the foam board is not going to go all the way up
I’m just going to use it maybe a quarter or half way up to just make everything
look a little bit more polished you know the balloons are gonna cover
the rest of the wires so that’s no biggie okay let’s do it
so I lit up cutting six pieces of the foam board there about one and a half
feet tall I did two holes of each end of the fall with a little screwdriver and
now I’m going to bring the wire from the back through these two holes all right that will work everything else
will be covered by the balloons to decorate the tree I’m going to be using
yellow white and black 12 inch and 17 inch balloons and it’s going to look
amazing so what I’m going to do is make two
pairs of black and yellow it doesn’t matter the combination well all you’re
gonna do is add a long white okay I’m just going to add one white to one of
these two and then I’m going to add it to this one so basically you’re going to be making a
bunch of these balloon bouquets in order to place the balloons as you see on the
branches all you’re gonna do is dig a hole through any of the endings of the
balloons and just put it through the wire and that’s it then you can wrap it
around to make it tighter or it might just be tight the way it is all right so I added a few 17-inch
balloons they are the bigger ones there’s one black one back there
I may not some more but for now I’m going to leave it as is next I am going
to be adding some bumble bees and a beehive this is from Amazon I will have
this in the description box below for you guys to buy if you wanted this is
actually a pet toy and toy for dogs and it comes with these bumblebees here okay
so this comes together and then I bought some more
besides that about two packs of these so I can hang in between balloons okay I decided to add the balloon garland last
minute I wasn’t going to add on because I didn’t have the proper balloons but I
just made a work with regular five-inch balloons and I tied you know the two
that could be tied together and I just glue the top one with you know low
temperature hot glue gun okay alright so I’m just gonna hang come around and he’s
claim to be pretty alright guys this is my what would it be gender reveal slash
Tree of Life baby shower decor oh my gosh guys this is beautiful I hope we
translate in video how wonderful and beautiful this is in person as you can
see I add a question mark stickers that you guys can add and then pop to reveal
the gender of the baby and if you guys are going to use it as a baby shower the
core you guys can change it to pink blue or gender-neutral colors and it’s going
to look absolutely beautiful this is a showstopper for sure love it I hope you
guys enjoy this video and if you did please don’t forget to Like comment and
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subscribe alright guys until time by we get it gone first kidding no
no no get it going nothing no I just mean I was easy
yeah nice keep pressure on it oh my god yeah don’t don’t force the
play forward just let it cut and you feel it cut knees go with it man what a
rush comes love it well I’m glad you changed my mind about making because
then you just have a block yeah we got see alright listen to you

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  1. What a great idea….. I'm going to attempt to make this for Halloween for my Game of thrones theme……

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  4. Love it. Can you a video game theme and and inspired 13 going on 30 theme from the movie? My son is turning 10 this August and my daughter is turning 13 this September and those are the themes I'm going with.

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  8. Hi Tayra ,
    This design turned out gorgeous ,I am so happy to be on your journey as you grow to so many different heights,God bless and as always keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars โญ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž.
    Mrs. K.๐Ÿ’‹

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