What will Seulgi & Wendy have for dinner?! [Battle Trip/2018.08.12]

(The landmark in the center of Vienna) (This place is known as Vienna’s soul) (Tourist day in Vienna) (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) How will we get there? – We’re going to get there by tram. / – Okay. When we get there, we just need the Vienna City Card. You can get the physical tickets. – Or the mobile pass? / – Yes. Just show the QR code and barcode. Vienna City Card? – Yes. / – We can use it anywhere. I didn’t have that when I was there. What is that? When you went there, were smart phones invented? I brought a huge cell phone as big as this with me. But they don’t check the ticket on trams. – Right. / – They don’t. – But on rare occasions… / – The fine is 50 times. – The Vienna City Card for 48 hours… / – Yes? Costs $28. And each tram ticket costs $2.80. That’s why tourists often carry around that card. – That’s a good tip. / – Right. They do. The streets are so pretty. Look at the trees. Here and there, I see newly-built buildings. – I see. / – There are some new buildings. And old buildings are mixed among them too. – But I really like it. / – I do too. The sun isn’t scorching. The sun is warmly embracing me. Now that you’re here, you’ve become sentimental. No. I’m becoming sentimental now. Being sentimental is good. (The very scenery makes them feel sentimental) (They try to treasure everything in their eyes) (Where have they arrived by tram?) All the tourist attractions are nearby. (Carinthian Street) – The city center was great there. / – Seriously. – It’s really good. / – It’s paradise for shoppers. – That’s right. / – Is it similar to Myeong-dong? – I did shop there. / – That’s right. – We looked around. / – Just sitting there would be nice. – Right. / – It’s beautiful just to walk around. This reminds me of Myeong-dong. This is like a new town. (It takes about 10 minutes on foot) When we turn the corner… – We’ll arrive at the cathedral. / – Really? Hurry, hurry. I want to look at it now. (This is amazing) – They’re so responsive. / – This is splendid. Gosh, I can’t believe this. It looks so cool. – It looks amazing. / – It looks magnificent. How did they build this? Sculpting each of those pieces… (800-year-old St. Stephen’s Cathedral) (39m high ceilings, the tower stands at 137m) (It’s the best Gothic architecture in Austria) (Impressive mosaics roof made of blue and gold bricks) Mozart’s wedding and funeral were held there. His tomb is kept under there. – Yes, I heard he’s buried there. / – Really? – His tomb is kept there. / – That’s true. (They’re mesmerized at the same time) What is that? (The side view gives off a different vibe) European cathedrals are fascinating. Up so high… – You’re right. / – How did they build that? – Exactly. / – It’s amazing. – Those small decorations… / – Exactly. – I bet they went up there. / – They’re really exquisite. I figured out why it looks different. They didn’t finish building in the same era. It was destroyed in a fire. So they had to start from scratch to build it. The cathedral was built over a long period of time. That’s why it looks different. That’s why it feels different from different angles. When you look at the cathedral, you feel solemn. Yes, that does happen. When you go up the tower, you can see the view of the city. – Photos won’t do the justice. / – No, they won’t. It’s not possible at all. This is beautiful. (Trying her best to capture the beauty) This is beautiful. It’s so pretty. What do we do? What a shame. I have to engrave it in my memory. Give up on photos. (Too big to capture on camera) To take a proper photo, one of you has to lie down on the street. – Right? / – We can’t capture the whole thing. – I’m serious. / – Yes, it’s hard. Now, they’re going to the market. I really like the market. Exactly. You need to visit the markets. (Naschmarkt) (Largest produce, meat and cheese market) See? That looks delicious. – That’s from that market? / – Their cheese is famous. – Right. There was a lot of cheese. / – There was a lot. – Can you buy snacks from there? / – I’m getting hungry. – That’s Naschmarkt? / – Yes, yes. – It’s Naschmarkt. / – That’s really good. It seems like it. Apparently, this market overflows with a lot of food. – Fruits? / – That’s right. This market is called Naschmarkt. I looked this up because we were coming here. We diligently prepared for this. Let’s try it. Let’s say that something is expensive. We might have to lower the price. It’s too expensive. – “Gosh, it’s too expensive.” / – “It’s too expensive.” (Outstanding German skills) I think she’s good. (Acting fussy is essential) – What’s next? Extra food. / – “Give us some extra.” Wait, let me try that again. (Give us some extra food) – Do you have to make that face? / – She’s good. – Just like this. / – Okay, okay. They might raise the prices here. Yes. We always have to be careful. You might be pick-pocketed here. That’s why I put my bag in front. – I covered it with my jacket. / – Wear it in front? – Let’s be careful. / – It’s been there for 120 years. It’s an old market. On this street, they sell groceries. Restaurants are on the next street. Please eat something. – Yes, eat something. / – I really want to go there. – Let’s eat something. / – This must be the place. The fruits on the side… – The fruits and vegetables… / – They’re huge. Wendy, you must’ve been happy since you like fruit. I was so happy. I really like fruit. You should’ve emptied the place. I wanted to buy everything there. What’s up with those? It looks like it’s been wronged. – Do flat peaches taste different? / – Yes. – They aren’t juicy. / – Right. – It’s not runny. / – They aren’t juicy. – It’s not runny? / – No. You can eat it clean. (She’s calling the merchant to buy fruit) (Now what?) Tell him. Excuse me. Can I have 1kg of this? – 1kg? / – Yes. Please. I’ll try saying this. “Give me extra.” (She practiced saying “Give me extra” in German) – Do you have to make that face? / – Extra, please. – She’s going to do it. / – She has to do it now. (Here comes the target) (She carefully says the phrase) (Give me some extra) (Enigmatic smile) Finish? – He’s scary. / – It’s over. – He didn’t understand. / – Oh, goodness. – It’s hard. / – Poor Wendy. – It’s done. / – Is this the end? But I did it. – It’s done. / – 1kg? He pretended not to hear you. He pretended not to hear it. – Thank you. / – Thank you very much. (They bought the fruit but Wendy is upset) Green grapes! (They decide to wash the peach and eat it right away) Will it get dirty because of your hands? No way. I’m cleaning it thoroughly. It won’t taste salty, will it? I’m cleaning it thoroughly. (It’s finally time to eat the flat peach) – I want to try it. / – It’s not too sweet. It’s sweet enough. (Finally, Seulgi takes a bite) – It looks really sweet. Is it okay? / – Yes. – Is it good? / – Yes. It’s not sour. First, the peach smell is perfect. I’ll try it. Usually, the skin is astringent but this isn’t. Isn’t it good? The flavor and the fragrance are really strong. – Yes. / – Isn’t it? It’s like juice. Do you know what it’s like to eat a Korean peach? The juice goes all the way down here. I know. They drip like this. When I’m cutting it, the juice drips. Seriously, this isn’t like that. – Also, it’s easy to eat. / – Yes. Maybe because it’s flat. Also… It’s not too hard… – Nor too soft. / – It’s not too soft. – It’s just right. / – It’s not easy… To make your mouth water with fruit. I really want to try it. – I really love peaches. / – Me too. They’re holding the peach like a dumpling. – It’s easy to eat. / – Right. It’s easy to throw away too. All you’re eating in Austria is peach. But you must try the flat peach. It’s a summer fruit, so you can start having from mid-June. It’s in season in July and August, during hot summer. It’s in season now. If you aren’t allergic, you must try it. Since we’re here, shouldn’t we feel it? – Feel what? / – Europe. I’m feeling this flat peach right now. Why don’t we sit down here and order something? I want to eat this. Shrimp? Yes, that’s delicious. – Yes. / – You have to try that in a market. Seafood. – They have white wine. / – Okay. – Let’s order wine too. / – Okay. Try it. Sure. What is this? Olive chili. – Spicy? / – Spicy, yes. – A lot? / – Yes. Hot. Really hot? Hot lady, hot olive. – I think it’s spicy. / – Try it. Is that chili inside? It’s a different kind of spiciness compared to Korean chili. Is it? – It’s really spicy. / – Your tongue… – Hurts. / – It has a sharp taste. Is it spicy? You’re lost for words. Your tongue will be on fire. (She’s trying to cool it with wine) Cheers. There’s no time for that. – It’s too spicy. / – It’s too hot. – That’s wine. / – Is it still spicy? (Gulping) Don’t drink it like it’s water. (I can’t help it) Is it that spicy? (Seulgi gets curious) (She gives it a try) What kind of cheese is this? – Truffle. / – Truffle cheese? It’s spicy. (Sterbe) (No) (Ich sterbe) What does that mean? “I’m dying.” Because it’s too spicy. Let’s eat the shrimp. ($11.40 per platter) Wait. What’s this? Isn’t this shrimp? It’s kind of… I think it’s fishcake. – Isn’t it shrimp? / – I thought it was shrimp. (Still, it’s delicious) I didn’t think I’d drink wine in a traditional market. That’s really interesting. It’s a new experience for me. I guess it’s common to sell wine at the market in Europe. – I wanted to try this. / – Me too. It’s not cheap. – What will you have for dinner? / – They’re finally eating. – I’m curious. / – Me too. – We have to go quickly. / – It was so good. – What do they sell? / – This is a very famous place. – So what do they sell? / – It’s a secret. – What is it? Tell me. / – You’ll be surprised. It’s this big. – This big. / – That’s cute. (It gets grilled in charcoal) – Goodness. / – That’s it. – It’s game over. / – Seriously. – Look at the meat. / – That’s like the final blow. Goodness. What’s that? Poor Canadian ribs. That’s cooked on a charcoal grill. (The rib arrives) I could drink 8 bottles of beer with that. Right? You don’t need sauce because the meat is so good. – No need for sauce. / – No. The meat itself is so delicious. I’ll have to eat ribs tonight. Look at how thick it is. Look how thick that is. – Wow. / – I have to take pictures. It smells… How does it smell? – It’s like a barbecue in the yard. / – You’re right. Like having a barbecue at a place like this. Yes, like the barbecue smell from the next door. Grilling pork in charcoal makes it juicier. In Korea, we eat… – Mostly carbohydrates with sodium. / – Right. We eat stew and rice. If you eat meat there, you’d think, “This is what meat really tastes like.” I want to try it. – Shall we eat it? / – We’ll eat the rib now. (Seulgi doesn’t know what to do) I haven’t eaten ribs much before. Don’t make it obvious. – Just eat it. / – How should I eat it? Just like this. – There’s the bone. / – Yes. – Do I cut it? / – I love cutting the meat. Do I cut it like this and eat it? – Oh, wow. / – My goodness. That with soju… I mean… Soju would go well with it. Because it’s grilled on charcoal. How was it? This was… – The smoky flavor was so good. / – This scent. It’s tender. I understand why the locals love it. It deserves to be loved by everyone. Austrians… Really enjoy eating ribs. So there are a lot of famous rib restaurants. – The real charcoal flavor. / – Charcoal flavor. I can feel that. I think that’s really good. It’s just salt and black pepper. So it’s not too greasy. – Koreans would like it. / – Right. Also, it’s… Very juicy. That doesn’t mean it’s greasy though. Right. It’s light. It’s not greasy. It’s chewy. I love the chewy texture. What was the sauce? Garlic? – Garlic sauce. / – This one is Western sauce. – They give you sauce on the side. / – You must dip. – You need variations. / – What’s Western sauce? (Seulgi tries the garlic sauce first) This is garlic sauce. (She licks the sauce) Gosh, this is… Gosh, this is… It’s better with this sauce. (Let me try) It’s like the garlic dipping sauce for pizza. It tastes just like that. But I don’t like garlic sauce. – Because it’s greasy. / – Yes. This isn’t greasy, so I think it’s okay. Should I try this? (Now, they try the Western sauce) What is Western sauce? Western sauce is… It tastes like sauce from the Middle East. It’s like Western version of our red chili paste. That’s right. It’s a bit like red chili paste with vinegar. I actually thought it was for a moment. – It’s that mixed with ketchup. / – Yes, ketchup. I like Western sauce better. – You like that more? / – Yes. This one is good too. I like them both. I usually don’t dip my pizza or chicken in sauce. But this is good. Dipping in sauce is good but it’s also tasty without it. Then you should just eat it without the sauce. No matter how you eat it, it’s delicious. I’m so hungry. (The ribs are so delicious) One rack of ribs was $25. – It’s cheap. / – It’s not different from Canada. People there love ribs so much. – It’s one rack per person. / – An entire rack. They must ask for a full rack. Now that we’ve had food, we’re going to go to the next spot. – Where? / – You’ll love it. This is where I really wanted to go. It’s the place that was on “Before Sunrise.” That’s all I can tell you now. I don’t want to go there with you. – Why? / – You’ll make me take pictures. That’s true. You should take a picture of me just like the movie.

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  1. When i see wendy she makes me happy and Seulgi she makes me too but my bias in rv is wendy!…Wait!…Where's IRENE, YERI, AND JOY?

  2. seulgi and wendy went to my birth place and home town???????????????? omfg (edit) i can't believe this haha they were walking around vienna. i don't live there any more but i went to visit like a month ago…. would be interesting to know when exactly they filmed this

  3. Wait… Why didn't i know about that?! The were where i life. Damn, thought i really want to know, where they ate that ribs….

  4. I don't think wine is that commonly sold on markets in Europe

    And I'm saying this as someone who lives in Europe myself. I have never seen wine being sold on a market like that. It probably depends on the market? But a lot of them are only opened in the mornings and close very early. They usually sell stuff like vegetables, cheese, clothes, and all that kind of stuff. Maybe some other items or warm food.

    Beer is also common? But wine is often more exclusive to restaurants.

  5. if the girls can't eat the ribs, you know they will make music out of it… it's an old wives' tale; however, girls can eat meat on bone like a… um… a.. professional, in this case. guess wut I do wid it? I boil it down to the point of overcooking then I sledge all the meat off with a butter knife. it's how u eat pork. second to that, that's how u eat chicken. rare beef and cured raw fish is still a better getgo.

  6. I walk in front of St. Stephen Cathedral everyday to go to work. Even after all this time it always amazes every time it comes into my view.

  7. Ah Wendy willst du deutsch lernen deine deutsch ist sehr süß und verrückt
    dann ok
    Ich lerne dir deutsch
    Und du lernst mich Koreanisch

  8. Wendys German killed me😂😍 … and btw they look so beautiful like the guy said ("hot lady, hot olive") 😂😭😍

  9. I just noticed they are playing one Direction's I wish
    Selene Gomez's who says and ariana grande's one last time😍

    Stream Written in the Stars☺️

  10. Europe really is esthetically beautiful thats why i want to go there and just look around places. Even the buildings look arts themselves.

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