What women really want ft @elenagabrielle | Story Party Tour | True Dating Stories

– I feel like what you
gotta do now with dating is you gotta be honest with what you want. You gotta be honest with what you want. You have to like tell people
your expectations, alright. It’s the same thing when
you go on dating apps, like Tinder, you go on Tinder
if you want a one night stand, you go on Bumble if you’re a feminist and then you go on OkCupid if you wanna get murdered
(audience laughs) like that’s just the hierarchy. And you gotta be honest like
for me, all I want right now, I don’t want kids, I
don’t wanna get married. All I want right now is great sex. (whispers) I just want hot passionate sex. You know like that kind of sex where they like throw you against the wall and you have to like change
the sheets the next day? (audience laughs) like that kinda sex. I want the kind of sex where you question whether or not your arse hole and vagina are now connected as one. (audience laughs) I want that sex. No actually, I want the kind
of sex that you think about three days later when you’re
sitting in a work meeting and you’re pussy’s like
(makes trilling sound) (audience laughs and whoops) Just riding that moist
wave at work all day. (audience laughs) Your boss is like “I’ve got a flow chart”, you’re like “I’ve got
one right here, I’m good, “I’m good.” (audience laughs) Squelch, squelch,
squelch, squelch, all day. (audience laughs) “Oh, is that the humidity?”
“No, that’s just my vagina” (audience laughs)

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