What Young Cruising Couples Do for Fun | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 45

– [Lauren] Hmmmm? – [Kirk] What do you think? – It’s about time we leave this boat. – [Kirk] Fo sho. (funky music) – Play day! (upbeat funky music) (laughs) – Windy! – Flying! (funky music) (upbeat music) – [Lauren] Over the past few episodes we’ve been making our way down the West Coast of Florida. Last time, we left St. Petersburg
and landed here in Venice. After charging up our
batteries at a marina, we moved back on to
the hook, a little over a hundred feet away from the dock. Right smack in the middle of the pass. (jazz music) – [Lauren] The next morning we had swung a hundred and eighty
degrees from the direction in which we had set the anchor. So Kirk wanted to jump in and check on it. (water splashing) – There’s a giant crab trap. – [Lauren] Really? – Yeah. – [Lauren] Is that what we’re on? – No but the chain’s next to it. So the anchor is reversed. Because the tide changed. And we set it going that way. I mean it’s in the ground a little bit, but it definitely looks
like it’s dragging. Cause we’ve come back about forty feet. We’re right in the middle of the tide so this should start calming down then we’ll switch around and
we’ll be the right way again. – [Lauren] So hopefully,
we’ll really just be fine for the next, eighteen hours. – Yeah. – [Lauren] All right. – [Lauren] The following day
we’d scooted out of Venice Pass and into the Gulf. For a thirty nautical mile sail south to Cayo Costa. (guitar music) (upbeat music) (waves crashing) (click) (beep) (winch grinding) (water rushing) (bubbles gurgling) (upbeat music) (water flowing) (winch grinding) – There’s 15. 16. – [Lauren] Do you wanna
put them on the other side? – No, I think we need to pull them in. – [Kirk] Previously we talked about how we’d been struggling to generate enough power, with just the 160 watts of solar we mounted on the dodger. But this was no surprise, really. We had another 260 watts sitting in the quarter berth. But thanks to our bimini
debacle in Mobile, we had nowhere to mount them. So if wanted any chance of staying out of the marina for a little while, our only option was to temporarily lash them to the deck. This was the first time
we left them out there while sailing. And even though we tied them down well, they were especially vulnerable with the wind picking up. So Lauren went forward
to bring them below. (wind) (wood creaking) – It’s windy! – We’re flying! – Yoop! (groovy music) (wind) – [Lauren] Woo – [Kirk] The camera is getting sprayed. – [Lauren] Yeah (groovy music) – [Kirk] Is that,
eight and a half knots? – [Lauren] Ah, it was
eight six for a second. (wind) – [Kirk] Ooh, wow! – [Lauren] Yeah Crab trap. Right in the channel. Oooh. Eight seven. – [Lauren] After dropping our sails and firing up the engine, we entered a narrow channel to get into an anchorage at Cayo Costa. An island which you can only get to by boat, and much of which is designated as a state park. – [Lauren] Kirk, what’s going on? (wind) – We are motoring about a
hundred feet from shore. (laughs) – To stay in nine foot of water. Cause it’s shallower over there. And we are going to find an anchorage with, 20 knots of wind blowing right now. Which is, kinda wild. (wind) (soft music) (wind) – [Lauren] Wanna drink
an entire bottle of wine and pass out. – [Kirk] Is that a question? Or are you telling me what you feel like? – Mmmmmm… You can edit any punctuation you’d like. – [Kirk] Got it. – [Kirk] All this solar we have scattered all over the deck. – [Kirk] Solar panels everywhere. – [Lauren] Wow, that looks good. – It is very windy. We had a beautiful sail today. We were sailing downwind. With following seas all morning. And then we turned upwind to go into Grand Boca Pass I think
the name of it was. What’s that? Boca Grande Pass And we turned upwind and realized we had like 16 knots of wind. We were just going downwind so it felt like nothing. But the wind was actually also picking up in the afternoon. And we’ve been seeing
gusts of 20 through here. A bunch of people have been having issues anchoring, with their jibs unfurling on them and there’s been all sorts of drama. Around the anchorage. Luckily we set the hook and it dug in pretty hard and we haven’t moved at all, so I’m hoping, despite there being a ninety degree wind shift tonight, and it picking up even more, I’m hoping that we’re gonna sleep pretty, pretty comfortably. We’re pretty well spaced out in here. We’ve got a lot of room in case anything does happen. And we’re gonna be fairly well protected when the wind changes directions, so. I really need some sleep, I only got about two hours last night. (yawns) Boat life (intermittent siren) – [Lauren] Another
boater just dinghied over to our boat. There’s a bilge alarm, maybe, or a CO2 alarm, or some sort of alarm going off on the boat, just past the two of our boats. And he came over and he asked Kirk if he wanted to ride over with him in the dinghy to see what’s going on. The people aren’t there, their dinghy is gone. They’re most likely just at the beach, but, who knows. – It was an anchor alarm app on his iphone that he had plugged into his stereo. So it made it really, really loud. (motor running) – [Lauren] Ohh – I wanna ask him what anchor alarm app… – It’s a nice, it’s a nice idea, for sure. (groovy music) – [Kirk] So we’ve been anchored out in Cayo Costa for the last two nights. We saw a youngish couple come into the anchorage and thought we’d go over
and introduce ourselves. Because we don’t see a whole lot of younger people out sailing. And it just so happens, they are Annie and Philip from Have Wind Will Travel it’s a website that Annie started and they’re avid kiteboarders. So, this morning they came over and invited us to head over to the beach with them. So we’re gonna go have a picnic lunch and today we play! – Hmmm? – [Kirk] What do you think? – It’s about time we leave this boat. – [Kirk] Fo Sho – We’ve been stuck in the boat for, when was the last time we got on land? Was it when I went for a run, like three nights ago. – [Kirk] Yeah – So. Yeah. We were crammed in here all yesterday and it was a beautiful day outside. Couldn’t even miss it though. Neither of us had a spare second to think about it. So. Yeah, it’s Saturday ♪ Saturday ♪ – [Kirk] On the beach All right, they’re loading up. They’re hopping in their dinghy. – [Lauren] Aw, shit. – Aw shit. (upbeat traveling music) – Let’s go do it! – Play day! Yaaayyy! – This is gonna be, by far the longest dinghy ride we’ve done. – Ever – Ever (upbeat groovy music) (laughs) – First time in the Gulf, for me. – For me too. – What? – Yeah – But you’ve been in the water before. (splashing water) – Yeah, in the Venice Pass. – Yeah – That was it. – Checking the boat. – Yeah – Yeah (soft music) – Yeah (soft music) – [Kirk] Yeah Oh wow. (water moving) (quiet motor running) (guitar music) – [Kirk] It makes me so happy, every time I look at this. 16.8 amps right now, Bird. – Whooo!! Hot diggity! – [Kirk] When designing
our electrical system I took an inventory of everything on the boat that would draw power. I created an Energy Audit & Battery Bank Sizing Tool that I used to roughly calculate our daily electrical consumption, and estimated the worst case scenario. With this information I knew that we could fit just enough solar on our dodger and bimini
to meet our daily needs. And it was awesome knowing that once we could mount all these panels permanently, we’d be fully
self-sufficient electrically. – What are we gonna do
with all this power? – [Kirk] We’re gonna throw a light party. (laughs) – Turn on every light in the cabin? – [Kirk] Yeah – [Lauren] Apologies for
our GoPro right here. For some reason it decided
to freeze the video, but keep recording audio. – [Lauren] Yesterday
we hung out with Annie and Philip. This morning Annie rode over right as I was opening the forward hatch and said “Hey!Silk training in 30 minutes!” – It’ll hold – [Kirk] What’ happening up here? – Do I take these out? Or do I hold those. Hold the weight of those. – I’ll hold you, and see what happens we’ll slowly… Lift your feet up. You’re gonna come up. (laughs) – That’s it! (laughs) But you did it! You went upside down, that’s cool. – Isn’t that fun – [Annie] She’s like, I don’t trust it, I’m not gonna let go. (funky music) (funky energetic music) – [Lauren] We hope you
guys liked this one. We wanted to thank Annie and Philip for the primers on kiteboarding and aerial silks. And for giving us an excuse to get out and have some fun. (upbeat music) – We wanna talk to you guys about work. – Are you self-employed, are you retired, did you win the lottery. – And money. – How do you manage rental properties while living on a sailboat? – Did we have debt? – [Kirk] What’s our budget for sailing? – [Lauren] Wait, wait, wait. You forgot to tell us what work you do. – [Kirk] How much of that
coffee is in our budget? (laughs)

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  1. On your battery needs: I did a two year trip from SF to Maine via Panama on my T37 with approximately the same budget and capacity for energy as you folks. I have a 100 watt panel on the dodger, but could not figure out how to mount enough panels to get up to my needs. I carried a small Yamaha generator/inverter—Just 1000 watts, not the big 2000 clunker others recommend from Honda. I used it to drive my 20 amp shore charger (yes you can do that—do the math conversions of 12v and 120v). The thing was so quiet that you could not hear it a couple boat lengths away and I used it to charge the batteries any time I went ashore. Simpler than trying to depend on the sun and it was nice to have the assurance I would never run out of juice. Think about it. Be careful about swimming if you get to the ICW. I swam in all the Central American countries with no problem, but got dysentery when I dove on my anchor in the ICW in Florida. FWIW. Ray

  2. Loved the manatees and the silks and even when the video froze! Good work guys! Lmk if you come back up to SC or NC. Safe travels

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  4. You guys need a raymarine below deck linear drive autopilot. Mine did 90,000 miles. In all sea conditions there great. 3,300 usd but worth every penny. All companys make one like it. B and G and garmin and a few others. Same price though. If this is too expensive then buy the cpt autopilot. The best deal in autopilots. 1,895.00. They can steer 40 tone boats. That raymarine you have now is the biggest piece of shit . Just keep it for a spar. Seriously you need a good autopilot.

  5. Greetings from Cape Coral Florida, you sailed by ….. I have enjoyed the watching your journey from the start. I'm glad you made it safely. Stay safe, I'm looking forward to what comes next.

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             Best regards, Válter and Angelica – São Paulo – Brazil!
             God bless you everywhere you go! Amen?

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  12. Many thanks to the two of you for putting together this footage. My boyfriend and I love your vlogs and are looking forward to sailboat ownership hopefully in the next season. We spent part of March in Charlotte Harbor sailing for 10 days and traveled down to Venice and we live and sail on Lake Michigan from Milwaukee. We had the opportunity a few weeks past to motorcycle through Charlevoix. Highlighted due to your great vlogs. So glad you are having fun. Life is definitely too short to work so much. We look forward to your next post. Fair Winds, Rachel and Tim

  13. I noticed while watching this episode, how much you two have grown as people… The confidence you have now is almost immeasurable compared to those innocent first steps you made at the top of the ICW… Now is when all that fear, adrenaline and anxiety, pays huge dividends… Have two glasses of wine. You've earned it… you cruisers you… 🙂

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  16. I'm really anxious to hear about your budgeting information. One word to the wise, I was always worrying about having enough money to set off and go sailing so I kept waiting and putting it off till I had more money, turns out that wasn't a great idea. I suffered a stroke in 2010 just when I was finishing up a two year refurbish on my boat re-doing everything making the boat brand new and perfect not to mention adding things that the boat never had like radar, AIS, and solar. Then I had the boat but not the physical health to go sailing. Well I just celebrated my 59 birthday in August of this year. My health is a little bit better but not great. I long since sold the sailboat. I recently boat a small trawler which is easier for me to handle. I know longer have plans to sail off to far away places, but I would like to sail the east coast and possibly the Caribbean which I can do in this boat. It still needs a lot of work but I'm leaving next year come hook or crook!! I've seen people out in 24' sailboats without refrigeration, a shower or anything but a VHF radio and paper charts….the point is they are out there doing it! I just want to tell people if you wait till you are ready you'll never go! Just go and do it while you can becaue tomorrow is promised to no one. You two kids are very lucky and I hope you enjoy a lot of years sailing the world. It doesn't matter that you didn't get your solar mounted, you get it done some day, mean while you out there living the dream and enjoying the adventure and that's what life is all about! God Bless you two and enjoy, you are a real inspiration to me!

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  19. We installed 600 Watts of thin panel solar on our bimini and it is producing 20Ah in peak summer sun. The panels you have invested in could easily be installed in a similar way and when you do get an arch fabricated in the future to your standards, you can move or better yet add more solar panels. Just a thought. If you want to see our install details send me a quick email and I will attach some detailed pics for you to look at.

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    Also remember to drop 5 x the depth. I constantly have the problem of other boaters not putting enough chain on the bottom and dragging into me. Try not to be that guy.

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