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let’s get into the video first up this week I made a slow-cooker mongolian beef
this is one of my favorites it’s a simple crock-pot recipe so to start with
I added 1/3 of a cup swerve brown love love love this stuff with 1/4
a cup water and 1/4 of a cup coconut aminos to a little bowl here
added two tablespoons plus the little bit that was left over in my almost
empty bottle of sesame oil and then two cloves of minced garlic which is equal
to about one heaping teaspoon if you have the big jar of minced garlic like I
do to that added 1/2 a teaspoon of ginger and 1/4 of a teaspoon red pepper
flakes and then you just whisk whisk it all together until the brown swerve
is fully dissolved and everything is nice and incorporated then I just stuck
that to the side and got started on my steak so here I have about 2 pounds of
shoulder steak it is semi frozen which makes it easier for slicing which is
good because I really need to sharpen my knives or get new ones
because it didn’t slice like butter like normal so once you have it all sliced up
I’m gonna go ahead and add it to the crock pot and pour your sauce over it
and then I just put the lid on I put this on high really for close to 5 hours
afterwards I went ahead and scooped out a little bit of the juice and to that
I’m gonna add some xanthan gum to thicken it up and it’s just easier to
get that mixed in there really well if you just scoop a little sauce out mix it
and then return it all to the pot before you mix it back together so I did add a
half a teaspoon xanthan gum I could have done a quarter the recipe
I based this on they use a different type of thickener in it I’ll link that
recipe down below it is a Carolyn Ketchum recipe then I put it back in the
pot mixed it up served it over some steamed green beans
and a little bit of chives on top this is one of my favorite meals the steak is
so super tender it’s so filling I love love love love love it and make it a
whole lot because it’s super super simple next up we made this awesome
awesome Szechuan chicken this is an awesome spicy recipe it’s inspired by
one from Ruled.me so to start with I took four tablespoons of tomato paste to
a bowl and then I added two tablespoons of coconut aminos to that and then some
chili garlic paste you can see the one I used there just two tablespoons of
that actually used chili garlic sauce instead of paste and then 2 teaspoons of
spicy brown mustard and a half a teaspoon of minced ginger
and then I just mixed that together really really well with a whisk and then
I’m just gonna sit this sauce to the side go ahead and grab a big sauce pot
I’m adding about three to four tablespoons of avocado oil to that over
medium to medium-high heat and I’m gonna take two pounds of ground chicken and
add that in and of course I’m washing my hands thoroughly in between I think I
just said warsh I usually say wash I’m gonna use my handy dandy meat chopper upper I
always have that linked down below it’s my favorite kitchen accessory just gonna
break that all up and chop it all apart to that I’m gonna add about two-thirds
of my sauce mixture and go ahead and mix that up and then the recipe called for six cups
of spinach I’m just gonna add this entire container of baby spinach and
this is why I use the big pot because it takes up a lot of room until it wilts
down and after I’ve added that I do kind of just poke it down into the chicken
mixture so you can get closer to the heat and then just go ahead and put a
lid on it and that will help it the steam will actually wilt that down and help
you to get it mixed together really well and after that’s done I’m gonna add some
dry ingredients some seasoning 2 teaspoons of salt 2 teaspoons of pepper
a teaspoon of red pepper flakes and a half a teaspoon of Mrs. Dash table blend
which is an an awesome mixture of spices I’m gonna add the rest of my red sauce
to that along with a half a cup of chicken stock and then a tablespoon of
red wine vinegar I actually used a cooking sherry there and then a
tablespoon of erythritol and then I just mixed that all together really really
well and then put the lid back on it and I let it simmer for about 15 minutes
this is what it looks like when it’s done and here it is all plated up I was
gonna serve this over cauliflower rice originally but somehow I ran out which
is crazy because I usually have a freezer full and trying to go through
stuff so I just used a little steam bag of zoodles like these steamed spiralized
zucchini and that was the perfect combo the leftovers I ate just plain without
anything underneath it and it’s so good spicy but the spice builds on you it’s
not anything jolting next up we made these awesome awesome pork chops and a
keto zucchini gratin now I quite often make my pork chops this way I just
absolutely love them but my first time making this zucchini recipe from I
breathe I’m hungry oh my gosh it was so delicious so to get started I took a
small saucepan over about medium heat and added two tablespoons of butter
along with a 1/2 a cup heavy whipping cream and to that added a half of a
teaspoon of garlic powder and 1/4 of a teaspoon of xanthan gum and
then I just whisk whisk those together until they melted and formed a nice
cream sauce that was nice and smooth went ahead and preheated my oven to 375
greased an oval casserole dish I took some zucchini and sliced up 4
cups of it along with a medium to small onion just slice it into rings and I’m
gonna start layering this so to start with I’m putting down a layer of
zucchini then I overlap the spaces as you can see then I’m gonna add some
onion the same way and then to that after I get it all layered
I’m just going to add some salt and pepper
and then the recipe she called for just using pepper jack cheese but I’m gonna
use a pepper jack cheddar blend and I’m just gonna take about half a cup of it
and sprinkle it over that and then I’m gonna continue making my my layers and
just repeating myself by adding some more zucchini some more onion some more salt and pepper between each
layer another half a cup of cheese and then one more layer to make three layers
total of zucchini onion salt and pepper and top it with the remaining half a cup
of cheese then I take my cream sauce and pour it evenly over it and then I’m just
gonna sit this to the side to get started on my pork chops because I’m
actually gonna bake them at the same time so for my pork chops I just took a
big baking dish I guess this is like 13 by 9 ish four bone-in pork chops and I
have a little bowl of Dijon mustard and I’m just gonna use my hands and just
spread that over each porkchop flip them over and also do the other side this is
quite messy but it tastes wonderful then just with the same hands I have
some pork rind crumbs I always do a big batch of these I just will take my food
processor and do like three bags of pork rinds and just store them in a plastic
container they last forever so you can see I’m just gonna pat those on there
instead of dragging my pork chops through them because I’m not really
looking to make a breading like to fry them I’m just looking to add some
crumbly texture and flavor so flip this over do the other side and once I’ve
added the pork rinds to each of them I’m just going to wash my hands really well
and then add some pepper to these now I’m not gonna add any extra salt because
the pork rinds have plenty plenty of salt in them and the Dijon mustard adds
a good layer of flavor as well so I don’t go overboard on the seasoning and
then I have those prepared and my zucchini au gratin prepared and I’m just gonna pop
both of those into the oven 375 for 45 minutes here’s what it looks like when
it comes out yummy yummy yummy and look at this beautiful masterpiece this was
so good I’m definitely gonna add this zucchini as a staple Keto side here it
is all plated up this is such a favorite in our household and it’s almost even
better the next day as leftovers next up we just
made some brats with some green peppers red peppers and onions super simple easy
keto weeknight meal my husband actually took over and did these so to start with
over medium-high heat we took seven bratwurst I always just buy these in a
super large pack at Costco and then I separate them into bags just getting a
nice nice dark brown sear on each side of the brats you always want to make
sure that you check the ingredients extra careful when you are buying any
kind of cured meat sausage ham anything in a casing because they will sneak
carbs in on you so after it gets nice and seared and brown on each side we’re
just going to add about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of chicken broth to that and put the lid
on to let the steam go ahead and finish cooking those brats super easy just
gonna add a full bag of frozen peppers onions blend we actually just buy this at
Walmart and using the tongs he’s just kind of tossing this around going ahead
and turning the brats over with the peppers kind of letting some of the
peppers go to the bottom where they can cook a little bit darker and some on top
so you’re getting that flavor all the way through and then we’re gonna add the
lid back to that to let the steam continue working on those frozen peppers
and onions and letting all those flavors kind of incorporate together and super
super simple guys just keep periodically flipping and stirring until you get them
just right and how you want them and I was gonna make like a keto bread to
go on the side with these but just decided to just eat it as is with
the peppers and onions because these do have more carbs in them than than other
vegetables so there you go guys quick and easy that’s our four new keto meal
ideas and recipes for you guys this week hope you enjoyed this video if you did
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