What’s for Dinner? | Sainsbury’s Ad | Autumn 2017

Andrea: What a day [poo emoji]
Stephen: About to get better… Comfort Carbs Andrea: [Blow kiss emoji x 1] Making curry [Fire emoji x 1] [Hot Hot Hot sticker] Arghh rubbed my eyes! [crying emoji x20] Mary: Where are you? x
Henry: Won’t Deepak: Baba getting…[Hangry sticker] Sanje: Mama’s on it…
Making her fave x Beth: I’M STAAAAARVING!!!!!
[Nom nom nom sticker] We cut to Samuel, he receives a series of texts from Mark, before responding with a
sticker Was thinking god – ARGH GOD – *COD!!!! Samuel: HA! Just…[Feed me sticker] What’s for dinner? is living well Mary: [Dinner’s getting cold sticker]
Where are you? X
Henry: Won’t be long. SUPER: SAINSBURY’S

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