Whats For Dinner Tonight: Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas l 30 minute dinner ideas

hey guys welcome back to the channel
today’s video is going to be a what’s for dinner today’s theme is gonna be all
meals 30 minutes or less they are very budget friendly and family friendly as
well I will have all the recipes in the description box below because if you’ve
been on my channel for a while you know I kind of wing it when it comes to
seasonings and stuff so if you want to see actual recipes with actual
measurements that will be in the description box below for you but let’s
just get started alright guys so on Monday we had a pasta
skillet dinner and it was super good and it did last us for two days and I’m pretty
sure I have some leftovers in the freezer so it’s definitely one of those
mealss that goes a long way it does call for the Morningstar crumbles but you can
substitute that out for any type of ground beef if you’re not into that
vegan meat which I don’t mind it and I thought it tasted exactly the same as
everything else but this was an emeals recipe and it told me to cook things
separately but I made sure to cook it at the same time so I heated up two
non-stick pans with olive oil and then in one of the pans I cooked the
Morningstar crumbles and then the other pan I cooked the onions and mushrooms
they both took about two minutes to cook you just want to cook the onions and
mushrooms until they’re tender once that was done I went ahead and combined the
mushrooms and onions with the crumbles and then I added the pasta sauce all the
seasonings and the broth along with the tortellinis I mixed it and I brought
that to a boil and then once it’s boiling you can go
ahead and reduce your heat and simmer for about eight minutes until pastas
tender and then I went ahead and removed it from the heat it said to leave it on
there but I find cheese melt super easy so I just went ahead and sprinkled it
with cheese removed it from the heat and I just let it sit for about two minutes
before serving it it goes really good if you want to serve it with like roasted
broccoli on the side or even some garlic bread but like I said it definitely gave
us leftovers it was definitely a 30 minute or less meal and it was super
good okay so Tuesday was a lazy weekday chicken dinner I just made some chicken
with some roasted veggies and some instant mashed potatoes I had leftover
drumsticks in the freezer and I just needed to cook them up real quick I
preheat my oven to 375 to cook my drumsticks but if you like your
drumsticks a little extra crispy I’d go ahead and turn your oven up to 425 this
way it’s a little more browning and you can also move your rack up to either the
top slot or like the second slot this way it’s closer to the heat and it’ll
cook and Brown a little bit more but I like to toss my onions and mushrooms
with olive oil salt and pepper and then I tossed my drumsticks with olive oil
pepper and garlic salt I go ahead and bake them on the same baking sheet and I
just make sure to line my baking sheet with some foil and some cooking spray
and then while that is cooking I just make the mashed potatoes on the stove
top it’s super easy you just bring 2 cups of water to a boil and then you
remove it from the heat and add in the instant mashed potatoes you can also do
your own mashed potatoes if you want but I was having a super hectic day and I
just needed dinner out super quick and then once everything’s done you go ahead
and plate it and it’s really good if you want to serve it with like barbecue
sauce over the drumsticks or you can even do buffalo sauce which is what I
ended up doing and then I mixed my onions and mushrooms in to the mashed
potatoes just to give it a little extra flavor and it was so good you guys
okay so Wednesday we did an egg roll stir-fry so good you guys that recipe is
actually in my what I eat in a day video so I will go ahead and just link the
video in the description box for you if you want to see exactly how to make that
and then on Thursday we did a chicken cordon bleu roll-ups it was so good I
think this is my favorite meal of the week I do cook my chicken breast ahead
of time in bulk as a part of my meal prepping so this way we cook with a lot
of chicken so it’s just easy to pull out already cooked chicken and dice it up if
we need to in a recipe which is exactly what I did for this so I took one
chicken breast and I just cut it into strips and then you just roll out some
crescent roll dough and then you just stack it with the Swiss cheese some deli
ham and the chicken I rolled it up as tight as possible and
then I sprinkled it with oregano and a little bit of the garlic powder on top
of it and then I baked it in the oven at 350
for approximately 25 to 30 minutes my oven ended up going off in the middle of
this so I actually don’t know how long I cooked it for but I would just say watch
it until it goes golden brown and then on the side we did a mixed green salad
with apples and I added some balsalmic vinaigrette my husband just ended up
taking out the apples and doing ranch so I didn’t do the balsamic vinaigrette but
if your whole family loves it I would say just like toss everything and the
vinaigrette and it’ll like taste a little bit better but this is definitely
going on our regular rotations it was so good you guys okay and then our last dinner was
chicken with garlic basil tomato sauce and I have to say this is one of the
worst recipes that I have ever seen on emeals it was really confusing I’ve made
something very similar to this and I felt like it was a waste of ingredients
the sauce never thickened up and I ended up having to like drain it and then I
just added some cheese and broccoli on the side just to give it like flavor
but I have made something really similar from a website called pinchofyum.com
so I’m going to leave her link down below because she has the most amazing
garlic basil chicken in a tomato butter sauce I know you guys are going to love
that I’m not even gonna give you this recipe because like I said it was just a
complete disaster I don’t know what was wrong if there was like a step missing
because there was only two steps in their entire like recipe that I was
trying to cook off of and it was not good I ended up saving it with a ton of
extra seasoning once I like drained the sauce but trust me go to pinch of YUM
and follow that recipe that one’s way better and yeah you guys will just love
that one instead alright guys but that is what I made for dinner this week let
me know in the comments below what recipe you think you’re going to try and
let me know how it turned out if you did try it already if you do like these
types of video and you want to see me do more make sure to give this video a
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don’t miss any of our new videos I post weekly a lot of what I eat in a day type
videos and budget-friendly grocery hauls but as always I love you and I will see
you in the next one

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