What’s For Dinner?

I’m having a sandwich. It’s got turkey, bacon,
cheese, and the chipotle mayo. It’s classic stuff. I had a salad for dinner. ..the oriental blend, cantaloupe.. I’m having and Italian sub. Pork, potatoes, green beans… I love pork, and potatoes, and green beens
seemed healthy. The chicken broccoli bake is definitely a
classic family dish. Ugo’s pizza is pretty good, and I really like
the sandwiches from Beanster’s as well I like the fish, the cod Chicken tenders and chicken nuggets, and
fried chicken patties on a bun. I would say carrot cake is a very good dessert. Um… Dinner to me means a break just a couple seconds to collect
myself Yea, all the guys in my hall usually go
together to eat. Just hanging out during the week can be stressful,
or like you feel like you have to do homework But if you’re eating with them, you need
to eat, so.. We talk about whatever’s going on,
basketball now. Coming to the dining hall really helps because you get
to meet everyone over here. For example, I haven’t seen these two for over two weeks now. And, we still
meet at the dining hall. I need to wash all of the plates in home cooking,
so, here I don’t need to. I love food. I don’t know if I’d call myself
a food expert. But I am a big fan of food, I eat all the time.
So there’s that. But I mean, I definitely need it to stay alive.
That’s important, too. Back in Hong Kong it’s one cuisine, it’s generally Indian,
but over here you have a different variety. I definitely miss some home food, like Chinese
food and stuff. Yea, I do kind of miss it, but the cafe kind of helps.
So it’s not all fast food. Oh, yea definitely. When I go home, one of the things
besides seeing everyone, is definitely looking forward to my mom’s cooking. Yea I miss my family’s cooking, a lot. Like, the food here is okay, but my
mom’s cooking is great.

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