What’s the Secret to 18+ Years of Marriage?

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  1. For some reason, I’ve avoided ear biscuits, and other things they do like it. Just cause it’s not the original GMM. But you guys surprised me here. This is just as chill…. what I’m struggling to say is that, you guys rock.

  2. Dear Rhett and Link. It'd be cool if you read this but I'd be surprised if you do. It doesn't really matter I'm going to write it either way.

    I'm a big fan. Been watching GMM since Season 2 or 3, my wife and I used to watch every day. I even got both my best friends to start watching. I don't watch it very much anymore but I love Ear Biscuits. It's my favorite podcast. I'm 40, married and have a 1 year old son named Ashley. (Named after Ash from Evil Dead) I love your podcast because even though we don't have a whole lot in common (except liking alot of the same old school tv shows and game shows) I still find you guys relatable because we're close in age and your close friendship reminds me of me and my best friend. (I actually have 2 but I digress) i just wanted to say how much I love this episode and I'm probably going to listen to it multiple times. I'm ashamed to admit it but I haven't been the best husband over the course of my 7 year marriage. I was mad at the world and I had a tendency to take it out on my wife more than anyone or anythkng else. I'm very lucky she put up with me. I used to be in a band and have been working at a gas station for 14 years but now I've quit smoking weed and I'm working on getting a job at a factory so my wife can be a stay at home mom. She's a great mother. I know you guys don't usually want people to take your advice to seriously but it means alot to me to get some insight from your experience. I wish the best for you guys and hope you get to make a movie someday like you want to. Your coming to Detroit soon but it pains me to say I doubt I'll be able to make it. Id really love to meet you and tell you this in person. Thanks for everything you've done. My life wouldn't be quite the same without Rhett and Link. Never stop being friends most importantly. Your friendship is what kept me coming back for more.
    Happy Fathers Day!

    P.s. I'm the guy who sent you that crappy Dead by 28 Attacks! Cd. Sorry about that and the dumb letter (i was high)

    P.s.s. Love your sons names (big fan of LOST and Star Wars)

  3. Ive been a huge fan of the show for about 5 and a half years. I was listening to my favorite podcast (Ear Biscuits) while mowing and listened to you guys talk about how a lot of the time the only people that give feedback are the ones that have something negative to say. So just thought I would do my part being a mythical beast and leave some positive feedback in the comment section! Love the podcast, the show, the books, the tours, and the other shows. Btw I love listening to the podcast when im doing work or am looking for a good podcast to listen too. I was at the tour of mythicality in Dallas TX:) and loved it. The update on Rhett's smart house was awesome, thanks fellas…

  4. Hubs and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary this year. We were best friends first, and we still are. We can make each other laugh. I can count on my hands how many times we've argued. I love him more now than I did when I said yes.

  5. If Rhett has an alarm system, he should set it up so it goes into the "here's Johnny" mode if someone breaks into the house.

  6. My folks were married 52 years till mom passed. I often wonder if marriage equality had been a thing in the 80’s if I might be working on that goal. Rhett cracked me up with that Celebrity people watching. My experience in Palm Springs is there is all kinds of people watching, even drag queens! Lol

  7. I listen to ear biscuits going to sleep. And rhett saying "hey google" multiple times, setting off google on my phone, is keeping me from my goal 😂😂

  8. His favourite color is my name. Love that name. I think he cried just for you to change the lights for him. (Shepard)

  9. Before I even watch this video… There are three things that are detrimental in order for marriage to work. One, don't cheat. Just don't do it, don't even think about it. If you or your SO isn't happy, just end it there and don't drag it on and get involved with someone else. Two, shut up and listen sometimes. Not everything is about you and if you truly love a person, you will hear what they have to say. Don't offer advice or solutions or stories… Just listen. Three, respect the financial privacy of your SO. Do not for the love of God try to control how they spend their money. If they are draining a joint account, then bring up respectfully that the money could be better used or is needed elsewhere, but absolutely do not try to control them. That just goes for basically everything, not just finances.

    Okay, I'll bugger off and watch the podcast now

  10. I like a lady masseuse, solely because I don't like being naked around a guy I don't know. Same for my obgyn I guess 😂

  11. God is the secret to a successful marriage. Everyone has an expectation that they expect their spouse to meet weather you admit it or not. This expectation will not be met to the fullest because their is a place in marriage that your spouse can't meet. God is what should fill that hole.

  12. If the guy massuse made yr wife fall asleep, the you know there is no problem. Its like getting a hair cut… Do you prefer a male or female hair cutter. Is that what you them?

  13. Conan would have probably never talked about stuff like this. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Anyways, love you guys!

  14. aw link threw in the "I love you and I like you" quote from parks and rec (maybe by accident, but still)

  15. Being married almost 25 years, it’s truly wonderful to have someone to love and like and laugh. We’ve been through so much. It surprises people that we’ve been married so long (like you guys). I am blessed. And I do agree that the older I get the more I realize how little I know. And that’s actually a wonderful thing. Congratulations to you guys and your wives for making it 18 + years of marriage! The last couple years it seems me and my husband have become very close friends. We find one another to be funnier, better and relaxed. You guys have things to look forward to. And we have our first grandchild now. This brings a whole new dynamic into our marriage that is great but hard to put into words. It’s just wonderful.

  16. I've been married for 8 years and the biggest tip I have for engaged couples is to never lie. There are no marriages that thrive off of keeping secrets of any kind. Be your 100% self and be nice.

  17. I got a massage from my best friend. He worked at a massage place for a while. It was free. I had a bad back. It wasn't to weird.

  18. I’m 30, I’ve been married for 11 years. Having a partner through the ups and downs of life is something I’m very grateful for. Make family a priority and appreciate what you have while you have it. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

  19. MATING IN CAPTIVITY! Esther Perel is wonderful. Great book Rhett, definitely check it out! It's about relationships but it's quite cerebral, think you would enjoy it. Props to Jessie.

  20. I love how bewildered Link is that someone could be married to Rhett for 18yrs when he's been married to him for 18+ years.

  21. I want to know what the key is to GETTING into a relationship is because I'm 0 for 3 when it comes to asking out girls. -_-

  22. Our family jokes about Mark Strong because he's been a villain in almost everything he's been in. So we'll just refer to him as "the guy who's always the bad guy". We walked by him in a Toronto mall one time! #EarBiscuits

  23. did anyone immediately think of john mulaney when they talked about steeley dan??? please tell me im not alone

  24. You guys are rookies! Dale & I have been married 34 years. Almost as long as you guys put together. You are correct that communication and liking each other are key.

  25. When you say "its business time" is it on a Wednesday, and you're only just down to your socks, and flight of the conchords is playing?

  26. Hey guys, I have a great idea! What if you did a podcast like ama but would you rather. Fans could send in would you rather questions and you could talk about what you would do and why like for example would you rather live in a haunted house or a ufo? Comment would you rather questions for them!

  27. 21 years for me and my husband. 5 kids 13 grandkids later…my secret was forgiveness and learning to keep my mouth shut especially over petty stuff. And finally trying to teach/lead by example for all my babies and not give up on people you love. 😊

  28. How do you not have more views and sub's? Like I've been watching for a LONG TIME and people are always asking about ear biscuits and where it went but like boi its still here.

  29. I remember a friend telling me once that fire and running water are the two natural things that humans can watch the longest without getting bored (it may have been worded slightly different because this was somewhere in 2005/6/7) because it's constantly changing, which keeps our attention. Have no idea if he read this or thought it up, but thought it was interesting.

  30. I've listened to a local classic rock radio station (92.5 KQRS – Golden Valley, Minnesota) for the past 26 years. I've heard the majority of the songs on this album played over the years but until just now, I've never listened to this entire album as a whole. Thanks for the rec!

  31. Lol I know they told me not to say this but, Ferrets are great! Yes they do go to the bathroom everywhere but you can train them! And also they are too cute to get mad at! 😂😂 I love my two babies!!

  32. Im currently 20 going to college at UC Davis if any girls are watching or hearing this podcast who, like myself, are thinking about starting a committed relationship. Im a heterosexual male ideally would like a partner approximately around my age. Im over dating apps i figured quality over quantity. And if a reply comes from this at least we both already have one thing in common which is liking GMM.

  33. HA! The first custom routine I set up when we got our Alexa lights last year was “Alexa, it’s business time”. Cue flight of the concords and dim the lights to 37%

  34. 😂😂😂 as the owner of two ferrets, I can completely relate to your comment. I love um dearly but OMG they can get into everything. I remember you talking about the smart lights in another EB; im surprised you were for real. you do realize that if your wifi goes out your stuck right? I have a smart plug for my lamp and I had to go two days using manually bc my wifi went down.

  35. I have a setting for my lights that plays the sound of a thunderstorm and the lights flash after each thunder strike. I use it surprisingly often to relax. That and the aurora borealis setting in which the lights gradually shift to recreate an aurora.

  36. A male masseuse has larger hands and can use more force if needed than most women, so for Rhett, the masseuse can get to the deeper muscles and stuff.

  37. you guys have got me through some really rough times and I'm grateful that you guys continue to put out entertaining content day by day. Laughing is a way I can detach from negativity and dark thoughts. Thank you guys for being you, keep it up.

  38. Whaaaaat Kramer, dayuuum. I never get excited when I recognize “famous” people. But if I saw Kramer I bet i’ll feel excited. But turn away cause I don’t like staring & making ppl uncomfortable. The end.

  39. Married 9 years at this point and I have to say it’s fun to discover new things together once you’ve learned (almost) everything about each other. Never a dull moment if you keep making new memories!

  40. My husband and i will celebrate 10 years married Thanksgiving 2019. Something that helps when we're going through a rough patch is to talk about how we met, look at pictures from the first couple years and reminisce. It makes us feel those feelings again and reminds us how in love we are. Life is very distracting sometimes. Just gotta focus on the love.

  41. Really appreciated the discussion on marriage. My husband and I just hit 10 years married and your takes on what makes it work hit home. Thanks for this thought provoking and funny EB. Love you guys!

  42. "I'm just falling back on a commitment to love, I'm pressing into a commitment to like." I am not even married yet and this quote is some solid advice.

  43. Loved this episode! I've never lasted more than a couple of years in a relationship, but I really hope my current partner and I can figure out how to communicate more gently in arguments because almost everything else is so great, and I know we both want to finally stop looking. If anyone has recommendations for books or videos/podcasts/etc to help with effective communication, I'm all ears!

  44. The shirtless body builder guy tried to talk to Christy and Link went up into his face and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU THINKIN".

  45. BRUH my FIRST thought when Rhett said "British guy who is in everything" was Mark Strong. I can't believe I guessed it so correctly

  46. Don't Link understand that chips with ridges are always better than boring flat chips?

    Its pure science, there is more surface area for taste to hang on to.

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