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Narikootam has released a new video! Let’s watch! (Narikootam video plays) hey, your sister-in-law is pregnant! why don’t you let her watch her favourite channel? shit! I can’t watch a TV peacefully! Come watch your favorite channel! look ! sandhanam’s comedy is hilarious! What?! Oh! Couple goals! huh?! What are you doing, dear? What happened? shameless! This comedy is hilarious! Bro! If you don’t mind, can you please get me the chips packet? What?! you sister-in-law is asking! get her soon! Oh sure! please have it! And, If you don’t mind, can you please get me water? Hey, your sister-in-law is asking! please! I’ll go! Oh my god! It’s not paining now, right? you okay now? Doc advised me to take care of her! bro, as men, we should never touch a women’s foot! Okay bro! got it? understood! Why you keep on walking?! why don’t you take rest? (bro keeps calling) What?! It’s getting late! which movie should we watch? Let’s watch a romantic movie! You always prefer action movies! Why switching to romantic movies now? Alright, Stop drooling! Let’s go watch a movie! yeah, Let’s go! hold this, switch off all electronic items, gas cylinder and come! I’ll wait outside! Stand up! can’t handle his dramas since the day he got married! set everything right and come soon! I feel like a servant nowadays! Dear, are you hungry? Can I get you something to eat? No, I am fine! hey, here it is! Come on, Drive the car! You always prefer to drive, right? What’s up now? hey doctor advised me to take care of her! Even inside the car? ya, go! I heard this movie is good! I know! Is the house locked? Did you lock the house? I did! fan? Switched off! lights? switched off! what about the gas cylinder? Go by yourself! hey! stop stop! I can’t be a third wheel anymore! I am leaving! I am so hungry ! please come here! What do you want to eat? fine with anything! okay, please go get some veggies! What are you looking at? you are jobless anyway! go get these veggies at least! I got them! Yeah, I am coming! Here it is! Bro, I totally forgot to add eggs in the list! can you please go get them ? Bro, Turmeric powder please ! Bro, one final time! get some curry leaves and coriander please! I am so dead! Why are you always with games as if you are a kid? Why don’t you help your sister-in-law? I am not on games! I am using WhatsApp! stop talking too much! Useless! As if he is so responsible! Bro?! yeah? Why are you doing all these? I’ll take care of them! move! No No, I have completed the toughest engineering! Now everything else is easy for me! your wife is going to be so lucky! What?! your wife is going to be so lucky! He is not even thinking about my wedding! Hey! go find a job first! Stop talking about wedding until then! Every single time! Careful! Alright, I’ll leave to office! Is it really important? Yeah it is! I have a meeting today! I’ll return by 3! Take care! Don’t strain yourself! I’ll come soon! bye! Hubby! Hubby! Coming!!!! Come here! Thought I called you out of love?! Of course! Isn’t it true?! My legs are so painful! is it? slowly! I am so hungry! Is it? Let me come! Here is Horlicks with added love for my darling! you made this? Is it good? Dear, careful! go slow! Huh! I feel so exhausted! (poorly imitating her) Why are you imitating me?! Hey ya dear?! Will you be the same even after seeing our child? You are my first child! yeah! Slowly! Hey! baby! Sit down! Sit down! Alright, sit down! little! NOOO little! please! I just had food! some more, baby! Did he eat? Why is there a sudden care? you always used to make him work! He is our first son! this will be our second child! Wait! close your eyes! Why? Close your eyes! What are you planning for? Do you like it? Brother… Brother.. (seeking help) (crying out of pain) sissy, What happened to you? get up! (singing song) What happened to her? Nothing to worry! How is she now? you are blessed with a baby girl! girl baby! How is she now? She is completely fine! Nothing to worry! You used to tease me jobless! look, now that’s why I could help her! If you like this video Like, share and comment! subscribe to Narikootam! click on the bell icon too!

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  1. Aniku husband oda thanbi
    Anikum thanbi
    Ethan kalacharam epadi
    Mareeto varudu…

  2. Annan karanga enaikuda kalyanam panitu thambitayo thangachitayo pesirukanga😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂athan suthi elathayum maranthurangalae🤣😝😜

  3. Ithula romba over… Nalla kunichu nimunthu Vela seiga appo thaa normal delivery agum ippadi irutha sceserian thaaa.. .

  4. Balaji and chandru acting super enaku Unga rendu peraiyume romba pidikum madan matthum missing i miss you so much madan nenga yellarume serndu oru video pannunga pls idhu en request pls madan pls

  5. It was happens when i was pregnant… My hubby's brother Saravana we miss you .. enga torcher thangama foreign poitan pavam.. aduvum antha kadiku pora scean apdiye nadakum

  6. Bro enna bro pona video la anna character la nadichutu itula pair aa nadikiringa vekkama illaya bro

  7. 100% correct bro ipdi tha Enga Anna Anniyum pandranga 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

  8. அனைத்து தம்பிகளுக்கும் இது பாெருந்தும்

  9. VIP VIP nu solva.. naan irunthathunala than pathukittan… Touching 😍😍

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