When I’m 64 | 50th anniversary of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles My thoughts

It was fifty years ago this month remember this? June the 1st 1967 the Beatles released Sergeant Pepper the Lonely Hearts Club Band People have said it’s the best record ever made which is a bit strong but yeah it’s a good album but some people will rave about this thing it’s a great album and then it was almost the last almost the last thing they did. This was the beginning of the end really the idea for this album was thought up by Paul McCartney and he said he wanted to make a concept album you want to make all the songs flow together. Now the rest of the Beatles weren’t to keen on it at all and a few of them actually said it was the biggest pile of rubbish the ever made but the weird thing about it is the public loved it. The public absolutely went for it because it was it was different it was very very innovative Avante garde you could say It was Avante garde it was different big time because it broke so many rules there was all kinds of different weird noises going on and They were experimenting with psychedelia and that kind of thing We all know what that’s all about? The story that goes to this album is interesting right because basically they’ve become alienated from their fans they’ve become alienated from the music they didn’t know what they were doing and they were lost and so McCartney or I think it was McCartney came up with the idea of. Let’s make up a band just a completely fictitious band and let that band sing exactly what it wants each one each person can do make a contribution we’ll just make up a completely fictitious thing because they were falling apart falling apart big time and so they all came up with different ideas and John Lennon’s contribution to this was significant to say the least and one of my favorite tracks on it is A day in the life. Now when you listen to it’s very macabre, very sombre and it’s about the day in the life of a guy who’s falling apart basically and He’s looking at the world and all the things are going on in the world we can’t make head nor tail of it. It’s absolutely chaos out there You know we can all relate to that somewhere along the line? Now the album was recorded in mono because at the time to own a stereo system like this one would cost a fortune very few people like stereo systems people used to listen to the radio which was a mono one speaker or in their car very few people had car radios but if he did have a car radio it was mono so this album was originally released in mono and just before, you know the big push someone said oh my god we should actually release in stereo and so they went back into the studio and really you know rehashed it in stereo but no one would? I mean nowadays you’d look at it and go that sounds awful or whatever but no one knew what stereos were supposed to sound like anyway so you know you’d have the drums coming out at one thing and someone voice coming out of another speaker and that was novel enough back in the 60s and early 70s. Oh look there’s something coming out of that speaker something coming out of that speaker People we’re impressed by stuff like that because it was new and so it worked on that level as well but the album is a concept album the rest of the Beatles weren’t too keen on the idea John Lennon thought it was a load of rubbish. George Harrison said he felt very unhappy working he didn’t feel part of Beatles anymore he felt very unhappy working with them because how this album was constructed was Paul McCartney was in studio playing the piano with Ringo Starr played drums and they’d put tracks down and then George Harrison and John Lennon would come in and put little overdubs in little fillers so they weren’t playing actually as a band that’s why I’m suggesting this is where it all started to fall apart. This is before Abbey Road and so yeah they weren’t playing together as a band which is what they used to enjoy doing now this concept way of working just was the final nail in the coffin really. And they produced a fantastic album. It is a great album and people. Like I said people have said it’s the best album ever of all the albums ever well it’s a good album and it’s coming out again it’s on Amazon I think they’re charging over $100 for it but what they’ve done is they’ve got. They’ve gone back to They’ve asked George Martin’s son, Giles Giles has been working on the remix and what they have done is they have remixed it In what they call 3D stereo which now you’ve got stereo that is so focused it sounds like mono so it’s actually gone full circle back to the original idea which is fascinating and intriguing. I’ve read a few reviews from the rock magazines and they’re saying that this new new remix is brilliant that it’s fantastic erm great I’m sure we’ll see it on YouTube in a couple weeks time and we could all have a listen and then we can decide the last thing I’d like to say this is where George Harrison was so disillusioned with the band he needed to get a break. Needed to get away and he went off to India and that’s where he learned the Sitar with Ravi Shankar and Ravi Shankar has actually said it takes years to learn the Sitar and George Harrison had six weeks So basically he learned how to sit and how to hold the thing and play a few notes He actually got quite a few decent sounds out of it The track if you want to listen to it is his Within you Without you. Which is also questioning what are they doing? because he felt that it was like a complete waste of time. What was all this business business I and me, us? you know The I and me us, of the Beatles he found it very very pointless the whole thing was pointless. What’s the point? Why are we doing this? That’s a guy who’s really having change of heart. John Lennon was off doing his thing and Ringo I don’t know what Ringo was doing. I have no clue They say that Lennon and McCartney were the writers of the Beatles And that was primarily because that’s where the royalties are. That’s where the money is Well if they were the songwriters then George was the soul of the Beatles Because his guitar is what makes the Beatles sound George Harrison. Without George Harrison. They’re just another 3 piece combo. Obviously because they’d only be 3 of them. But erm Yeah George Harrison was the soul of the Beatles And he was very into spiritual stuff, shame the way he died. But there you go. My take on this re release 50th Anniversary Of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band This came out when I was 11 years of age And I remember sitting there thinking Like when I was in my 20’s and I listened to this. I listened to this for years I used to sit there and think god When I’m sixty-four That’s years away. Like You know..that’s some distant future And here I am now 50 years later and it’s just 3 years away and it’s kinda weird Very strange, strange days indeed. Okay that’s enough for now. Speak to you next time.

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  1. I was six years old when this came out. I admit I love it / The Beatles  to this day. I felt like the odd duck as George is my favorite and always has been. Great vlog, Michael – $100 sounds steep so I'll check out YouTube along with you.

  2. Thank you all for your warm comments. It's interesting how we experienced this time in history so differently. Across the pond things were booming. In the UK we were still recovering from ww2 and apparently having the so called swinging 60's. Baffling!? lol

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