When Onee-san and Mom Wants to Marry You | Azur Lane

Now that I understand your feelings, Commander, I will offer you all that I am, body and soul… Phew… Saying that out loud is as embarrassing as I thought it would be. Hehehe. From now on, I shall share everything with you – your sorrow, your joy, your pain, and and your pleasure. My child, I will always, always welcome you into my embrace…

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  1. Fuck, I don’t know who I’d pick. Probably Onee-san because I like all my limbs.

    Also I decided to build Gascogne because I only have 700 IJN Fleet Tech lol

  2. Hey Ryuma, can you make a video of Laffey's White Rabbit's Oath on the wedding ceremony scene when she was released on EN 🐰💙

  3. Mom : So you said u have gf
    Me : Yea and we already married..
    Mom : Wait what..
    Me : Sorry mom
    Mom : But you told me last night that you want marry me
    Me : What the…

  4. Azuma and Friedrich Der Grosse: Stares at Terrence
    Terrence: What?
    Azuma: Marry me Terrence and We'll have a happy life together!
    Friedrich Der Grosse: You should marry me Terrence I have a perfect symphony for you💜
    Terrence: That's nice
    Atago: Kicks door down No Terrence I'm yours!
    Terrence: Atago!
    Atago: Grabs Terrence and runs away with him
    Azuma: Come back!
    Friedrich Der Grosse: Give him back to me!
    Friedrich Der Grosse and Azuma starting chasing Atago

  5. When these two powerful, yet gentle, loving, caring, and motherly ships love you back. Truly one of the best things in existence.

    Please take care of them for all time. They Love you.

  6. Man I remember subbing in early 2018 when this channel used to make more than just Axis related content. You used to make so much more varied content, now your content is just Axis with some Nazi on top. You didn't even do all the Muse ships voice lines, you purposefully left out the allied ships. What happened to this channel?

  7. I started FDG and finished two task and for 120K experience i am in now 34%. But it was to be 40%..i dont have enough oils🙁

  8. …When you are stuck at researching PR1 ship and have 0 understanding on what the f.ck is happening in this video…

  9. Pals one question best way to farm exp to get them I always have trouble with thay part I didn't finished making roon yet :'c

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