When Someone’s Trying Too Hard To Have Fun

(upbeat music) – Ah, wild!
(laughing) – You know, this is nice, we
should do this more often. – Yeah, it’s just like nice to talk. (air horn blasts)
– Whoa! – Alright, dick sacks! This party has been too lame for too long! – Oh god, Katie’s in party girl mode. – Katie, it’s not really
a party, it’s more like a casual after–
(crashing) (dance music)
– Everybody dance! Come on, I wanna see
everybody’s butts moving! – Don’t do that!
– You two have to dance! And you two have to dance!
– I’m so sorry! – Katie, stop, we’re coworkers, this is super uncomfortable! – Guys, let’s do a grind train! – What, no, we’re not doing that! We were having fun just talking! – No, talking is lame, dancing is fun! Rah!
(laughing) Hi, are you on your phone right now? It’s a party, dude, can’t
believe I gotta remind you. – No no no, hey! That’s my phone!
– Ooooh! Who’s Karen? – Look, just give it back to me, okay? What are you doing?
– Sorry, dude! You did the deed, you deal
with the consequences! – It’s my phone! Oh! You sent that to my sister in law, she just gave birth to my niece! – Okay guys, let’s play truth or dare. I’ll go first, dare!
– No! We’re not in sixth grade,
we’re not doing that! – Okay, if you want me to
take my pants off, I will! Just gotta say dare!
– Wait! No one wants that, get down from there! – [Coworker] She just shot up there! – Everybody dance! Katie, that table is not sturdy! – Oh, you want me to get down, do you? – Yes, get down, now! – Okay, but I’m comin’ down in style! – [Everyone] No, no no! (yelling) (thump) – Oh!
– Oh, brother! – God, are you okay? – Yeah, do you know what time it is? It’s shot o’clock!
(giggles) – That’s way more than a shot. – Ah hell yeah, I’m fucked up! – Yeah, we can see that. – Oh guys, look I’m dancing
with the dumb accountant! – Don’t touch me! – Come on, don’t do that, he’s nice! – Oh my god, we should moon people! – [Everyone] No, no no! – Back up, do not pull those pants down! – Pants up, pants up! – You’re on the top floor of a skyscraper, no one will see you! – (sighs) Dang dude, you
really killed my vibe. – Katie come on, let’s
just go back to talking that was so nice!
– No! That was lame, doesn’t anyone
wanna lick my eyeballs? – What the fuck? – Ooh, place your bets! – Stop it!
(punching) – How many punches will it take me to punch through this window? – Stop, stop!
– Katie, do not do that! – Hey man, at least it will be
one hell of a story tomorrow! – Okay, I was having so much more fun before Katie arrived, I am going to go. – Yeah, I’m with you guys.
– You killed this party, man. – Jess?
(sad piano music) – Jess?
– I don’t wanna! – Come on, Jess!
– Nooo – We were having such a good party! (crash) Hey! Let’s freakin’ dance! – Don’t talk to me! – Hi, it’s Kaite Marovitch
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  1. My ex boyfriend got like this every time he got drunk, which was several times a week. Emphasis on the ex.

  2. I love how Katie is able to bring up the most awkward and cringerworthy situations, she's my favourite

  3. ….my best friend is this and when we say no once he sees it like the ending of the sketch and gets very butt hurt

  4. “I was having way more fun when Katie wasn’t here, I’m going to go.”
    -any of my friends when I come onto the group chat

  5. It may all be part of the humor, but does it seem like all of the people from college humor fall under a certain archetype? For instance in every skit Kaity is a dumb blonde who overthinks everything or Trap is kind of like the pragmatic big brother of the group. Just food for thought.

  6. So like you guys do rock paper sissor or something to decide who gets the lamest part and katie loses every freaking time? 😂 she still nails it though

  7. Here we see the history of a brilliant creative woman and her suffering cause the rest of the world cant understand her genius, and each day she falls further and further into the path of drug abuse to cope with her loneliness, as she cant seem to connect with any of her coworkers cause they cant grasp her excentrical ways

  8. katie needs to fucking stop like on one video she does all the possible drugs
    wtf is wrong with your skeches CollegeHumor!

  9. I'm pretty much the exact opposite of this at parties.
    Basically i'll just eat some snacks and food, maybe watch a movie, and usually am completely silent unless spoken to or I'm with someone I'm extremely close to

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