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Hi to all, Shauntrack here, Shaun for the friends Happy 2019 dear loved friends If you follow me on my social media, I already wished you a happy new year, and if not, I do it now I wanted to start the year analyzing something different Something out of my confort zone And I’ve decided to venture to pick a song from Billie Eilish And yes, it its pronounced “eye-lish” not “aye-lish” The song’s name is “When the party is over” And it’s a really really sad one Very melancholic But beautiful at the same time It’s a very calm song, but with strength It doesn’t have any rhythm to it, any kind of beat during the whole song And it’s all about voices, piano And a few synth arrangements, very minimalistic Let’s hear small bits of the original music, because of copyright And then I’ll be interpreting this on the piano and the synth [Music: when the party’s over – Billie Eilish] So, this is going to be the harmony for the whole song Excepting the chorus Let’s figure it out. They are doing it with a capella voices The song is in 3/4 Then this would be it I’ve been thinking, and for the videos not to be so boring I’m not going to stop explaining which chords are there Because there’s a lot of time lost I can put it in the video and we waste less time And the video gets more dynamic and less boring So the videos now will be this way, I play and put down what has been played The rhythmic scheme of the chords will always be half note, quarter note And a half and a quarter fill up a 3/4 bar And also, the bass is always doing the fifths (root and fifth) It gives it a medieval vibe to it The song’s in C# minor But it starts and ends on the VI chord, A in this case (the major sixth grade) So the C# minor tonality Which has 4 sharp notes F#, C#, G# and D# If we build the scale from the A: And that’s the lydian mode Although the song being on C#, starting and ending on that A gives us a bit of a lydian feel, a more exotic vibe to it So this with the rhythm part It creates a fantastic, medieval aura But this are all sensations Let’s see how the voice enters Being the tempo so slow and being so many rests, for the video not to get taken down I’m gonna play it for you on the piano The best you can do is listen to the original track, get familiarized (which is in the video description) and then come back There’s this thing on the voice melody (these 4 sentences), which scalates It starts here, then here, then here and ends here. The first sentence does this The second one this The third this It’s the same as the first one, but one octave higher And the fourth one does this And all together it would be Do you notice the steps? Always going up I’m going to try to recreate all this verse Don’t expect too much because the track is very high, and I’ll be singing it all in falsetto Let’s try Something like that For you to understand how the verse goes Let’s listen a small bridge section before the chorus (which is just one sentence) Just that sentence Would be the bridge which ties together the verse and the chorus It’s the same harmony the verse has, but without the first two chords And let’s jump into the chorus That it’s just goosebumps Let’s try to listen a bit. But listening is complicated here Listen, because there, in the rest There’s some passing notes Because we completely change the harmony here There’s a synth doing the bass part Listen to this with headphones or a good Hi-Fi system, because phones’ speakers can’t reproduce these low frequencies Let’s see if I’m able to play it doing the bass with the right hand, piano with the left hand, and singing The lyrics are a tongue twister And then back to the verse Which emphasizes more the piano The piano gets more space, accompaining the voice While in the first verse it was all voices It’s almost gregorian chants It’s cool that the verses are different But I like the one with the piano way more than the one with the voices doing It’s super cool because always in those rests That last two bars between each sentences They always put a little arrangement, that you have to listen with headphones Because if not you don’t notice They always put a super minimalistic arrangement. Try to notice this one. here A little arrangement there, I don’t know if it’s an ultra filtered voice or a synth And also this arrangement in the first verse, which is really cool Call me back – with a totally broken voice Robotic style, but totally broken Amazing Check out that arrangement, super minimalistic It’s just some little tiny taps It’s super good Rosalía, which is super boom here in Spain now, And I think she’s starting to be in South America, I think she has been inspired a lot in Billie Eilish But a lot, I’m seeing here lots of similarities Mostly on the arrangement side I don’t know if Rosalía herself or her producer I think she took lots of ideas from this girl Not saying it’s bad, but I see similarities on the production side Here the girl starts crying and the effect is incredible Okay and after this second chorus There’s a new part that is really short but let’s try to listen to some It’s like the verse But with less passing chords And check out this part, in which there are some new things It does something similar to this And there’s this little chromatism And the song doesn’t have much more It’s really cool that the piano is really high with no bass at all and it does a retardando in the tempo It’s a beautiful track In capital letters And on the production side, producing a track the timbres of which, the arrangements of which, are extremely low (in level not pitch) It’s all very subtle, the piano, the vocals The lead voice, it’s all very piano (referring to classical terminology for low in level) And it’s really difficult to make a track like that To do a cool mix, natural sounding, without lacking volume There it’s all very subtle And there needs to be good ear I don’t know who the producer is, but my respects to him I don’t think this video will get really popular, in this channel, because Billie Eilish like she’s really famous but not as much as other stuff I’ve analyzed It will not be seen by that many people but it would be very cool to make an Epic cover of it But the Epic covers require a lot of time, a lot of patience, a lot of dedication and hours, and it’s worth it when I know that a lot of people will be seing it So Im pulling out the classic one If this video gets 50K likes, I’ll make an epic cover, otherwise life continues So that was today’s analysis dear friends Hope you liked it, that you learned, that you had fun, That you didn’t get very depressed with the lyrics And if you want me to analyze less mainstream stuff every now and then hit the like button and I’ll try to find more artists of this kind See you in another video and bye! [Music: POP/STARS – K/DA – ShaunTrack cover]

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  1. No es mejor hacer una version tuya de la cancion, onda al tocar en piano y querer cantar no tienes que poner voz de mickey mouse tan solo cantarla un poco mas grave alcanza porque le quita seriedad a todo lo que vienes explicando lo digo super en buena

  2. justo estaba en los comments escribiendo que estaria genial un cover pero venga desde el primer simulado del video, ojala que suceda

  3. Cuanto talento musical Shaun.. mucha gente aqui en los comentarios dicen: yo no entiendo nada.
    Y la verdad, desde que empezé a ver tus videos me di cuenta que YO CREÍA QUE ENTENDÍA, Y NO ENTENDÍA NADA XD.. y no se si tiene sentido ,pero desde ahora, siento que tengo mucho mas oído, aprendí a diferenciar los elementos en lo que escucho, hasta aprendí a escuchar y seguir mejor la entonación de una cancion cuando la canto.
    So… gracias shaun!!! por compartirnos tu talento! y enseñarnos!

  4. Me hizo acordar una cancion de tori amos: "bells for her", no es que se parezca si no por la sencillez del arreglo, el clima de la cancion y porque tambien esta escrita en 3/4 !

  5. Shaun tu llegas demás a la octaba más arriba, es solo que partiste una octava muy arriba. El "don't" va una octava más abajo, intentalo y me cuentas 😉

  6. Hay una cancion que me tiene mal saber que efecto le pusieron a la voz. Es "all the good girls go to hell" en el inicio cuando dice my lucifer is lonely

  7. Llegué a tu canal por éste vídeo, a principios de año pocos sabían de Billie Eilish, y ya no quedan entradas para su gira por Europa en el verano de 2020. Luego cuando vi tus análisis de soda stereo, y entendí porque al primer minuto de oír una canción de héroes del silencio allá por los 90 me convertí en una fan incondicional. Shaun, me encanta tu trabajo, tienes un sitio preferente al lado de Jaime Altozano en mis canales de Youtube. Me gusta mucho el talento que hay en las nuevas generaciones.👍

  8. Tengo 47 años y este tema me voló la cabeza cuando lo escuché… como no me pasaba hace años con un tema musicall..

  9. Si bien es cierto que las producciones de Billie son minimalista y es porque así lo hace su hermano y ella es la Co productora; es fabuloso me duele mucho Shaun que no hayas hecho eco y énfasis en lo que de verdad sorprende es la voz de Billie; te digo escucha otras canciones de ella que todo es producido por el hermano y Co producido por ella.

    Escucha bury a friend que es una obra de arte en cuanto a producción y sus arreglos así como canciones tipo está "i love you" siempre minimalista producción al toque pero la voz es la protagonista.

  10. Como identificó, Finneas básicamente compuso algo similar a un himno de la iglesia, con las armonías gregorianas y las notas de bajo del pedal de órgano de la iglesia. Tal vez por eso, en combinación con las letras conmovedoras, tanta gente llora cuando odian esta canción.

  11. qué buen canal, lo acabo de descubrir con tus videos de Billie. Me gustan sus canciones, y siento que con tus videos y el análisis que haces de su música he logrado apreciarla y disfrutarla más, muchas gracias! nueva suscriptora

  12. Qué chingón que te estés dando el tiempo de hacer las partituras! Eso al mismo tiempo alienta a tus suscriptores a aprender a leer un poquito 🙂
    Herramienta bastante útil. Buen video, Shaun!

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