When Veg Guy Marries Non-Veg Girl | Ft. Abhinav Anand (Bade) & Shreya Gupto | RVCJ

Slide the blindfold, slowly. Surprise! Don’t freak out! Don’t freak out! I know we know each other
only for a year, now. And in this world of Imtiaz Ali,
one year is nothing. But Mishti, I really feel connected to you.
Will you marry me? Rohan, we are just … good friends. More than a friend. Yes but I am a Bengali and
you are a Nagar Brahmin. I knew it. I already felt that the caste
will be a barrier. Not the caste. The food. What do you mean? I am a pure non-vegetarian and you are
a pure vegetarian. And you’re not a normal vegetarian. You are even reluctant to order
veg food in a non-veg restaurant. But they cook in same utensils! See! If I marry you,
I have to commit to vegetarian food. Oh my god! This is not possible, bro! One second. First of all, I am not your brother. And… …come. Sit here. You mean to say that you would have said
YES if I was a non-vegetarian? Maybe. What if I tell you… that I am non-vegetarian? Then I’ll say that I know you for
last one year and you can’t fool me.. But I am. What? Yes. I wished that till the time our wedding
doesn’t settle and you don’t say yes, I will not spare even a
single piece of Chicken. Seriously? Exactly. So, now, if you can please accept this. I can eat Chicken leg piece in peace. Good morning, baby! Oh! What kind of bananas are these? These are sausages, not bananas. I cooked them for you. Wow! But who eats sausages in the breakfast? …my dear wife Why? Oh, they add chemicals
and preservatives in it. That’s why,
we shouldn’t eat them in the morning. The whole day will go waste and even the
stomach gets upset. Keep quiet. I ordered them from FreshToHome. They offer preservative-free seafood,
antibiotic-free chicken and mutton. They also have home delivery option.
So easy. Oh, they do home deliveries too! Wow! Where will I go now? What? I mean it’s impressive. Wow!! I have to eat it. Oh! It’s Tuesday!
It’s a day of Lord Hanuman. We should do all good deeds on Tuesday as
it’s a day of God Hanuman. Glory to Hanuman! How can I eat non-veg on Tuesday? I didn’t know you are this religious. Heh. Always. I am so sorry. It’s okay! You can eat. Yes.. Hotdog! May favorite but it’s
Wednesday and it’s Lord Ganesha’s Day. I don’t even take non-veg
jokes on Wednesday. Hi babe! Omelette?? It’s Thursday and it’s a day of Brahaspati. It’s Friday and I worship
God Shukra on Fridays. Sir, Yes? Would you like Samosas? They are left over from
yesterday’s conference. Why would I eat Samosas? I am not single like you! I got married and my wife… …has sent Tiffin for me. Give these Samosas to someone else and
get someone else’s stomach upset! Go! Who puts chicken on rice. Atleast bread is there. Egg!!! Again..Chicken!! Married bosses have their own benefits! Babe, the food is ready.
Shall I come and serve? Okay. What is in dinner today?
I am so hungry. One..second… Shall I serve? Wow! You cooked a lot of dishes. You know they served something in conference
and I am not feeling hungry after that. I don’t know when I
will be hungry again. I won’t eat it at night.
Maybe in the morning. Not even in morning, probably. There must be something
vegetarian in the fridge. What are you searching for? Oh baby, I was looking
for that digestive powder. I ate too much in the office today. Fridge is not the place
for Digestive powder. Come, it’s in the room. Ya, fridge is for the fish. Fish is my favorite! Isn’t it? Naan, 1 chicken 65, 1 shorshe maach… Chicken!! Again!! Why? What is the matter today? Nothing. No problem at all. Anything else, ma’am? And for me? This is all for both of us.. Exactly. That’s it, thank you. I’ll come from the washroom. Washroom. Washroom. Okay. The restaurant’s vibe is really good. One of their food ratings is 4.5. But 5 for shorshe maach. Have you ever tried it? Wow! Amazing! Shorshe maach….? Just taste it.It’s a special dish. It’s not Chicken. Mam, this is chicken only. It’s not from here.It’s from Greece. And the fish? We got it directly from the water. He means pacific ocean’s water. Isn’t it? Yes.Yes. I have seen it. They bring living
fish and then cook them directly. You shall leave. We’ll have it. Wow! The chicken is great! The best. Eat it. Is it good? Yes, too good. Sir is here. Sir is here. Babe! Happy Birthday! Oh wow! Happy Birthday! Thank you. Thank you. Happy Birthday! Thank you! Happy Birthday bro..! Thank you so much! I was wondering why these people
left early from the office. It’s your first birthday after wedding.
It had to be special. What about food arrangements? I ordered pre-cut non-veg snacks from
FreshToHome, it’s all sorted. Don’t worry. You make great tiffin, sister.
I feel like eating my fingers sometimes. What is he saying? He is asking why we are not
cutting the cake. Let’s cut cake. One second. Does it have egg? Yes. 3 eggs. I baked it myself. Eat. Wow! Man! I can’t do this! Why? Mishti, look, I have to confess something. Please don’t be angry. I cannot eat it. I have lied to you and I
am a hardcore vegetarian. I love you so much! And I didn’t
want to lose you. That’s why I said all
those lies to you. But I don’t like non-vegetarian.
I cannot eat it. I know you must be really angry. That why I’m saying all these
to you in front of them? But this is truth. I can’t do it anymore. I am so sorry. What happened? Why are you laughing? You thought I will never realize this? Before the wedding, your mother told me.. that nobody has ever even touched
non-vegetarian in the entire family. You knew this? Then what was all that in the past days? I was enjoying it. Will I not be able to differentiate between
chicken and corn nuggets in the restaurant? Sorry… In fact, I am sorry. For? I tried to change you. And I shouldn’t have done all that. You know what? Even, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have lied to you. Awww! You lied because you love me. Awww! I love you. I love you, too (In Bengali) Awww! Guys, please eat something. There are snacks placed there.
Even chicken is there. Go and eat some.

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  2. अगर non veg बुरा होता तो ईश्वर हमे सिर्फ शाकाहारी खाने के लिए बनाया होता !

  3. Yar mai khud vegetarian thi but just for my bf I started eating chicken just for him …but now i feel that it is a bit testy ..if u keep your emotions aside .. for the first time when ate that I felt all day so bad .. but after eating it 3 or 4 times … I feel ok with that …

  4. Bhai mere case me mai non vegetarian hu and meri wife hardcore vegetarian hai…..jid din mai nonveg kha leta hu us din ghar me entry milna lohe ke chane chabane jaisa ho jata hai….

  5. There r many types of vegetarian in India
    1. Anda kha leta hun😛
    2. Anda ki sirf curry khata hun🤗
    3. Chicken ki sirf aur sirf curry haan, sirf curry😜

  6. What a fucked up vedio and since when bong girls started to wear Churda instead of shaakha after marriage its so north Indian culture.

  7. what if husband is non vegetarian and wife is pure vegetarian ??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. This video is related to me and my husband me pure veg ur wo non veg pr kabhi kabhi not to daily pr me wo bhi out side …

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  10. I also a heart qore vegetarian I m 21 but ever eat cake n all type stuff n these stuff in life I released my mistake in Domino n many cake cut incident …I m always stand last n say no …

  11. बस्स मेरीवाली vegiterarian मिल जाए

  12. Tell more lies to your gf and bear the punishment.But stop exagregating non-veg food,no non-vegeterian can eat so much non-veg food,They also eat veg food.

  13. I and my girlfriend both are pure vegetarian, and we both are proud to be vegetarian 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  14. love you bro meri jaaan
    Now I feeel Hungree
    did you know daal chawal aur tamater ki chatni sath me
    kisi bhi nonveg se ziyadi tasty hoti
    i love dal chwal with tomato chattni

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  17. How can these vegetarians become too sectarian in behavior, they can't eat food from same plate as a non vegetarian? This kind of untouchability is frigging insane. Imagine their children, they will force vegetarian diet on them without consent. So depressing…

  18. I am a Brahmin….but never gona cheat like this to get a partner😑It spoils two human beings life😔.I am a Proud Sathvik Vegetarian and will be till my death❤️

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    Be Vegetarian and save the Earth

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