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  1. What a tough way to go…. To fight on top of it so hard to beat cancer only for it to spread… I feel so bad for Totalbiscuit and any other going through such agony.
    Me and my mother are chronically ill, Crohns being one of the issues. I know how painful it is for me now- I couldn't imagine the pain he endured. If anything, I'm happy his suffering has ended and send my prayers/best wishes to those close to him because they have healing still to do.
    R.I.P., may those here still on earth remember you for the good things you've done.

  2. Its easy to talk about a dead till u see his ghost and he haunts u and u start seeing thing and people think u carzy

  3. So he credits Yong for this video, but not for the click bait rage format of his channel?

    They don't call him Yong EA for nothing.

  4. He could of said something like I just heard the news about TB and even though I had issues with him….etc etc… I give my thoughts to the people he loved and loved him

  5. So we should mourn assholes deaths? You may like him but for some people hes not great. Dont worry he also thought people were assholes just for thinking different

  6. I used to binge on TotalBuscuit’s WTF is… videos. Still do sometimes, but it’s not the same after knowing he passed away. I do hope they keep his channel going, even if no new content is added.

  7. I just saw this video but I have to say to you….I have watched your videos before and now I am convinced, you are awesome and I am subscribing.

  8. This is why Movember is important. GET YOUR #PROSTATE CHECKED!!
    Men's health is becoming a joke again. NnN is taking away from something real.

  9. This video reminded me of how eager the most rabid people were to use us as a shield to hide behind while being toxic. The scandal was primarily aimed at going after Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian. The most rabid people barely paid attention to the ethics issue. Gamergate was clearly two different movements at the same time. The ethics movement was being overshadowed and used as a shield by the people who wanted to go after Anita Sarkeesian and her co-conspirators. In the process, anyone who had any criticism of a game's treatment of any minority or its treatment of women was immediately given the same treatment as Anita. It way overshadowed the outrage over greed and the tactics employed by those who were blinded by greed. It was dominated by a fascist mob. If we could poll a large number of people that were involved in or who observed it, I would bet that the vast majority of people wouldn't be able to outline the events and point of gamergate. It was a chaotic mess and almost no one is able to piece together what was going on even this long after the fact despite all of the time that has elapsed. The events that led up to and further antagonized the scandal can't be placed into a coherent breakdown because nothing was coherent about the ordeal leading up to the peak of the whole mess. Most people didn't know what was going on as it was happening. It was initially just a collection of news pieces trickling out in various places followed by a confused corporate reaction. Literally every side of the issue was confused about what was going on and almost no one pieced together that it was various different events that were being conflated and subsumed into a giant clusterfuck of people arguing. You could ask 3 people involved with what was going on and you would walk away with 4 ideas of what was going on. No one could keep up with all of the different arguments that were going on. It was like a bunch of miniature gamergates were being balled up into one amorphic blob of pissing matches. At the end of the day, everything was so blurred together that people still can't make heads or tales of what was what in that spider web. Getting back to my main point, Rich is one of many people who will downplay the toxicity of gamergate by hiding behind women and minorities who were trying to push for or who simply supported the push for ethics. Gamergate wasn't primarily an ethics issue. It was a scandal that started over both ethics and toxicity and devolved into a toxic shitfest that eclipsed the ethics issue and all but removed the ethics issue from the conversation. It had a domino effect that led to other scuffles arising that also eclipsed the original issue and confused the purpose, focus, and origin of the scandal. This is why very few people have pieced together anything about it and is also why people have made many attempts to piece it together. It was pure chaos.

  10. lololol. good riddance to bad garbage. i only wish he could come back to life just so he can suffer from cancer all over again! hahahaha!

  11. Video games are of course a serious part of many peoples lives but if you think someones death is worth celebrating cause of a feud within that industry then you are beyond pathetic

  12. You may hate EA you should at least be happy that Star Wars Battlefront. If it wasn't for EA and Dice you wouldn't have two Star Wars Battlefront games. They might not always do things you like you got to be at lease thankful for that.

  13. lol, pro-War? I can't stand John McCain but I don't think he is Pro-War. Don't know if you have noticed from history or anything, but War is an unfortunate part of human life. I would like a Utopia with peace on Earth too, but I'm also not deliriously deranged . Not gonna happen.

  14. I miss Totalbiscuit, it feels more than ever we need him as it feels like the games industry has more than ever gotten worse since TB's passing. Totalbiscuit was a bastion of truth and honesty; you might have hated him but he was really a rare individual. I will and I do miss him.

  15. The thing is the gaming industry (much like every industry, much like the world itself) is full of people like David Crooks. (just look at the situation that recently happened between a Ubisoft former dev and Pewdiepie) This sort of behavior is even encouraged by the higher ups for some strange reason.

  16. in my opinion, totalbiscuit was a legend ^-^ i watched his entire backlog probably a hundred times, and every day i woke up and came home from anywhere id get on here first thing to see if he had anything new >o<

  17. I didn't know total biscuit died, I used to watch that guy all the time. This might've ruined my Christmas I fucking loved that guy, and it pisses me off this guy is celebrating.

  18. Well to be fair, certain fanbases go after people,who criticize their favorite YouTubers. If you don't believe me then you should really check out DSP's fan base. He's not entirely wrong about that but to celebrate somebody's death, that's just wrong.
    It sounds like a developer could not handle constructive criticism. Everybody's entitled to an opinion and how they feel but nobody has the right to celebrate somebody's death and to try to piss all over them when they can't defend themselves.

  19. The only good things I can think of about his passing is 1) he's no longer in pain and 2) TotalBiscuit is no longer hoarding all the axes that we feel we need to grind. My condolences to the family.

  20. Pissing on someone's grave doesn't make you a coward. But if you refuse to do it to their face and then proceed to do it in their death, that make's you a coward.

  21. i at the time played a specific game on a specific server with a discord server join requirement… at the time was taking care of my mother while she was dying of pancreatic cancer… and had to deal with trolls almost daily there….. people suck she passed 3.3.18
    empathy and sympathy

  22. You know, I might not agree with some people, but you have to had respected TB for having the balls to speak his mind, even if it wasn't a popular view to have at times. I guess what I'm saying is, he was a human being and had a really long and difficult battle with cancer. Even I, a person who might not be the most tactful in the world, wouldn't say these things that David did in the way he did it. I mean, there's a tasteful and respectful way to criticize a person posthumously, and then there is being a complete and total asshat.

  23. I still watch and rewatch TotatlBiscuit's videos to this very day, even when I was feeling low he always made me laugh. Which is ironic and awesome because I haven't had any interest in a BioWoke game since ME2 and I will definitely never even consider purchasing another game of theirs ever again. Congraturations BioWare, you have accomprished nothing!!!
    EDIT: (BTW BioWare, I used to be an avid fan of yours until ME2, I still have the ORIGINAL CD's of KOTOR and BG 1 and 2. Ya done fucked up!!!!)

  24. I love your comparison to John McCain. When he passed away I didn't like him, or his policies but I respected some things he did and I acknowledge that he was an American hero. But I wouldn't have celebrated his death but as Arthur Morgan said "some legacies are for pissing on." And his corruption and treatment of working class citizens earns him criticism.

  25. David Crooks is cowardly filth.
    Now I'll never buy a game this POS touched….yeppers, that includes the future shitshow Anthem.

  26. Its disgusting that someone talks like that even if you hate someones guts. There are people that miss him so much so shut your mouth scum.

    Same for people who tell someone to kill himself. The people who say that are the biggest losers around. 🤬

  27. Never knew him, but I heard about him on the new Warhammer 40k game trailer, and honestly, I'm deeply saddened to have never known such a man.

  28. I think when it came to honest brutal game reviewers TB was at the top of that list for me. I will surely miss his warcraft video series he did back in 2010 – 2011. I think when he was covering the Cataclysm beta that is when I was most engaged in his content.

  29. Total Biscuit lost all credibility when he went full totalitarian when someone made a joke about if traps are gay.

    Sorry when someone who acts like a totalitarian passes away I do not shed a tear, people like that are dangerous.

  30. I knew the person this video was about was gonna be a developer because when you listed people he might pissed off, you said developers twice

  31. It's a pathetic person who takes pleasure in the death of another person that they dislike for petty reasons

  32. 6:38 little did review tech usa or anyone elese know during this time that many bioware devlopers did the exact same thing but for different reasons and another reason why we all hate ea

  33. I'm sorry but the guy was a total POS. I'm glad he's dead and the gaming world is better without him. All he ever did was point his toxic mob in the direction of people just trying to make a living. You've lost so much credibility with me. Everything Crooks said was true.

  34. Just by looking at his profile on Twitter and his posts, David Crooks look like a mental asylum patient just going nuts and talking to himself since no one replies to his posts but himself. Not to mention another profile with the same name looked as if David made another profile to avoid the loneliness shape he is in.

  35. I'm still a rather new subscriber to your channel, but these older videos with you having more mature content in them are awesome!
    Hopefully the old Rich can come back again with YouTube's changes.
    Either way though, I still love your work. <3

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