When you don’t know if you should marry him or not [Happy Together/2020.02.20]

I heard you two met on a blind date. I hear you weren’t impressed at first. Right. You see, I received a photo before the blind date. – Of course. / – I wasn’t impressed. He wasn’t exactly my type. He called me, I answered, and his voice wasn’t the type that I liked. – Why not? / – His pitch was too high. – I like men with deep voices. / – “Hello.” This is how he sounded though. I just didn’t like it. He sounded sweet, I guess. Yes, but his pitch was high. He wasn’t my type, but this is what he said. It was around the time when work was hectic for him. He asked if we could meet two weeks from now. I found it cheeky because he was playing hard to get when he wasn’t even my type. Tax accountants can get really busy, you know. But I didn’t know that. I had no idea about what tax accountants did. I was completely oblivious. Anyway, we met two weeks from that. I didn’t find him attractive at all, so I made plans to eat tripe with Hong Yunhwa afterward. I had such low expectations that I made plans to meet someone after the date. Anyway, I went to meet him. He was sitting with his back toward me and he stood up as I entered. He was really tall and had the most gentle look ever. He seemed like such a sweetheart. The ends of his eyes droop like so. You saw how my daughter is, right? She got her eyes from her father. After that initial meeting, I decided to see him a few more times. Before we agreed on this blind date, he had booked a vacation to Vietnam. So I was excited to meet him after he got back. What do you bring back from a trip abroad? – A gift. / – Exactly. It’s why I was excited to meet him right after he got back. He pulled out his gift – and it was a pouch. / – A pouch? – One with a cartoon character. / – Right. (It’s this pouch that she still has.) I must’ve been expecting a little bit more. I, at least, thought he’d buy me cosmetics at a duty-free shop. – Maybe a lipstick. / – Or maybe the brown bottle. – That’s what he should’ve bought. / – With this big smile on his face, he gave me that pouch and I didn’t know what to do. I bet there was something in the pouch. – There was nothing! / – Nothing? – Gosh, I got goosebumps. / – It was just the pouch? – No way. / – One with a cartoon character? – It’s understandable. / – Pouches can hold a lot. Maybe he knew that you liked that cartoon character. – But I didn’t. / – She doesn’t. I don’t like cartoon characters. It’s not my type. – And the pouch… / – Men give you gifts thinking that you’d like them. Because I find them adorable. – But my husband… / – I’m sure it was big though. – He likes that character. / – Of course. His passport wallet is also of that character. No wonder he bought that for you. It was the best gift he could give anyone. He gave you something he loved. When we first started to date, he suggested we go – to a display home in Gimpo. / – Why? He wanted to look at a house. – Why? / – I couldn’t understand it. The other men that I have dated… – The other men? / – Well… – So there were more than two. / – They’d either make reservations at a cafe in Cheongdam-dong or find a place that is remote and quiet. – Someplace quiet. / – With seats that face the wall. They’d make sure that I’m not seen by the public. However, display homes are bustling with people. Going to one will fuel rumors about a marriage. Yes, of course. Also, the people there would loudly welcome me. So I was baffled by his suggestion. But then I got to talk with Chae Jeongan about the matter. I told her that I wasn’t sure about him especially when it came to marriage. This is what Jeongan said to me. “I heard this from those who are happily married.” “If you can’t find any fault with him, marry him.” I thought about – what she meant. / – What a wise saying. – You’re right. / – There was nothing that I could find fault with. Wherever he was, even if he was meeting my friends, he’d make everyone comfortable. He was just a stellar guy. A kind one as well. That’s why I decided to marry him. What a wise saying. “Marry him if you can’t find any fault with him.” I never thought about that, but she’s right. It’s best to be with someone – who makes you comfortable. / – That’s right. That couldn’t be truer. Did Bongwon ever surprise you on your wedding anniversary? – Did I? / – No, did he surprise you? – Oh, him? / – Yes. We don’t really celebrate our wedding anniversary anymore. – Not after 20 years. / – But still… It just feels so meaningless. That’s why we don’t celebrate it. But this one time, he wrote me a card that said, “Thank you for living with me.” – It was short / – Goodness. but I could feel the courage it took to write me that. It’s not easy to openly say that especially if you’re the silent type. When I was hosting a radio show with Kim Heunggook, a flower delivery courier was roaming around the studio. He couldn’t find the recipient. The people there offered to take it for now, but I got this weird feeling. It felt like mine. I called Bongwon and asked if he had sent me flowers. If only he had written a card to go with them. He can be really clueless, you know. The flowers almost went to someone else. He’s not good at giving gifts and stuff. Jihye mentioned her gift earlier, right? It’s the same with Bongwon. Whatever he gets me isn’t my type either. He once bought me jeans that were supposedly trending in Europe. Apparently, they were expensive. He bought them for me, and I tried it on. Remember those low-rise jeans? – Oh, right. / – The ones that sit on your hips. Low-rise jeans. Half of my bottom was hanging out. That’s the kind of jeans he bought me. – Whenever I sit… / – The low-rise jeans. I hate those. You can’t even throw them out. – Because they’re expensive. / – Right. I tried to sew a piece of fabric to hide the gap. You couldn’t wear it as is. Anyway, I still have those jeans. (They’re kept safely at home.) The clerk probably said it was pretty. – Right. / – It’s why I suggested that we forget about our anniversary since it’s too stressful. Did he give you a diamond ring after being intoxicated? (It’s for real this time.) Really? It wasn’t because he was wasted. On TV, I said that I liked small, shiny things. It’s why he got me a diamond necklace for my birthday. He must’ve wanted to get me something bigger, – but he couldn’t afford it. / – They are expensive. Do you know how they make gemstones with diamond powder? – They’re not exactly a diamond. / – The small ones. He bought me that. – It looked big but… / – That’s more than enough. It was tiny… But they’re made up of diamonds. Yes, in the form of a powder. Anyway, I was grateful for the love behind it. Right. That was the last gift he ever got me though. I hardly wear it. – That’s exactly why! / – Right. – Really? / – You should’ve been thrilled – and worn it all the time. / – Right. Only then will guys buy you more gifts. How should she have reacted then? “Honey, here you go.” “Honey, I can’t believe it. I’m so grateful!” “You truly make me happy, you know that?” – Then I’d wear it every day / – Right. and show it off to people saying that it was from my husband. – Really? / – Is that tone necessary though? It’s to hide the fact that you’re embarrassed too. It’ll be scary to hear Misun say that though. – “It’s from Bongwon.” / – But it’s important. If your reaction seems awkward though… No, don’t. – “Honey, thank you!” / – It sounds fake. – Really? / – It feels like you hate it. Just wearing it all the time does the trick. – Or you can text him. / – It’s not easy though. But you should show your gratitude.

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