When You Take Birthdays Too Seriously

(ominous thrum) – Wait, wait. What are you doing? Yesterday was Ali’s birthday? – [Voiceover] Crap. – It can’t be, I know it’s the 23rd. Today’s the 23rd. – Freddy, please. – I didn’t miss it! Oh my god, okay. (mumbling) [Voiceover] Happy birthday, Ali! – Oh my god! – So, let me get this straight. You want to take a
partial personal holiday in order to be the best friend you can be? – That is correct. – It’s cause it’s Ali’s birthday. It’s fine, whatever. – Pete? I need a favor. What do you mean all the
mariachi bands are booked? Hey, Ali’s mom, how are you? – Oh my god. – [Voiceover] Oh my god,
Ali, happy birthday! – Oh my god, thank you, this is crazy! Did you do this? – Hell no. – Oh that’s nice, Freddy
sent a happy birthday e-mail. To the whole office. What the fuck? Oh my god, Freddy! Oh, and the Australian office. Oh, didn’t know we had a French office. Cool. – It’s your friend Ali’s birthday today! You better be there tonight. If you’re not, you’re dead to me. Until your birthday. April 19th! Woo! – Oh my god! – Freddy, what are you doing? We’re at work. – Tada! You think she’ll dig it? – Ah, damn it! I was only in for twenty minutes! – Is your name Ali, by chance? – Yeah. – A little birdy told me it’s someone special’s birthday. Sorry about that. You don’t have to worry about this. – Thank you so much! – Thank you, happy birthday! ♫ Happy birthday dear Ali ♫ – ‘Scuse me, sir? Everyone sings. – I’m not even a part of your party. – So that means you can’t sing? Here you go. – Thank you. Oh my gosh. What is this? – It’s the very first picture of you! Oh my god, Freddy, that’s so weird. I love it. – Happy birthday. – Thank you. This is the best day ever. I can’t believe this, it’s so nice. – I’m headed out, but I
owe you a birthday drink. – Oh, okay, thanks. – Hmmm. – Hey, the party turned out really nice. – Thanks! – Do you need a ride home? – No, you know I didn’t
get any work done today. I have to stay. – Freddy. – I know. – Freddy, Freddy, Freddy.

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  1. Its my birthday tomorow my best friend said she was going to comefor so long and i was so excited only for it to turn out she cant come


  3. This is why I don't tell people when my birthday is unless they ask and they're not strangers. On my birthday I avoid talking as much as possible. And when people ask again I tell them it passed and they get so sad, I like watching people suffer.

  4. Be happy you have a friend like this ALL my friends just say happy bday and walk away. Well I decorate their lockers and give them special things through out the day I'm in 7th grade

  5. I used to be kind of Freddie in the past but people kept telling me they don't want anything and I should stop. So I stopted even caring about my own birthday 😒

  6. All I want for my birthday is a holiday because my birthday is always in exam days oof I don’t even want a cake just peace 😂

  7. All these people ranting about how no one cares about there birthday No body has cared about my birthday so many times I don’t even remember my birthday sometimes

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