When you’re not invited

You know what I love? *holy music* Yasss Oh my God! Ohhh! High-five girl! Yes, self esteem is great, but even more than that I love hanging out with my homies. So when I go on Facebook and I see that they have all hung out without me, I get sad. *Haunted house piano* Sometimes my feelings of being left out are totally justified. Why wasn’t I invited to the family reunion? And sometimes they’re not. Why wasn’t I invited to your bachelor party? You’re…not a dude? I get so worried about being, like, excluded from something or forgotten about that sometimes I try to preemptively get myself invited to things. Oh yeah, I heard about this really cool place in Malibu where you can do Go-karts. *gasps* Oh my God! That sounds like so much fun! We should do it! We should all go together like, as friends and hang out and do that. Lets do it. Why don’t we put it on the books right now? Like, I have Tuesday night free. What about you guys? Get out your phones. Look at your schedules. Lets make a plan! But then I realize how stupid this is because none of my friends are going to intentionally exclude me from anything. Like, if they don’t invite me maybe they just don’t think its my jam or maybe it was a mistake. I know these things can happen. People just forget! Cause I forgot 2 days ago. I was throwing a party and my friend heard about it and messaged me and she was like hey I heard you were having this party and I’m not invited. Totally understand if you don’t want me there But I think you just forgot about me? And she was right! I totally did and I felt so bad and I apologized and invited her. But it kind of changed the way that I think about it, you know? I was like: “Oh now instead of feeling sad and left out when people forget to invite me to things, I’m just going to plan as many activities as possible so that I’m constantly hanging out with people as much as I can stand them. *Evil sound plays* Is this good advice? I don’t know! But it’s really working for me right now! I’m Anna Akana. Stay awesome Goth(am)…. Yas! I wanna say thank you to Audible for sponsoring today’s episode. Audible is offering all of us girls and guys a chance to try them out for free for 30 days They have a immense selection of audio books, original shows news, comedy and more! And you can listen anywhere, girl! You can learn anywhere you want! While you’re driving, while you’re eating, while you’re putting on your makeup while you are taking out the trash if you do that of your household because yas girl! Empowerment! Currently, I’m listening to Hidden Figures, the American dream and the untold story of the black women mathematicians who help win the space race because yas girl! Yas! The story of how they over came their struggles is like totes inspiring and empowering for me as a woman. So you can go ahead and try Audible.com/Anna for a free 30 day trial and a free Audiobook! Yas! Yas! That is Audible.com/Anna. Yas, girl. *blows kiss* Bye girl.

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  1. I love it when I offer to hangout with my friends and stuff, and they say they have homework, so I just say "That's alright!" and then I go on snapchat and see they're all hanging out and hosting a sleepover with the caption "With the squadddd" like oh, ok ;-;

  2. I wasn´t invited for a sleepover with my friends. They wasn´t planning on telling me and I overhead them saying:”are you coming on Friday?” To each other. I don’t know if I should tell them, that I know that they are holding a party without me or just forget it…

  3. I was sick like for a week and there was my friends bday and and she will celebrate it tommorow and when my bestie said she will go I got really sad and im still sad what should I do?😢

  4. Nobody should ever reduce themselves to a BEGGER. Never beg people to invite u to an occasion. Also if they dont invite you, never ever complain to them that it made u feel bad coz once they know ur feelings got hurt, they repeat the same thing over and over again. Stop putting people on a pedestal. They get abusive and u end up feeling worthless and depressed

  5. my friends are hanging out today and they didn't invite me but have the nerve to text me and ask me for recommendations where to eat. i'm kinda upset because they didn't invite me but i know that if they had, i would say no.

  6. My friend litterally said on the group chat "doing something on Saturday but can't tell you".

    Turns out she was hanging out with ALL my other friends and posted it on her story without telling me. NO she didn't forget because she literally mention it on the group chat. Ugh.

  7. my friends didn’t invite me to a comic con so i kinda invites myself and now idk what to do because i’m pretty sure they hate me now 😂

  8. All of my friends were having awesome birthday parties. They all started planning it in front of me and they invited all of the girls except for me. I was super upset. And after that they had the nerve to call me their "best friend". One girl considered me as her best friend even though ever day she was super toxic to me, spreading rumors about me, and making fun at me. Lucky, I was a very nice and forgiving person so when my birthday came, I invite the whole class. But out of 16 people in the class, 4 people came. I was upset.

  9. And this is why I need more guy friends than girl friends. I feel like girls just have too much drama and stress. But if guys didn’t invite you somewhere you wouldn’t really care.

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