Where to Party in New York | Club tour & tips from a Nightlife Expert

If you’re visiting New York or you’re New York local and you’re looking for where to party, the club’s the best places to have
an awesome night out. This video is for you! This time
I’m going to be guiding you through the New York nightlife scene with the help
of my local expert friend. Now let’s go find him. Here he is! Hey, what’s up? How are ya? What is going on? The man of the hour! This is Patrick. I’ve been reaching out to him. He’s been bringing me around New York.
Today we’re at “Sunday Bubbles” This is one of the most beautiful parties but
really there’s so many pretty ones. I mean, which one is your favorite? This one – this day party on a Sunday
is definitely one of the top three there. The PHD Sunset party that we went to as well, that is very good. And then the burlesque brunch. That is something different and funky. Very New York. That was crazy. Let’s continue this party lifestyle. Thanks for bringing me around! Hey it has been a pleasure. It has been a pleasure. Okay so if you guys have any questions
about nightlife feel free to reach out to Patrick. I’m going to link his
Instagram below, but let’s go show you all the best parties in New York. Yea, let’s do it. Let’s do it! Let’s go! Bodega Negra – this is part of the Dream Downtown Hotel
and they have something on Monday’s called “Loco Mondays”. It is a dinner party and then at the end they
have a burlesque show. Then you head upstairs to PHD Lounge which is on top of The Dream Hotel which
has beautiful panoramic views of the city. So let’s go
and this party with Patrick. See you inside! Tuesday night you go to Vandal and at
10:00 p.m. and they have a dinner party that often has celebrity appearances.
Different every single Tuesday and then at 11:45 you go downstairs to their
underground club and have a crazy party. This is one of the top 100 restaurants in the US. Wednesday night has started let’s go
meet Patrick right now. On Wednesday you go to Whisper
Wednesday’s here at PhD Midtown. This is a fun after work party. You can come
dance, have drinks, and the best part is the views of Midtown. You’re fully
immersed in the buildings here it’s some of the best views of the Times Square
area. These are unmatched. I have never seen views of Times Square that look this good. You can see straight down
Broadway. It’s absolutely stunning. Great place to come and dance if you’re
looking for a fun Wednesday evening. On Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. there is a wild burlesque brunch party here at Toro Loco. Let’s go inside and check it out. I’m here at “Sunset Saturdays” at PHD
Downtown at the Dream Hotel and this is New York City’s most famous evening
party. The reason is because it happens from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. which means that
you can go home get a good night’s sleep and feel amazing the next day which is
awesome. Plus the party is really fun and you have beautiful views of the New York
City skyline. What better view than that? Really? The other cool thing about this
place is that there frequent celebrity appearances from models to football
players to actors. It’s really everything you could want in a New York City Club
scene. When you come here make sure to dress to the nines because this is the
place so you want to look good, and I also recommend getting table service
here. It will help you get in and it will ensure that you have an amazing experience so
now let’s go have some fun at this party. See you there! Today we’re here at “Sunday Bubbles”.
Highlights aerialist performer, Empire State views, you’re on a rooftop, live music, then there is the DJ – the DJ’s – then there is the mini-golf right here. Mini-golf! There’s a mini-golf on a roof. So there’s a
lot to do at this party. Now let’s go enjoy it. Perfect! It is Sunday night and Sunday
nights are for Lavo. They have a dinner party that has costumed dancers, people
on stilts, and all different other types of performances and then after that you
go to the club downstairs where they have international DJs and other big
celebrities performing. So I’m gonna go check it out. Let’s go meet Patrick, he’s
going to get us in. Thanks for joining me on my nightlife
tour of New York City. If you like this video watch my other New York videos
right here, and subscribe, follow me on Instagram and I will see you next time.
Remember drink responsibly people especially in New York. It will hurt your
wallet more than it will hurt you I promise you that.

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  2. What song is that starting at 0:16? Dig the music you use in your videos. Unfortunately I can’t Shazam and watch YouTube simultaneously. Links in description possibly in future?

  3. Excellent video Sara,
    But …. You should have pointed out where to go on Friday & Saturday nights.
    I'm guessing there aren't any more TRANCE type clubs, other than CIELO.
    Am I wrong… If there are other Trance music clubs please let us know.
    Many thanks !

  4. I’m planning a trip to nyc and was wondering where to go out at night while there, you gave me the answers. Thank you!!!!

  5. Do you think you could maybe make a video on indoor rooftop bars or bars with scenic views? I have family coming over and they are staying in the city from the 26 to the 28 of October. I don't think we can go to these areas in the video during that time period. Thank you for your great content.

  6. Hello and thanks again for your excellent videos! I m French and I would like to plan a trip to nyc
    wondering if I can book access to these clubs in advance or if you just need to go there directly? Is it difficult to get admitted ? I guess you need to wear expensive designer clothes ? Is it more difficult to enter when you are in your 40s? Thanks 😊🍷

  7. Love your series since I moved here!

    It would mean the world if you could check out my blog: www.balancedbolivian.com

  8. I don’t drink but I still found the video interesting. Can you maybe make a video showing where someone who doesn’t know anyone in the city can score a dime bag 😂 for a friend 😜

  9. I'm traveling to NY in December and am so happy to find your channel. It is super informative and fun to watch! Thank you!
    After watching this video, I have a question – which of this places has the best New Year's party? 🙂

  10. Love this vids. When it comes to where to party I am sure this places are seasonal. Should you put the date in the title? And make this a series? Like revisit this in a couple of months? Also, could you do some around areas like Brooklyn or other type of stops like cool bars or different nightlife rather than just clubs

  11. One more awesome video! I'm planning a trip to NYC and your channel is exactly what I was looking for. I went to NYC years ago and visited just the touristic places, though. Your tips about more local places are really useful!

    I was also surprised that you visited Florianopolis (I live in the same state). It seems that you don't enjoyed too much, but I hope you visited other places besides those showed on the video!

  12. Your manner is so chicky and generic Sarah, try to do something genuine rather than this wana be chicky stuff, it's feels lame

  13. Well well well. I never thought I would subscribe to your channel but I just did. When I saw your first video how to save money in NYC I didn't liked it, I really don't know why. Past few weeks You Tube recommended you again now I see where you coming from. Well all I am trying to say I really like you, keep up good work.

  14. Hey, I'm visiting NYC in december and your videos are helping me lo. Would you like to recommend me some places to eat on Christmas eve near the Empire State or Bryant Park? (Not to expensive but pretty)

  15. Good video.. For out of towners… make sure you get reservations prior to showing up to most NYC clubs.. Most have a tough door and you might not get in. .

  16. Most of these places, you're not going to get in. Vandal's door to get in the club downstairs is super duper tight. Unless you either drop a grand on bottle service or show up with a 5-1 female-male ratio. And the females you show up with better look good.

  17. Love your videos! I am in need of a suggestion for a fun place that doesn't have a super difficult door. I'm 40, but still love to go out when in nyc, but can't compete with 25 year olds anymore 🙂 Any ideas? Or just go earlier?

  18. Hi. I. Thinking of traveling to New York in March with my friend for partying and just want to know how much drinks are? I’m British so I do like a alcoholic beverage or 2. I tend on a night out drink 4-6 pints and around 10+gins so I’m guessing it would cost me a lot.
    Larger/beer and Bombay sapphire gin tonic (usually doubles) are my poison.

  19. Nice video Sarah I'll be there, we had a family trip but may be we should have a cuple time in NY with my Wife.greetings.

  20. I know this is weird to ask but by any chance where is that alleyway with the graffiti and xxx neon sign located at ? It looks familiar that's why I ask

  21. I’m from ATL and I don’t know if anybody has ever been here but it’s pretty urban and I kinda wanna go to New York but I wanna go to a urban club .. suggestions

  22. Honestly I haven't found a lot of good gay clubs, most of them seem dive bars and I'm sad. I don't want to do the straight clubs.

  23. This B is working for Tao group so she’s promoting all their venues lol, no one goes to PhD midtown- the downtown one is packed fri – sat but you have to be careful because 90% percent of the girls in there are hookers they work in pairs and the other 7 percent are what the promoters pay to stand at their table until 2am the other 3% are regular partygoers! 1oak is much better than these places also the box there is up and down and many other more

  24. Hello can you help me ? … I will soon be going through NYC, and I would love to enjoy a gothic ballad in some house, enjoy good music, dance, beautiful and quiet public, without fights or confusion, which is not too expensive … Can you point me some ballads in this style?

  25. Just found your channel Sarah. I truly love your videos. As a New Yorker could you give me some inside tips? 1. In most of the places will you need a reservation beforehand and secondly will it be a problem if we show up at any of these places 3 guys? What are the alternatives? <3

  26. To be honest the regular New Yorker doesn't go to the places you show. They are too expensive. Just look at the reason why you were able to get in. It was because of your friend. They are mostly for the wealthy connected people….most new Yorkers nowadays party in Brooklyn. Many of the big night clubs in Manhattan shut down like Pacha, Space, Webster Hall, and Cielo…what's left are the ones celebrities frequent.

  27. I'm from Jersey so I don't know much about nightlife in New York but would like to learn what clubs are great and safe to hangout in

  28. I have been a client of Patrick's for about 7 months now and have to say he is nothing short of amazing. He disproves that you have to be a 6 foot model to get in and is always super professional and has become a true friend rather than someone I do business with. He will help anyone and everyone have a good time on any given night. He and the entire Greene Room team are the best the city has to offer. I would never even think of using anyone else. A night out with Patrick is a night you won't forget.

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