Which Dinner Guest Got An STD From a Fan?! ‘Sneak Peek’ | Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party

♪♪ So, Ty Dolla, what’s the
weirdest thing that a fan has given you? One of those dolls that you just
pick off the top and then it gets smaller and
smaller and smaller Oh the Russian dolls, yeah! And you Mr. Bass? Um, I’ve gotten some crazy
presents. Um… Someone gave me a horse one
time. -Are real horse?
-Yeah. I’m like, ok, what am I supposed
to do with this horse? I don’t know. It didn’t fit on
the bus so I had to leave it at
the stable. What about you Wanda? Weirdest thing a fan has ever
given me… Probably Herpes. What are you gonna do? What’s wrong Snoop? You can’t say that while I’m
trying to swallow. Nothin’ like some herpe talk at
dinner. Can I tell you this is exactly
like the conversation at my dinner table every night.

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  1. The title needs to changed to “which celebrity is dumb enough to have sex with a fan without any protection” 🤦🏽‍♀️ I swear famous people I just don’t get! Like why would you even go have sex raw knowing who you are??! Or anyone else for that matter! You don’t know them!

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