White House Easter Egg Roll: Celebrating 138 years

♪ (music plays) ♪ President Franklin D. Roosevelt: And I am very glad that there are still so many young people
in the world. (applause) President Bill
Clinton: I want to welcome all of you here to
the White House. President George W. Bush: We are so glad you’re here. President Barack
Obama: Welcome. I hope everybody had
a wonderful Easter. Steve Richardson: For me
it’s an amazing part of history. This has been going on for
a little over 100 years. And to bring together
children from such a diverse economic and social
background here at the nation’s White House is, I
think, an amazing event. Hi I’m Steve, I’m a
volunteer at the Easter Egg Roll for this year and this
is my seventh Easter Egg Roll. Ellie Schafer: So the Egg
Roll, they used to actually go and hide real hard boiled
eggs on the White House grounds. And it wasn’t until the
Nixon administration that they actually couldn’t find
some of the eggs and the smell was so bad that they
ended up stopping using real eggs and they started
using wooden eggs. Ellie Schafer. I’m the special assistant to
the President and director of the visitor’s office. I am the producer of
the Easter Egg Roll. The soup to nuts, it
falls on my shoulders. Steve Richardson: In the
1950’s the Easter Egg Roll was desegregated by Mamie
Eisenhower and I often thought about the children
from that point til the time when President
Obama arrived. Them seeing the White House
and having dreams but maybe not all of those kids having
dreams that one day they could become President. When President Obama arrived
in 2009, every one of those children knew they
themselves could be President of the
United States. Ellie Schafer: There’s been
so many memorable moments. I think one of the funnest
moments I had is seeing the look on the President and
the First Ladies’ face when they see the kids. And the kids screaming and
yelling and they get, you know, they get just as
excited as the kids do. David Eddy: When you see
how they interact with the families you can tell
that they have kids. Hi, I’m David I’m a
volunteer at the White House. This is my seventh
Easter Egg Roll. Steve Richardson: As part of the LGBT community, we were aware of President Obama’s and the
First Lady’s 2009 stance on inclusiveness and
specifically bringing in LGBT families. And this event is
open to everybody. Doesn’t matter if you
are — what your economic background is. It doesn’t matter
where you come from. It doesn’t matter if you’re
a Republican or a Democrat. Everyone rolls the
same on the South Lawn. Ellie Schafer: Who know what
we are going to be in 10 years. Will we have, you know,
robots out here dancing. Will we have other things? The world is evolving so
fast and it’ll be fun to see an event that has been
around for so long evolve with it. And really excited to see
what they’re going to do with it.

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