White waitress wants black diners to prepay for their meals l What Would You Do

This, group of friends Let me get the cheese fries Is about to grab a bite to eat after school Hi i’m barry can i take your order but this, waitress i’ll have the old fashioned french toast with Syrup, and bacon is not going to make it easy just so you know You, guys are gonna have to bring back it’s a story, that quickly shot to the top of the news An ihop restaurant, asked. A group of black teens to prepay for their meal the waitress, was disciplined according to ihop But her manager says he doesn’t think the incident was racially motivated and it’s not an isolated case the group Was told they’d have to prepay for their, meals that’s what Wickham, says he noticed his group of friends are the only black people in the restaurant the restaurant Was found by authorities to have racially profiled the customer so today Prepaid, we’re taking on this hot-button, issue, yeah, we’ve had issues with, people like You, guys, walking out for both hands if you witness three teams being treated, differently there you Go, that’ll, be $55 i’ll be back in a moment Okay, then all of the other customers did you guys have to pay for your food before you got it no they Bring the check, when you’re finished What would you do? We’ve set up our hidden cameras at the park avenue diner in south plainfield, new Jersey, and our waitress barry is about to stir up some controversy Hi i’m barry, what can i get for you. Guys French toast but before she puts in the order she lays her, new, rule on the table just so you, guys know You’re, gonna have to prepay Prepay, yeah prepay, like pay before We heat exactly i’m gonna go add up? your order bring you back your bill and once you pay i can Place your order for you they’re all cute in this mother-daughter duo appears shocked. By, this special request And they’re not about to stay silent Why, do they have to prepay Oh, you don’t have to, why You know no i don’t i’ve, had trouble with, people like, them i’m tv events the way, you’re treating it they’re. High risk With that she’s on her feet telling the manager just what, went down On our policy i’m leaving if they’re treated, like that she goes back to her table and Now our waitress turns to take, these diners order are you guys ready to order Because i’ve had issues before, no with, people that look just like them and then they all storm off in Solidarity, with our three teams ma’am can i talk to you for a, second i’m john quinones it’s a tv show Called what would you do they’re, actors, oh? God, my heart is in my throat i want to cry, what was going through her, head that, we had jumped back to the 1960s and that they were being treated differently because they were black, why, does it resonate with you my parents brought Me up that we’re all evil it doesn’t matter if your color your look Can i get wars, juice but as, we roll again, we wonder if anyone will teach our waitress that lesson just so you Guys, know you’re gonna have to prepay, okay, prepay she seems surprised by What, was just requested like, pay before, we eat i’ve had, issues with, people like, you guys and i don’t Want to get burned so i just need you to prepay before i order your food they are, both clearly bothered by What they’re witnessing, do you, want us to pay with cash they decide to leave No, you just have to pay in advance as long as i get them money but Not before giving our waitress a piece of their mind Well i’ve had issues with, people like, them, not even, me like, them she asks our waitress the same question one more time I really, don’t think that was appropriate and i don’t feel good this is a public Place you didn’t, ask, anyone else to prepay how, are you i’m john quinones We’re doing this scenario because it happened in real life Asking those questions and saying, new, people what were you gonna do leave And take my business elsewhere Throughout the day there wasn’t a shortage of people, who felt the same, way, these women have, no problem confronting our waitress straight on? And these diners are completely outraged, that’s strange i never seen that and This duo they discreetly record as the situation unfolds I’ve had issues with, people like, you guys so they let our waitress know. Exactly what they think of her modi they’re totally, high risk You just look, at them people just like us I’ll get a manager for you guys? You, were upset my heart is pounding right now yeah It was horrible when she started interacting i was like no i have to say something because that’s horrible We reset and along comes this last, group of customers Just so you guys know. You guys are gonna have to prepay They’re, listening to our waitresses every word i’ve had issues with, people like, you guys walking out on your bill they are in disbelief at what they’re hearing when you guys, pay i’ll put your order in Okay, and they’ve got some advice for our teens? She do not honestly, why, do you, think she said that to us thing With our waitress back, they, slam, her with the tough questions You know but i’ve had a problem with, people like, them before Not paying their bill, because there were i’m kind of up to me after my discretion i’ll see what you guys order first you know i mean To, those people of that kind of people is one standard for everyone so you, don’t per our? Pictures people, who respect. That they deserve It’s not your choice Time to show our respect to this group, who stood their ground That’s what would you do these are actors are you? okay Now you knew exactly, what she was saying right what she meant she was talking about what To, me this way it was every black person does matter all kinds of folks went out on their tabs right To, those folks, who say, you’re playing the race card this doesn’t really happen it happens it happens every, day, we’re looking at African americans, who are experiencing this in this case today yet on the wall they have, a, picture dr. Martin luther king the pictures on the wall speak a magnitude of the culture of america they call it the melting pot but somehow Not everything is melting, we still may have, some work to do but the people, we met today are proof that this, man’s dream Is very much alive

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  1. In today's political-racial climate, it feels good to see people of different races unite against this type of racial bias. For a while, I was afraid.

  2. Unfortunately, there have been numerous times when black customers have eaten and then ran out without paying. It happens a good deal in Chinese restaurants apparently. Or, a big party of blacks come in and they do pay without giving one red cent of a tip. Can you imagine running errands for a dozen people with a bill of $300.00 and the waitress is stiffed like that?

  3. McDonald's makes me prepay. What the heck.
    And Burger King
    And Arby's
    Firehouse Subs
    Jack N' the Box
    Chic Fil A
    Panda Express
    Fuzzy's Tacos

    Damn it I've been getting ripped off!

  4. Whenever I watch these types of videos I always think about the people on the background. Are they actors or regular people who are oblivious about what’s happening?!?! I need answers right now! AmErIcA eXpLaIn!!!

  5. “They call it the melting pot but not everything is melting”.

    👏👏👏Yes Preach this is the tragic truth

  6. Have seen a group of teens run out on bill before. Is it right to ask for payment upfront? no, but would sit them way the hell in the back so they had further to run…lol but that is just me.

  7. When that lady hit that table and screamed I’m outta here I cried. I love seeing people of all races stick up against discrimination. Completely warmed my heart🙌🏽

  8. It feels good to know that there are people in the world that are different colors than us that stand up for black people. It’s not even just black peoples every race is standing up for each other and it’s making me feel like the world is just %1 complete lol.

  9. I'd be all "Well, you people points to server need to get your ass a different job that doesn't involve 'us people'!"

  10. Why have 3.9k people disliked this video?Do you believe that if one person of a particular race may have done something that all of them will do it.That is stupid lodgic.

  11. I think that some of these incidents where restaurants ask for pre-payment of food is because there was a whole bunch of black people coming into restaurants, running up a big bill, & then walking out w/o paying. Sad as it seems the people scamming these businesses often have videos that they upload to their facebook, etc. thinking they are getting good attention & wasn't it funny.

  12. I believe she was speaking more on the fact of them being YOUNG and black or black TEENS vs just black. But yeah very biased! It’s ashamed some restaurants actually do, til this day, pick and choose whom they want to corner for that! Smh

  13. I wish I met some of these people when I was at that hotel in S.Carolina and almost everybody was avoiding sharing the elevator or the pool..P.S I'm North African ,not white not black not M eastern looking but I'm different ..

  14. As a Korean, I can relate to this so much. People have said some nasty things to me… most of them talking about North Korea drama..

  15. 😂 I swear you can’t do this show in Memphis .. 😂😂 that bitch would’ve got shot or her ass beat quick.. mf out here don’t ask questions.

  16. This happened to me and my friends not long ago, they asked us to pay before our meal and I was literally shocked, Im not black myself but my two other friends were and I couldn't believe it, I really thought ignorance like this was left in the past…obviously not. We called them out on that shit and left the restaurant

  17. If I was a girl and this happened to me i would have thrown hands on the waitress I’m a boy though and I’m black I have white friends and black MAKE THE WORLD GREATER NO RACISIM IN WORLD

  18. Well dressed black people is alot different than black thugs. Why dont they dress these people in urban natty gear with dreadlocks? Stupid comparison

  19. It’s amazing how many videos you’ve done that have been about racism towards blacks from whites. Given it very rarely ever happens, I think you just do it to get views. I wonder if you’ll ever do a video on how racist and prejudice blacks are towards blacks and whites.

  20. This World is fcking sad when you See This comment Im already dead Because I kill my self Thanks Internet I had a Really good Life

  21. This is a requirement for all teens… not about race… about the fact that teens are more likely to dine and ditch than adults. But sure pull the race card, all white people are racist and want blacks hung!!!! Ur right!!!!

  22. its sad how the world is:(everyone should be treated equally even if your a different color or gender or is LGBTQ 🙁its really sad:(everyone should be treated equally:(

  23. Law enforcement treat black people like that all the time they even kill unarmed black people officers that kill unarmed people never get a real prison sentence and I'm fucking tired of people wearing badges and abusing there power I know if I killed a police officer I would get a life sentence but when an officer kills an unarmed civilian they get little to no jail time..hold your own accountable even if it means to lock up a brother or sister in arms..do your fucking job correct those that need correcting stop tarnishing that fucking badge..

  24. The media wants us to believe racisim is on the uprise not true yes we have racist but more "AMERICANS" wont stand for it

  25. I understand this is a social experiment, however, i wish society would help people understand that the skin color of another person's skin is not considered a race. We're all once race, Human. It should not matter or be important that another person does not look similar to you. The skin tone of another person which is considered a "race", seems to be very seperating. We're all humans, love one another despite the skin tone of another person. We're all equal

  26. Why does every scenario involving black people have to be about their skin color, everyone has been programmed by society to always assume if someone black is being mistreated it’s because their black, the actress never once said because their black, how about their age? Young people statistically are more likely to dine and dash then a specific race if this was about race all the black customers would have been treated that way, let’s pretend the 3 young actors were white would people say it was race related or because they were young, I get the message they are trying to send but this is a bad example and just warping peoples minds to keep the race card going, if I owned a restaurant and was worried about people not paying I’d look at age before race every time

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