Who’s Coming to Dinner? | MyStreet Phoenix Drop High [Ep.23 Minecraft Roleplay]

Aphmau: *groans* Fine! I admit it! Aphmau: I’m horrible when it comes to keeping up with Werewolf class. Aaron: *chuckles* I could’ve told you that. Aphmau: Ugh, Aaron! Aaron: Calm down, that’s why we’re here. Aphmau: *sighs* I really appreciate you staying after class to help me. But you know, you really don’t need to. I mean.. I know we found out we’ve been friends for a long time But.. Aaron: Shu.. Aphmau: Yeah FC? Aaron: I’ve.. always wanted to kiss you. Aphmau: Huh?! Aaron: I-I’m sorry! I know it’s blunt… But… :I’ve known you for a long time. Aphmau: FC… I.. Feel the same way.. Aaron: Can I? Aphmau: Y- Yes… Aphmau: *yelps* What the..!? What was that?! W-Why would I dream about..that?! With him?! Ew!! It’s Aaron! I mean…Yay, it’s FC! But ew it’s Aaron?? But Aaron’s FC..?? An- And Aaron is kinda cute, but.. Ah! What am I saying?! Huh? Uh….I kissed the dog? *sighs* It was just a dream. Huh? Huh?! Uh… Where’s my phone?! It was right next to me! Aph’s Mom: Lets see… Aph’s Mom: Gene? …No that could be a girl… Aph’s Mom: But maybe if it was spelled with a J instead… Aph’s Mom: Hm… Ah! Lets see who else has a boy name here… Aph’s Mom: Oh! Laurance? I haven’t messaged him yet… Aphmau: Mom? Aph’s Mom: AH! Uh- *laughs* Uh Aphmau! Good morning! Aphmau: It’s not morning Mom… I just woke up from my afternoon nap. Aph’s Mom: Uh d-d-did I-I say morning?! I mean uh…good afternoon! *laughs* Aphmau: Moooom? Aphmau: Why are you acting weird? Aph’s Mom: HUH? Me?! Weird? Psshhhh! Haha, giiiirrrl! Check yo-self before you wreck yo-self! Aphmau: Ugh! That doesn’t make any sense Mom. Aphmau: In any case…have you seen my…uh. Aphmau: Huh? ….. Aphmau: I-Is that my phone?! Aph’s Mom: Nope! I haven’t! Noooo idea what you’re talking about! Aphmau: Mom! Aphmau: You weren’t going through my phone were you?! Aph’s Mom: What? Pshh! Nooo! Mi hija, I was uh…actually trying to upgrade our…data plan! Aph’s Mom: Yeah! That’s it! And I …needed uh..your phone to get the plan activated! Yeah!! So you have lesser data to surf the internet and.. *stutters* Watch your YouTube videos now!!… Aphmau: *gasps* Really, Mom?! Aph’s Mom: Uh.. really! Aphmau: Awesome! Thank you so much Mom! I’m going to go watch my favorite YouTubers now! Aph’s Mom: Wait, Aphmau, I wanted to let you know we’re going to have some guests over for dinner tonight. So make sure you’re ready. They’ll be here in an hour. Aphmau: Gotcha Mom, thanks! Aph’s Mom: *yells* APHMAU DON’T USE ALL OF THE DATA!! *sighs* Ugh, there she goes.. Maybe I really should’ve upped the data plan. Hmm, no matter. It’s a small price to pay for tonight. *Aphmau’s Mom cackles* Oh shoot but I better get ready. *Aphmau laughs* *Text Notification* Aphmau: Huh? A text from Travis? (Read text) ‘Hey, I’m outside.’ *Doorbell rings* Aphmau: What the..? Travis: Hey, Aphmau. Aphmau: T-T-Travis? Travis: Sorry it took a while to get here. I had to ask my parents to make sure I could come over. Aphmau: Come over? I-I.. uh.. sure. Come on in. Travis: Thanks. Aphmau: Is everything okay by the way? It’s so weird you dropped by all dressed up like this. Were you going to some kind of event or something? Travis: What do you mean? I– *Doorbell rings* Aphmau: Huh? Whoops, uh, hold that thought. Aphmau: G-Garroth?! Garroth: Hey, Aphmau. Am I late? Aphmau: Huh? For..what? Garroth: Travis?! Travis: Garroth? Garroth: Uh.. what are you doing here? Aphmau: Ha, I’m sorry. Come on in Garroth. Aphmau: So what exactly is going on here? Garroth: Um, you sent that Travis: You did ask us. *Doorbell rings once again* Aphmau: Ugh, seriously? One second, guys. That must be my Mom’s dinner guest. Aphmau: Hello, I– AH! Aaron: Hey, Shu. Aphmau: F- FC?! What are you doing here? Aaron: I got your text. Are you sure this is a good idea? I thought your Mom would freak out about a boy being over. Aphmau: A text? My Mom? Oh, what do you (grunts) MOM! Aph’s Mom: (squeals) I take it by the doorbell ringing that our guests have arrived! Aphmau: Guests? What the? Aph’s Mom: Garroth, it’s good to see you! Garroth: Good evening, ma’am. Aph’s Mom: Travis! Pleasure to see my daughter’s ‘Not Alone Buddy!’ Travis: Good evening, Miss Aphmau’s Mom! You look beautiful! Aph’s Mom: (laughs) Oh Travis, you charmer! (laughs) (spoken bluntly) And who is this? Aaron: Hello, I’m Aaron. Aph’s Mom: You.. didn’t come dressed up. Aaron: Um, sorry. Was I supposed to? Aphmau: Mom! What’s going on? Aph’s Mom: What do you mean? You invited your friends over for dinner tonight, remember? Aphmau: No, I didn’t, I–(gasps deeply)… YOU DID THIS! WITH MY PHONE EARLIER! Aph’s Mom: That’s right! It was MEEEE!! (laughs evilly) Now which one of you boys has been walking my daughter home this past week? I’ve been trying to catch you in the act this entire time! Aphmau: (speaks in an angry tone) Mom, may I see you in the kitchen alone? Aph’s Mom: Not until I’m done questioning these– Aphmau: MOM! Aph’s Mom: (sighs) Fine! (whispers) I’ve got my eyes on you.. Aphmau: Mom, what is going on? Why are my friends here, and what was this about a text that was sent out? Aph’s Mom: Well, I may have invited them over earlier (sighs), using your phone.. Aphmau: (surprised) Mom! Aph’s Mom: I’m sorry! Look, I just wanted to see what boys you’ve been hanging out with, yo! Aphmau: Yeah, but to go around my back? And invite them over using my phone? Aph’s Mom: Alright, alright! Chill, home girl! Aphmau: No Mom. I am not your ‘home girl’ today. Aph’s Mom: W-wha? Girl you ‘trippin’? Aphmau: Oh, I be trippin’ alright. (sniffs) You went behind my back and dissed my privacy, yo! Aph’s Mom: Aphmau, Mi hija… I.. look… I’ll admit that I got a little too crunk with my idea. But I care about you, and as your Mommy G,well, I really want to know what those guys are thinking about because I swear they are the devil trying to get into my baby boo! Travis: (Sniffs) Is something burning? Garroth: (Nervous) My Irene! It’s a fire! Aph’s Mom: MY HAM!! Oh, this is terrible! It’s ruined! Aphmau: I-I-I-I’m sorry Mom. Aph’s Mom: (sighs) It’s okay, I’ll just order a pizza or something. Aaron: Um, if you have a lemon, I can fix this up. Aph’s Mom: There’s some lemon in the fridge, but, there’s no way to save this dinner. It’s completely ruined. Aaron: Not necessarily. (noises in the background) Aphmau: Ooh, ah, ooh! (Aphmau gasps) (Aaron laughs) Oh, I’m not done yet. (More chopping noises) Aaron: Done. Garroth: That looks great! Aphmau: Hehe, wow, awesome! Aph’s Mom: What the?! How did you– Aaron: My Dad always burns the food. So, I’ve learned a few tricks. Aphmau: (laughs) You’ll have to teach me how to do that sometime. My Mom burns the food quite often. (laughs) Aph’s Mom: (Growls) Aph’s Mom: So, how about a joke? Have you heard the ones about the two muffins in the oven? Aphmau: (Snorts) Did you burn them? Aph’s Mom: Mi hija, (mumbles something unaudible) Aph’s Mom: Anyway:, there are two muffins in the oven, and one muffin says ‘Boy it’s hot in here’ and the other one says ‘Oh My Irene a talking muffin!’ (Garroth laughs) Wow! Oh that was uh really funny! Travis: Good one, never, heard that before. Aphmau: Ugh! Aaron: Have you guys heard about the one about the three cupcakes? Aphmau: Huh? Uh, no. Aaron: So, these three cupcakes walk into a bar.. And then the last one goes, ‘Those aren’t my sprinkles!’ (Everyone laughs except for Aph’s Mom) Aphmau: That was a great joke, Aaron! Garroth: That would be a great name for a pet! (Aph’s Mom growls) Garroth: So Aphmau, did you finish your art project? Aphmau: Yeah, I finished it actually. Though, I’m not great at sceramics, but we’ll see how it turns out. Aph’s Mom: Ha! I bet whatever you make mi hija will be irreplaceable! Aphmau: Mom! Again with the Beyoncé jokes? Ugh.. (Aph’s Mom laughs) Aaron: (laughs) It sounds like your Mom is ‘Crazy In Love’ with Beyoncé. (Aph’s Mom growls louder this time) Aaron: Um.. Aphmau: Um, you took a Beyoncé joke. Aaron: I-Is that a bad thing? Aphmau: (whispers) Aaron, run! Aph’s Mom: (Shouts Angrily) HOW DARE YOU STEAL A BEYONCE JOKE FROM ME?! YOU’LL NEVER EVER DATE MY DAUGHTER!

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  1. The last few minutes of the episode is how aph’s mom hatted Aaron

  2. Aaron: "And then the last one goes, 'Those aren't my sprinkles!'"
    Garroth: "Sprinkles?" "Oh that would be a great name for a pet!".
    Me: Yep! you have a cat named sprinkles later on Garroth! :3

  3. When Aaron came aphmau mother was was like ducubdjegejvejwwuwkgiweuidiehdjhdbxjjxdgsjeg that's how she died it's a joke people

  4. If Aphmau’s mom wanted to catch who had been walking her daughter home then she could’ve just just gotten the ring app

  5. 2:11 what the heck Aphmaus's moms arm is going into the chair………hehe
    When Aaron was fixing the food I for some reason I was dyeing for laughter IDK WHY 🤣🤣

  6. At first I was like ITS NOT RIGHT FOR THEM TO KISS but the. I was like eh who cares DA SHIPPP


  8. Garroth: ha Sprinkles would be a good name for a pet.

    Me: You mean the cat you meet that's purple and white that turned out to be Ahpmau. Yeah that's a perfect name for a pet.

  9. Also did you notice Aaron aphmau and Savannah are like basically matching all of them have red and white striped shirts

  10. Can we just look at the thumbnail, it has a ham, two pieces of peppers, three small potatoes, and grape juice. Not making fun of it, I think it's beautiful.

  11. Sylvania: You'll never ever date my daughter!!!!
    Love~Chan: Sylvania in season 5 Aaron proposes to your daughter.


  13. Aaron: Sprinkles
    Garroth: THat would be a great name for a pet

    Future *names aphmau cat sprinkles

    I suck at spelling ok

  14. At 8:56 Aphmau's mom said: "Mija, callate la boca!" Which in English translates to: "Daughter, shut your mouth!" Or shut the mouth…. just for you people who didn't know…

  15. Garroth: Heheh, Sprinkles, that would be a great name for a pet

    A few years later:
    Cat Aphmau: what

  16. 6:05 It’s also Illegal to TAKE SOMEONES PHONE AND GO THROUGH IT AND DO IMPERSONATION at least I think for the first to point I brought up… well Aph you have the ability to call 911 for a legitimate reason kinda surprised you didn’t.

  17. "YOU'LL NEVER EVER DATE MY DAUGHTER" – Sylvanna 2016
    3 years later
    "Awwww, isn't he adorable?" – Sylvanna 2019

  18. Aphmau’s Mom: “yOu’lL nEvEr dAtE mY DaUghTeR!”

    Me: Oh, just you wait. dramatic music plays in background

  19. Garroth: What A Great Name For A Pet!
    ~Many Years Later~
    Garroth: I'm Gonna Name You Sprinkles!!
    Me: EEEEE HEE HEE! (Since,Sadly, I watched Mystreet Before Pdh)

  20. They plush changed!!!! At the beginning of the season it was orange. Ive only just noticed after watchinh this season 400 times(`•ω•')ʖ💉

  21. Aaron: and the last one said that’s not might sprinkle

    Garroth: that would be a good name for a car


  22. if anyone else has played "Final Fantasy X" or "Final Fantasy X2" a large majority of these video's have that calm synth music in the background, does anyone notice that?

  23. Sorry for coming back late, but Aph’s mom has a point to be over protective. She got cheated on and heartbroken with aphs dad. She does have a point. She doesn’t want her daughter to go through the same thing.

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